Day 17.... The bangs.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday posts are hard.

Saturday posts after a long night spent at Kirkwoods with the entire state of Nebraska in town are even harder.

My secret today is that I didn't prepare a post... And I'm sitting here double fisting a cup of coffee and a tall Bloody Mary wondering how I'm going to pull myself together to go tailgate all day in the rainy cold Chicago temps that are currently going on.

So instead of a post, let's look at a series of photos from last night.

I'm about to take a photo with Tye when my mom kindly informs me, "your bangs are not right."

I get pissed, naturally. And I try to defend my curtain bangs.

My mom attempts to fix my bangs.

Tyeler tries to look at them and tell me if they're okay.

She laughs like the evil menace she is.

And then we take the photo.

And my nickname is officially "Broom." The bang struggle is real, you guys. It's so real.

I look like Blossom in this photo. Ugh.

 photo signature-23.png


  1. Such a cute and funny series of photos. I think your bangs look nice! :)

  2. I actually really like your bangs! I guess you don't only have a hat face but also a bang face… embrace it!

  3. I actually love your bangs!! I totally wish mine looked that good! PS I love the pic with your mom fixing them...made me LOL...oh moms ;)

  4. Great photos..............took me years to understand what bangs are as we don't call them bangs here

  5. Hahaha, these pictures are great!

  6. Those pictures are great. Now I need to know who took the pictures. . . was it a blogger or someone who loves a blogger because that is pretty hilarious that you got all of that on camera.

  7. Love the picture where your mom is fixing your bangs...your face is priceless!

  8. This is a hilarious post! Ugh, and it reminds me of why I grew my bangs out. I can never seem to pull them off well.

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  10. I almost feel bad that I laughed through this whole post -- but you rock those bangs lady! They look amazing on you!