22 Things Husker Fans Want For Christmas

Saturday, December 6, 2014

For Ameer to stay just one more year. Or maybe two.

To have one of Ohio State's quarterbacks.

To return to the 90s.

For the loud obnoxious guy who sits in front of you at the games to sell his tickets next year.

Same goes for the guy who sits next to you and takes up more than half of your seat.

To pretend like the Bill Callahan era never happened.

To know who Faux Pelini is. And then have a few drinks with him.

A stocking full of Talk Herbie To Me koozies.

For complete reassurance that Mike Riley was really the first and only coach offered the job. Of course Perlman says he was, but...

For Riley to have an incredible first season.

For all of the naysayers to just be quiet already. Change happens, embrace it.

To never lose to Wisconsin again.

More Husker gear like this for Christmas... Can't ever have enough.

click here for Talk Herbie To Me attire.

To know what Ron Brown muttered in his head when Bo Pelini (accidentally) spit all over his face during the Minnesota game.

To keep all of our recruits... And maybe get a few more.

To reveal the identities of all the trolls who live in the forums on the Red Sea Scrolls. Jk, I know no one really wants this.

To see Jack score a touchdown at every spring game.

To take a Christmas card photo as cool as this one...

For our basketball team to get to the dance. And then win a game or two.

To go on a date with Tim Miles because he's the cutest.

Better yet, to somehow get Tim to wear a Talk Herbie To Me shirt. Call me, Tim. I'll hook you up.

Most of all, we just want a National Championship. Is that so much to ask? I don't think so.

Merry Christmas, Husker fans. May all of your holiday wishes come true.

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