A Family's Awkward Years

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I’ve been blessed to have a lot of great vacations in my life, and a few bad ones- see the 1996 birthday trip to Disney, the '91 trip to Minnesota when I ate a fishhook, or the '98 trip to Myrtle Beach when I was eleven and playing in the ocean when a surprise wave slammed me to the ground super hard causing the most painful third degree burn on my … crotchal bone... for lack of a better word. I cringe still thinking about the pain of that. But let’s not go there right now.

A few of my favorites involve trips to Cabo, Tuscany, Napa and Barcelona, but I’m not going to bore you with any of those trips.  Instead I want to talk about a seriously amazing trip back in 1997 when we went to the wonderful land of Missouri. Tan Tara at the Lake of the Ozarks to be exact.

This photo is blurry and bad, but there's just too much goodness going on here to ignore it. Like how about the fact I'm wearing a tie-dye romper- with a purple turtle neck tank top underneath I might add. I had a strong belief in wearing turtlenecks year round a child. They just added a touch of class to everything I thought. And then there's my dad's jorts, my mom's jean vest, Jade's teal wind breaker (purchased at a garage sale if memory serves) and my brother's sassy knee pop in his short short Umbros. Like I said, too much goodness not to post. Family awkward years are the best.

But anyway, back to that fancy trip to the Ozarks.

My dad won a trip with his company; he could either take my mom to Italy, or the entire family to Missouri. I’ll still never understand why he made the choice he did, but good for him.

There are a few things that stand out about this trip in my memory when I think about it. For starters, we got to stay in a two-story condo! On a golf course! Two things made me lose my shit about this- a. staying anywhere with a second floor absolutely blew my mind as a kid (still kind of does to be honest.) And b. staying on a golf course meant every morning my brother and I were able to walk in the wooded backyard area and look for all the lost golf balls our little hearts could find. Finding golf balls as a kid might as well have been finding treasure. I can still remember the sweet sweet joy of bringing back a t-shirt full of dirty balls. And a head full of ticks… Oh to be a kid again.

Another highlight of this trip would be feeding the carp next to the dock. I had a real thing for feeding things when I was a kid. Ducks, seagulls, carp, it didn’t matter; I could be entertained for hours by feeding hoards of animals. I packed an emergency bag of cereal with me at all times, you never knew when an opportunity would present itself and I wanted to be ready.

And did I mention there was an indoor swimming pool where you could swim outside from the inside?! So cool. It just doesn’t get any better.

So for all the parents out there, let’s do a quick recap on how to give your children the best vacation ever:

1. Stay somewhere with a second floor. Kids love stairs.
2. Woods in the backyard where your kids can go look for stuff is always a plus. Doesn’t have to be golf balls either; tennis balls, sticks, or rocks work too.
3. Make sure there are animals to be fed somewhere.

That’s pretty much it. I guess you could also just take your kids to a farm and call it a vacay too.

What was your best or worst vacay? Link up below.

Tomorrow's prompt: A Letter ToYourself in Ten Years. I've started this post twenty times and can't finish it. I've got a lot riding on my future self...

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  1. HAHAHA, Taylor! I used to rock a tye-dye romper too. Like...every day. And I only had one. You do the math.....

  2. I too am still elated if there is more than one story. it just feels fancier. you are rocking that romper, it'd probably be in fashion these days.

  3. I guess I don't understand why your dad would pick Missouri over Italy...Italy is so much better. And you rock that romper girl!

    I hope you get the chance to look at mine, my post is about the time I somehow ended up on a hippie compound hahaha!

  4. OMG.....hilarious, and even better because I live at the Lake of the Ozarks and know how cheesy this place is;);) Your blog is awesome, you're the sarcastic friend I wish I'd had in high school.....or now for that matter!!

  5. Awkward years, now let me think did we have any of them in my family well I guess you could say from the time Kathy was born till the time she left home which was around 18 years..............no that is not nice, true but not nice..............and yes I do love Kathy but she is not the easiest person to live with. Jessica just asked me who I was and I said "I'm a money box" that cracked her up because mostly I am more like a bank than a money box...........I really don't know what I am rambling on about here so I will leave now

  6. A very nice post! The photo reminds me of those old Christmas pictures where my Dad would let us wear our "Christmas clothes" (that are not so appealing, I'm telling you).

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  7. Great post, I love the picture!! And totally agree about three things parents must plan when they go on a trip. Stairs, woods, and animals=perfect vaca

  8. Hahaha yes, kids definitely love stairs. I once stayed in a hotel room that had 3 floors - the room itself! 8 year old me was amazed and never wanted to leave. To be honest, I think 17 year old me would still be amazed and never want to leave...

  9. I used to be obsessed with stairs too! Until we lived in a two-story house and it kind of sucked.

    What a fun family vacation. I can't believe your dad chose taking the family to Missouri over taking your mom to Italy. That says a LOT about him!