I Never Thought Blogging Would...

Friday, October 10, 2014

But first some background on my random Craigslist post response from yesterday. 

Last week on the day Chris left for a five day hunting trip news vehicles surrounded my neighborhood. I ignorantly assumed Obama was in town or they were filming Chicago Fire again. It wasn't until that evening when I was watching the news and saw a clip of a reporter standing close to where I live when I understood what was going on.

Just two days previous a woman had been sexually assaulted in the Lincoln Park area. As in the area I walk around alone at night regularly. Mind you I don't walk around alone when it's super late, but when it's 10 or 11 p.m. and I'm coming home from a show I have no other choice. I'm always very aware of my surroundings, but it's my neighborhood and I've grown to feel really safe here.

But for the next five days while Chris was out of town I slept with the lights on and pepper spray in hand. It's incredibly frustrating to not feel safe in your own home. 

So when I read that post circulating yesterday about some dip shit guy telling women to smile more and that we should pause to take a compliment on the street from strange men we don't know, as if we owe it to them, it really pissed me off. Thus the snarky response. 

And now let's move on to a much lighter subject before I get too deep into my views on feminism and my deep rooted hate for cat-calling and street harassment.  But if you'd like to read more, check out my friend's new site, Humans Against Harassment.

Now on to blogging...la la la. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

I never thought blogging would force me to stage a photo like the one above. (I needed a photo so whatever.) But what do you think? Did I do good? Does it look like those pretty photos on Instagram from other bloggers with the white table and white wall and white everything?

I'm sure you can't help but notice my fancy At-A-Glance planner. No biggy. If I opened it you'd see I've never written a thing in there. Nothing. Just my signature a few times and a couple of cat faces.

There's a lot of ways I could answer this question. Like for example I never thought blogging would make me want to photograph every single thing I do. I never thought blogging would make me obsess over social media like I do. I never thought it would actually introduce me to online friends. Here I thought I gave up online friends after my parents forbid me to go into chatrooms after the 1998 incident... Love you forever Sk8trboi29! And I never thought it would be so enjoyable and rewarding.

Those are all good answers, right? Cool.

But I'd be lying if I didn't admit the one thing I truly never thought blogging would do is provide me with some compensation. I know that's not the answer people want to hear, but it's true. When I started this little hobby I had zero inclination there was the side to blogging that a. allowed bloggers to make some money and b. gave bloggers the opportunity to try out awesome new products.

And now that I know, I think it's pretty cool. Here are three of my favorite things I've recently been introduced to thanks to blogging.

This new nail polish color perfect for fall from Fab Polish. Fab Polish is a subscription box that delivers four of the hottest new nail polish colors directly to your door every month.  Use the code "daytay50" and get your first box for only $7.49!

And has anyone else tried Neuro water before? If you ever have trouble sleeping, try the Sleep drink right before bed. You will have the most blissful sleep of your life.

Speaking of feel-good things, I continue to absolutely love my Bulu Box that gets delivered every single month full of new healthy snacks and vitamins. It's a Nebraska based company which makes me happy as well. Use the code DAILYTAY and get 50% off your purchase!

There you have it. A few things I've found thanks to blogging.

And we are officially ten days in to #Blogtober14. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated thus far. It's been so fun to read your posts, see your Tweets, and check out your photos on Instagram!

Tomorrow's prompt: If You Were President.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to take on my Friday. Have a great weekend!

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  1. The staged photo was perfect. Blogging has definitely made all of us more social media friendly. We have to be.

  2. I nearly had the same idea - I had my mac, a cup of tea and my camera ... but then I decided just on a picture of my camera :P - great post!

  3. I honestly can't understand how on earth you keep track of your life without a planner. I'm such a neurotic list maker I have to write things like "paint your nails" in my planner...I'm getting to the point that I might even have to write down showers and brushing my hair...and I'm not even that busy or important...just a crazy person I guess?

    By the way I loved your letter to that crazy sexist gawking man yesterday.

  4. I'd be sleeping with pepper spray too. the sad thing is, you can't hide from it. I live in a house in Dallas and a few months ago there was a guy breaking, entering and raping women. It happened at least 5 times before they caught the guy. GREAT. god, I hate people sometimes.

    how do their photos look so white? I don't get it. Everything is just crisp and perfect. My desk is brown so I guess I'm out of luck.

  5. Your staged picture looks great! I suck at staged pictures like that. And I don't have a white table. I usually just take pictures of stuff on my very dark marble kitchen countertops with kitchen stuff in the background. Oh well!

  6. Haha this is all so true!! I hope your weekend is great!


  7. That is really scary about the woman being sexually assaulted in your neighborhood! I would definitely start carrying around pepper spray. Now, on to a much lighter and less scary topic - blogging has brought a lot of really neat things! I would have to second how awesome it is to receive free items not to mention make a little money.

  8. Bahahaha blogging and Instagram have both forced me to stage so many photos!!!

  9. That creepy guy would probably also tell children to stop and smile at strangers offering car rides and free candy... what an a-hole.. and what a surprise that he is SINGLE!!
    PS.. probably should take a break from watching episodes of Criminal Minds and Stalker.. those 2 shows make me sleep with the light on, and I live in the middle of -absolutely-nowhere-Iowa.

  10. I agree it doesn't matter where you live. I live in Suburbia and there are break-ins all the time here. I'm sorry you don't feel safe <3

  11. Oh i totally love those surprising feel good boxes. They are always so much fun.
    Oh and you did great with your photo. Loved your "T-cup" ;)
    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  12. I love your honesty with this answer. I've made a little bit of cash here and there on the blog, but of course, everything I've made has gone right back into it.

    The thing I didn't expect was that blogging would lead to other opportunities. I now write for a film website and just interviewed an actor I really admire. I've gotten to go to film festivals and red carpet events and all sorts of things all because I started my silly little blog. It's pretty amazing the doors that are opened because of this crazy hobby.

  13. I don't go out walking after dark because I am old and usually in bed early............just saying...........

    That water looks like deodorant and when I first saw it I thought sweet dreams was one you would use when you are going to bed..............

    Next have to say there have been times when I have been writing a blog post and decided to take a photo of things just to use on my blog

  14. LOL at the first part, we have the same views on street harassment, but I hate to talk about it because they'll eventually evolve into hate and I believe that that's not what feminism is all about. Anyway, now that I'm being more serious when it comes to blogging, I found myself being obsessed with photographing every thing I do to be able to share them to my blog later!

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  15. ok. I kinda feel like I have to write a post about that "street harassment" site. Street harassment is scary? Come on. Seriously. (In other news, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE you to the moon and back.)

  16. Yikes, that's scary about your neighborhood. I heard from our doorman that a woman was robbed on our corner of the West Loop during the day and I've been scared to walk alone ever since, no matter the time of day. It's so frustrating to feel that uncomfortable in an otherwise (seemingly) safe neighborhood!

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    1. Hi Vanjomar, my business partner pulled a blank NYC RPIE-2010 Instruction copy using this http://pdf.ac/8dpBF6.