Twas The Week Before Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2014

And this is a glance into life as of late.

I've been a really intense hermit for the past few weeks. I can't tell you how much I love staying in, drinking wine on the couch, all while I just creepily stare at my Christmas tree and smile. Besides escaping to do a few shows, I've gotten myself into a very bad routine of never wanting to leave the house. Chris is starting to think I have a problem. I probably do. 

You know who doesn't think I have a problem? This guy. He loves the fact I never leave his side. His clinger status is at an all time high lately. 

However we did venture out last week for Chris's holiday party. I texted this photo to my mom and she responded, "Have you both had a lot to drink?" No, mom we hadn't- yet. This was actually at the start of the night, but thanks for asking. And yes, I'm aware we both have crazy hair and weird smiles going on. There must have been something in the air.


Okay, maybe at this point we'd had a bit to drink.

And then we also made a brief visit to Zoo Lights a few nights ago.

But for the most part life has been spent right here.

Wearing jeans and oversized cardigans, all day every day. I'm really trying my best to "change with the times" and "keep up with the fads of Instagram" but I just can't get into this trend of taking a weird photo from my stomach down. It just feels odd. Don't get me wrong, I like when you do it, I just can't.

It's not you, it's me.

But I'm all about the no face in the photo thing. Hells yes, more of this. The less I have to pretend to put on makeup, the better.

cardigan found here.

Go do your weekend stuff, friends. The holidays are officially here.

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  1. I try to plan around not leaving my house. it's getting harder and harder. I want to just stay in bed all day.

  2. Oh I love that cardigan! And I am with you about never wanting to leave the house. If I could I would totally stay cooped up by my Christmas tree with some wine.

  3. There is nothing better than cozying up on the couch with a big hound! :) Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. I have been in hermit status lately too! Maybe it's just the holidays or something. lol! I love having a cup of tea or cocoa and just staring at our tree.

  5. December really makes me want to stay indoors forever.

  6. I don't blame you for not wanting to go outside. We got our Christmas tree earlier in the week and all I want to do is sit in front of it like a weirdo. Maybe it's a thing. And those from the waist down instagram photos, I just can't do them. They never look quite right.

  7. I've been wanting to lay around the house constantly, but my schedule hasn't been cooperating. Sounds fabulous!

  8. I lost it with that last photo. Crying with laughter. You're so odd. lol
    Texas Jak

  9. Not leaving the house is the absolute best, especially as the weather gets colder and it's basically never light out anymore. Hermit status forever!

  10. But why would you ever want to leave that cute face!?! I prefer to stay at home with my dog and a glass of wine too. They get me!

  11. The only reason I'm leaving bed in a bit is to take my last final of the semester before hopping into a minivan and heading too another bed! Bed jumping IS the holidays.


  12. Basically this post just reiterated that not only are you funny (which...duh) but you're also just really pretty and all your clothes are cute.

  13. I don't blame you one bit - your apt looks straight out of a holiday commercial! And I also don't blame you, because that'd be hypocritical of me... Netflix is a girl's best friend, so I should hang out with her (him?) (it?) whenever I can.

  14. Leaving the house is overrated. Enjoy your bed, your couch and your clinger!

  15. Your dog is so cute