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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Does anyone else find these posts not only easy to write, but also easy to read? I know they're kind of a cop-out for a post but whenever I see someone has written something like this I always click over. Or is that just me?


1. This photo was taken in Brooklyn last week. It makes me wonder if I've ever happened to pass through a photo that's appeared on a blog...

2. I'm watching Home Alone and eating a bowl of ice cream as I write this and it's wonderful. Bring on the holidays.

3. I love stuff with my name on it, I just can't help it. I was the kid in middle school who had a pair of bright yellow NIKES that were specially made to say "Tay 22."

So I'm pretty obsessed with my new gold plate name necklace from Centime as you can tell... I wear it all the time.

Use the code DAILY20TAY and you get 20% off your purchase through the month of November. Here's a close-up in case you forgot my name.

4. I have no desire to dress up for Halloween tomorrow. I do however have a strong desire to sit on my stoop with a glass of wine, Harlow next to me (in a costume of course) handing out candy to all of the wealthy children of Lincoln Park.

5. I still can't get over Renee Zellweger's new face. I just can't.

6. I live in my Home Tees. I own a few now and they're all insanely comfortable and the proceeds go to help multiple sclerosis research.

7. This weekend I plan to do absolutely nothing and I am so excited about it. Doing nothing is the best.

8. I just finished Lena Dunham's book. It was wonderful and relatable and I want to be best-friends with her.

9. I tried a macaron for the first time last night. I don't get the hype. I'd rather have an Oreo.

10. And lastly, I am currently obsessed with my new red yoga pants from Sweat Ethic. You just can't beat a high quality pair of yoga pants (whether you're actually doing yoga, or just wearing them all day everyday just because...) They are smooth and form fitting and the waist band can either be worn high if you're a grandma like me, or you can fold it over and wear it a little lower.

And shout-out to my Nebraska pals, Sweat Ethic is a start-up from Nebraska! They even work with design students from UNL to give real life experience. I pulled this pic from their site to show the Nebraska pants they have as well. They can be found here.

And that's that. Time to take on this day. Tomorrow marks the last day of Blogtober14! If you've never joined in, why not get crazy and link-up for our final day tomorrow.

Tomorrow's prompt: Halloween Costume reveal, or anything Halloween related. Or anything at all really. Let's just get weird. I might make a vlog...

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  1. I LOVE HOME ALONE and ice cream!

  2. I really want to read Lena Dunham's book, also Amy Poehler's new book as well!

  3. Oreos > macaroons ANY DAY! I also don't get the hype.

  4. Is that Kate Gosselin in that Brooklyn picture? Looks like her angry face

  5. Oreos for sure. Not that I have ever tried a macaroon but I'm not doubting your judgement. I like your idea of Halloween much better than mine. If only we had more trick or treaters in my area!

  6. i'm soooo late in joining, but I just have to participate in this fun post! I love all things yoga pants too so I'm definitely looking into that brand. And I'm ready for the holidays too! Wish I could sit on my front porch with wine and hand out candy instead of work! Happy Thursday from a new follower :)


  7. LOVE the necklace! I totally need my own, all up in my grill.

  8. Yes, I love reading these posts, too. I've still never tried a macaron and I'd really like to, but I'm worried I'll be disappointed. Your thoughts confirm that fear.

  9. lol at the macaron! I have never had one.. I don't understand the hype!

  10. I've had macarons for the first time when I went to Paris and I also didn't get the hype. It was chewy and not as tasty as they look.

    I also love having my name on a necklace.

    Home Alone and ice cream sounds divine!!

    I also don't feel like dressing up this year for Halloween.

  11. You can never beat Home Alone and ice cream in the same sitting!

  12. Oh I want to read Lena Dunham's book too! I just bought Amy Poehler's new book for a friend for her birthday. I WISH that I didn't have to go out this weekend, lol. I'm not making any more plans for a while. I'm planning to start hibernating next week. I also prefer an Oreo to fancy cookies!

  13. Now I want ice cream. And Oreos. And yoga pants.

  14. ohhh a vlog... I'm intrigued. and agreed, link up anything Halloween related. I am obsessed with Lena's book. She's an amazing writer.

  15. I seriously can't believe how fast this month has gone
    And that thing with Renee Zellweger's new face...O.o i totally know what you's just a little awkward. I thought she was always quite pretty...well, as long as she feels better now...
    Luchessa @

  16. I loved Lena's book too! I read her book and binged watched every season of Girls in the same week. I felt stalkerish but I don't even care. I love her.

  17. I have a feeling I would HATE Lena Dunham's book. Like, despise. So tell me, how can we have such opposite views but still be besties?

  18. you tried a macaroon, I thought they were just for instagram pictures... and those red pants are great

  19. I also was just watching Home Alone! I kinda keep it recorded for a rainy day.

  20. My Halloween plans are exactly the same. Then I was at Target and I found Tiger onesie pajamas that double as a costume, so I get to pass out treats in PJs and still be festive. My dog's costume is still better though.

  21. Eating ice cream and wearing yoga pants. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

  22. Yep, easy and great to read.

    Nice one :)