I Can't Live Without This One Very Important Thing...

Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm here. I may be very late, but I made it. Turns out besides participating in #Blogtober14 I'm also participating Flutober14, as well. And as you can see in the photo above, Harlow is not happy he hasn't received his 25 walks for the day yet.

And to be honest there's also a small chance I might just have a case of Hangovertober... It's still up for debate. I know what you're thinking, get your life together you're too old to be hungover on a weekday. I agree with you. I had my comedy girls over last night and things just got a little... comedic. They're all a few years younger than me and so I was just trying to play keep up and act like I'm as young and crazy as they are. Today my body is reminding me I'm not. I am so not.

I'm assuming they all decided it was time to go when I pulled out Harlow's Halloween costume and insisted he put it on and they take photos with him. That's my idea of getting "crazy." Look at me go.

Anyway, I'm here and ready to post. But before I do, I'm going to just copy and paste what Helene said regarding some questions we've been getting about #Blogtober14.

Helene says:

Do I have to blog every day? Heck no. Do what you want. Of course, Taylor and I would love it (and be really impressed) if you did it everyday, but there are no rules. Rules suck!

How do I link up? Each day we will post a link up at the bottom of our posts. Simply add your name, your blog url, and email (don't worry it's private) to the link up that way others can find you!
What's up with the hashtag? Well, it's #Blogtober14 and it gives another way to find you on social media! Add it to your twitter, facebook and instagram posts!  

How do I copy the button? I have a handy tutorial on that but simply, just copy the HTML code directly underneath the button and add it to your blog wherever you want to show up.

What are the rules? Like we said, there are no rules! However, we would love it if you would link to Taylor and I in your posts (bonus for following us on instagram!)

Boom there you go. So today we're talking about one thing you can't live without. I'm going to just slightly change this up and talk about one thing I can't live without today, as in right now at this very moment. This thing is very special to me and without it I might not be able to go on today. It's always there when I need it and always comforts me in a way that no one else can when I have the "flu."

I'm talking about Jimmy Johns. You sweet angel, you. I love you so much and when you just arrived at my doorstep ten minutes ago the heavens opened up and I immediately felt 100x times better just by looking at you.

So what if your bread is a little dry and flaky? I'm not perfect either. And sometimes your meat is a little... mysterious, but whatever we all have our secrets. You may not be the fanciest sub out there, but hell neither am I. We don't judge each other and that's what I like. We are who we are.

So yes it's true, today I can't live without my Turkey Tom from JJ. So thank you Jimmy for delivering subs to my house in less than six minutes (seriously I time it because it blows my mind.)

Link up below and share what you can't live without. And then go enjoy your weekend!

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  1. #hangotober. that'll be me tomorrow. I also choose turkey toms from Jimmy Johns, no sprouts (I know they don't have sprouts anymore but I always say it and they always remind me.)

  2. I always get the "big johnson" and I'm so glad they do online ordering so I don't have to say, "I want a big johnson with extra mayo".

    1. I literally laughed out loud nearly losing my water through my nose! Nice one Jackie! You read my mind. Haha.


  3. hahaha hangovertober! Oh no! I'm pretty sure that's what I would feel like if I had a few. I haven't drank in sooo long that I think my body would kill me if I tried. haha!

  4. Great pic!!! Was the Flutober a joining in kind of thing too? Cuz I decided to tag along.

  5. I have to agree with you the older I get the harder the hangovers are but instead of the slowing down idea I am leaning towards coming up with the best hangover cure haha. Hope you feel better and I totally agree with you Jimmy Johns is delicious hungover even with all their imperfections!


  6. I've never had Jimmy Johns, even though they're starting to pop up around here in So Cal.