Tuesdays With Taylor

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A new segment where I talk about all of the ways my new bestie, Taylor Swift and I are basically IDENTICAL. The similarities are almost uncanny you guys, it's kind of crazy.

For starters, you all saw Taylor's TIME magazine cover last week, right?

Well did you know that in 1997 I too was in TIME For Kids magazine. I don't talk about it a lot because I don't want to flaunt it, but I was is. It wasn't my photo per say, but it was my words. My very intellectual words I wrote in a comment in response to an in depth article about possibly sending dogs into space.

"I think going to space would be neat. But I'm not sure my dog should go. What if a dog went to the bathroom everywhere? My dog, Sadie, is housebroken but sometimes she still has accidents. Being in a space ship when a dog has an accident would be grody. But it would be cool to have a dog on the moon, I guess. One time I ate powdered space food at a museum. It was weird."

Good stuff, right?

How do I remember my comment word for word you might ask. Because I have ten magazines from that 1997 edition in my scrapbook obviously. When something that important happens, you document that shit.

There's like a million other ways Tay Tay (that's her nickname and MINE sometimes) are alike. But because I'm short on time I feel I can best get my point across in a video. Get ready to have your mind blown.

And as you can probably tell by the thumbnail below, I'm looking very schnazzy for this video. Like super classy. By the way, what a weird name for a freeze frame of a video- a thumbnail. I don't know about you, but my thumbnail sure doesn't look like that. Now I'm just getting distracted. Anyway, here it is.

*Turning comments off, because let's be real honest no one really wants to comment on this. #letsgetweirdtuesday

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