How To Have A Great (Blogger) Halloween

Friday, October 31, 2014

Get the whiteboards ready gals, there's going to be a lot of staged photo opps today.

There's no time to waste, if you want to have the best (documented) Halloween you have to start the minute you get up, so let's just get right into it.

1. Start your morning with a Halloween latte.
Halloween Latte = a latte where the foam art features a black cat wearing a witch hat, riding on a broomstick, outside a pumpkin patch, outside of an apple farm, with a Hocus Pocus movie sitting on the horizon. Or something of the like.

2. Choose from 1 of the 400 Halloween recipes you pinned on to your Spooooooky Treats Pinterest board and stare at it for hours deciding how you're going to make it. I suggest the pretzel sticks covered in almond bark wearing miniature shag blond wigs and zebra jackets, holding a tiny microphone, known as Pretzel Rod Stewarts.

3. Pause for a quick fall tree photo sesh.

4. Burn off those Pinterest calories and head to the gym! Make sure to take a cute selfie of your orange bra top that says "boo" in jewels right across your chest and let everyone know what your Halloween workout playlist consists of.... Monster Mash anyone?

5. Get out the glitter, it's time for crafting fun! Grab those miniature pumpkins you bought at Trader Joes and cover that shit in orange and gold glitter. And then cover everything else in your house in orange and gold glitter. Why not? It's FUN.

6. Pause for a quick fall tree photo sesh.

7. Need a break? Hop in bed for a little rest. And by rest I obviously mean a cute photo of your legs and striped socks on top of your cozy beautiful bedding.

8. Find a baby and dress it in a costume you made by hand. If you can't find a baby grab a dog. Or a pumpkin.

9. Pause for a quick fall tree photo sesh.

10. Grab a big leaf from the ground and turn it into a cool phone cover!

11. Then make a fall smoothie with your Ninja Juicer. Pumpkin seeds included obvi!

12. Fall tree photo sesh. You have to! What if all the leaves are gone tomorrow? WHAT IF?

13. Just about time to put on your costume... Make sure to grab photos of it from all angles before putting it on.

14. Costume reveal!!! Instagram is going to blow up today, I can barely contain myself.

15. Relax into the night with a good pumpkin beer and a good pumpkin candle.

And that my friends, is how you have a great Bloggerween. And yes, all fall tree photos are mine. Because I'm a blogger and I'm proud of it.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween and an even better weekend! I won't be dressing up this year, but if you'd like to see photos of Harlow's costume follow along @taylorgracewolfe. Hint: he goes as the same thing every year... Harbiscuit...

*PS- Huge thanks to everyone who participated in #Blogtober14 with Helene and I. You did it! Woo hoo! And an even bigger thanks to Helene for everything she did for it. Which was pretty much everything.... THANK YOU HELENE!

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  1. This literally made me giggle. (I do stop on every street corner to take a pic of the red & yellow trees, unfortunately it doesn't seem, like the leaves are staying for much longer). Oh and you're so right, it's time for cute Halloween socks & "Nightmare before Christmas" :D
    Luchessa @

  2. Well dang, I've already ruined the perfect Blogger Halloween timeline by having to be at work at an ungodly hour...Oh and did I mention I work till 10pm as well. Grad school rocks! Happy Halloween Tay :D

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome blogtober challenge! I had so much fun and can't believe it's over already! Hope this will happen again next year!

  4. nailed it. can you believe blogtober is over?

  5. This post is fabulous & oh so true. Mostly the part where I take lots of pictures of the foilage outside. HA.

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  7. Hahahaha, love this! So perfect. And your tree pictures are stunning, we in FL are very jealous!

  8. Oh my gosh. Those trees colors are amazing! And totally make me miss living in Utah during the fall.

  9. That post, right there, is why I love you. You will take any old topic, turn it around, and make it fun and fresh again! LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for hosting Blogtober, you and Helene were amazing hosts!
    Happy Bloggerween!!!

  10. I love the tree colors. This post made me giggle. Thanks for hosting Blogtober with Helene.

  11. Spot ON. And thank you for illustrating with real life examples of a fall tree photo sesh. Can't handle the inspiration.

  12. Damn. I'm slacking. I did however do a Holiday Wassell post this morning BUT it was made yesterday so I still think that means I'm not on point. There's always tonight. haha

    Seriously. Awesome post.

  13. Thanks for an awesome month of blogging Tay!! It's been lots of fun and a huge achievement for me that I completed it :) x

  14. damn i didn't read this until today so I only got the pumpkin beer shoot ohhh and the cat in a costume (as a pumpkin) so that counts right??? Love this list

  15. This is great! It's such a bummer that Florida doesn't really have leaves changing. We just go from scalding to hot to midly acceptable hot. ;)

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