My Bad Blogger Habits

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Friday everyone, it is finally here. Thank God. Did this week seem killer to anyone else? I felt like it was Wednesday for five days to me. 

Anyway, today I'm teaming up with the always awesome Kiersten from She Is Fierce  to bring you "My Bad Blogger Habits." 

1. Whenever I assume a post will take me less than an hour to write. (It never does.)

2. Waiting until the night before a post goes live to actually WRITE the post.

3. Saying yes to too much... everything. And then complaining when I'm overwhelmed.

4.  Not editing my posts. Like, at all.

5.  When it takes me 30 minutes to choose the perfect filter for Instagram. And then I immediately regret it.

6. Getting excited about too much free stuff. And then hating myself when I have all sponsored posts to write in one week... 

7. Not paying the slightest bit of attention to Google+ and Facebook - does anyone really even USE them?

8.  Not having the slightest idea what SEO means or is.

9.  Using my dog to take fashion pics with me.

10.  Not knowing how to speak the language that is HTML.

11. Never posting at the same time. (I've heard consistently is supposed to be good...)

12. Updating my design constantly - seriously. I just had Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work do one like two months ago, and I already just had a new one done by Ashley at The Grits Blog.

13. Staying up too late reading other blogs when I should just go to bed already.

14.  Buying sponsorship packages pretty much indiscriminately, despite knowing that I should pay more attention to what it is that I'm buying.

15. Trying to pose the perfect photos on Instagram that always end up looking dumb anyway.

16.  Resorting to Unsplash for photos rather than going out and taking the photos myself.

17. Scanning the popular posts on Bloglovin and getting annoyed I didn't write those posts.

18.  Saving about a hundred blogging tutorials and tips on Pinterest, and never reading any of them until months later.

19.  Starting a TON of posts in draft format, and never finishing them to publish

20. Worrying too much about everything. This is blogging after all. It's supposed to be fun. I think.

And on that note, I'm skipping town for the next few days to head to cabin up north with some friends, some booze and some dogs. I am so excited. I've packed Harlow's Husker sweater and Bears jersey. It's going to be a great weekend. Hope yours is as well!

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  1. Bahaha! I am seriously guilty of like all of these.

  2. Haha! This totally cracked me up...and made me feel so grateful that I'm not alone in all these habits (which I refuse to call bad!).

  3. I am guilty of all! Especially gathering information for posts and waiting until the last minute. I also enver edit until the post is already live.....

    Champagne and Pearls

  4. Can I just say "ditto" to pretty much all of these?? The worst is noticing a major typo or editing error when you are out somewhere and not being able to fix it... #bloggerproblems

  5. Hahaha I ALWAYS assume a post is going to take less time than it actually does.... #guilty.

    Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

  6. Umm, I pretty much always write my posts the night before...or the day of...

    And I'm totally clueless on HTML! All I know how to do is copy and paste it into Blogger, cross my fingers and hope for the best!

  7. I'd say I'm guilty of about 90% of these too. I'm such a bad blogger...

  8. your posts always make is laugh! I love your honesty haha!
    xo Lindsay

  9. All of these. Seriously. And #16 is like my life lately! haha

  10. Oh I thought these were the norm ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  11. We all have bad blogging habits even me but like why do I chose to follow so many blogs really it is a lot and I read something like 40-50 blogs a day

  12. Yup, pretty much guilty of every single one of these! Oops!

    Emma |

  13. Guilty, so so guilty of so many of these! Especially #1, #2, and #19....

  14. I've accepted that I will never write a blog post in only an hour.

  15. I may or may not have found this on pinterest because I'm just starting my first blog. Very helpful! :)

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