The Post About Being Thankful

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An "I'm thankful" post full of sincerity and perhaps just a little sarcasm. Just a little.

So come cozy up by the fire with me and let's all talk about what we're thankful for. It's going to be fun.

I'm thankful for Instagram filters.
Because now I can pretend my skin isn't glowing thanks to x-pro II.

I'm thankful that dark roots are in style right now. I haven't colored my hair in seven months. That's fun. And cheap!

I'm thankful for the mens section at the Urban Outfitters outlet by my house. I'll stop buying my sweaters from there when they stop making such cute girly sweaters for men.

I'm thankful for Christmas candles. And Christmas Reeses.
However I'm not thankful for when Christmas candles accidentally set a large chunk of your hair on fire. That happened on Monday. I'm still smelling burnt hair.

I'm thankful for space heaters.
I sure do love our cute little Chicago apartment but boy is it drafty.

I'm thankful for people that can't figure out that round-abouts aren't in fact four-way stops. They make life more interesting.

I'm thankful to everyone who has supported my Talk Herbie To Me brand. The nice comments and emails sent my regarding this post were awesome. For those of you who asked, yes I do a trademark. However the big guy I'm going up against doesn't seem to care. It's going to take a battle, but I've never been one to stray from that. I'll keep you updated... Anyway, back to the happy stuff.

I'm thankful Harlow ate an entire loaf of bread last night. He knew I shouldn't be eating that many carbs so he took care of the problem for me. He's such a sweetheart.

I'm thankful I don't have children. Only because I just found out toddlers often poop in the bath during bath time. And Lola had craisins for dinner... Big shout out to my sister for passing on that fun story to me the other night. Lola and Knox will never get cousins if you keep telling me stuff like that.

I'm thankful I'm getting my new iphone today because my current iphone thinks it's cute to power down at any moment whenever the battery falls below 60%. How am I supposed to take 24/7 photos of Harlow without a phone? These are real problems.

Speaking of, I'm thankful for my new iphone cover from Casetify. I'm hoping the beach scenes will keep me warm during the next terrible winter months.

I've ordered several phone covers from Casetify and have loved every one of them. Want to win your own? Just enter below!

And finally, I'm thankful for all of you. Thank you for stopping by each day. I know you probably just come to see pics of Harlow, but I appreciate that too.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you're going out on Black Friday please be kind to each other. Or don't. JUST GET THAT TV!!! God bless ya.

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How To Be A Successful Blogger On Instagram

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For starters, if you have an actual blog, get rid of it. Blogs are so yesterday. Words are so meh. It's all about photos and emojis now.

Like a fellow blogger just told me last week, "If you have a successful Instagram account, why do you even need a blog?" Right? Right. Said blogger has been blogging for at least four months so she has it all figured out.

You can't on a blog anyway, so there's really no point.

Let's start with some simple rules- your face should only show up in a photo two times (max) per week. And when it does, never look at the camera. Look up, look down, hell look in your pocket if you have to, just don't make eye contact. The best Instagrammers know that iphone cameras steal your soul if you make direct eye contact. That's why they're so damn good.

I've included a few tips for how to take the best selfie in the video provided.

*If you'd like to set up a one-on-one selfie consultation please email me, I'd be happy to help!

For all other face-less photos, here's a few poses I suggest.

The "look at the rings on my hands while they grab the collar of my shirt" pose.
For when you have to show the world your rings. And your collar.

The "there's flowers hiding my face" pose.
Where's your face? No one knows.

The "look at my lips and ends of my hair" pose.
A great close-up shot.

The "look at my wrist sitting in my lap" pose.
This is usually the correct time to use the phrase "#armcandy" or "#armbling." Just don't make the mistake of using "#fistfun" like I once did on accident. That hashtag has a completely different meaning.

The "look at the sunglasses I'm holding" pose.
Why aren't you wearing your sunglasses one might ask? Doesn't matter. Just hold them.

The "I'm drinking coffee" pose.
This one never gets old. Take it from every angle.

The "there's a mini aircraft hanging above me" pose. (As mentioned in the video.) This one is super hot right now. It's a great one when you want to give the illusion that someone is looking down on you. Like God or something. It's not easy though, trust me I've tried it.

And we'll finish with this classic. The timeless "look at my feet on my white bedding being all cute and feet like" pose.
So great, you guys. So damn great.

Just follow these steps and if you don't have 20k new Instagram followers within your first week you're doing something wrong.

@taylorgracewolfe (that's my Instagram handle.)

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Preparing For The Holidays In The 90s vs What It's Like Now

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Christmas Lights.

The 90s: Dad hung the lights from a wobbly ladder, mom yelled at him from the ground, and my brother and I gleefully ran around the roof occasionally slipping on a loose shingle or two, chasing each other with the staple gun. And more than likely we weren't wearing coats. We never wore coats.

By the time the sun would set we'd all been outside untangling lights and trying to find the broken lights for nearly four hours so when my mom would yell at my dad to "Straighten the lights out! The second line on the left is not straight!" Dad would reach too far over, lazily trying to move the ladder while still on it, as he muttered curse words under his breath, nearly falling to death with each movement. We all knew it was just a matter of time before he'd say forget it and crawl inside through the second floor window to go retreat into the basement for the rest of the night.

The job wasn't finished until someone was bleeding or none of us were speaking to each other anymore. Usually both.

Now: I was walking Harlow last night and passed several homes where teams of nine or ten "professional lighting people" were decorating an entire house like soldiers running a mission. In a matter of minutes the rod iron fences were wrapped with garland, wreaths were hung in every window, and a perfect strand of lights lit ever corner.

I didn't see coatless children running on the roof anywhere. No tears, no blood, no holiday fun.

The Christmas Card Photo.

The 90s: Mom would wrangle up my sister, brother, and I and quickly try to find three outfits we all had that were similar, and that were also clean. She also had to make sure our faces, noses, and teeth were clean. Not an easy task. We would then have to pose in front of the Christmas tree while she took at least 45 photos hoping and praying for a good one while we whined and shouted things like, "Jordan is breathing on me!" "Jade's touching me!" "Taylor isn't looking!" "The dog just walked in front." "Jordan farted." By the end we all needed a drink.

Mom would run the film to Walgreens, pay a little extra money for one hour photo, and then we'd all anxiously look through the copies. Anger and regret always immediately followed as we realized we'd have to do another Christmas photo shoot because even out of 45 images, there wasn't a single good one.

Now: Mom doesn't even have to worry about a Christmas Card Photo shoot. She can just choose from the hundreds of photos she's already edited and posted on Instagram in the past month. Not good enough? No problem. Plop the kids down in their monogrammed Pottery Barn chairs and tell them to take a couple selfies. They know how to make themselves look good by now.

If all else fails mom can just get into Photoshop or Shutterfly and make any terrible photo look like a masterpiece. Ugly kids? Who cares? We've got editing tools for that now. Let's just say old Dead-Toothed Taylor from the early 90s would have looked a lot better in photos if she could have had a few Instagram filters to help her out. The Wolfe's family and friends would have no longer looked at their Christmas card every year and thought, "Bless that youngest child's heart."

The School Christmas Treats.

The 90s: Want to get fancy and bring Christmas treats to school? Great, go buy some candy canes. Want to get really fancy? Buy the rainbow colored candy canes.

Now: If mom doesn't send her child to school with a sugar cookie that actually looks like an elf wearing ice skates making toys for abandoned children inside of a snow globe that plays Where Are You Christmas when you take a bite, she is doomed. Because every other child in class will have a similar cookie, or something better.

I pinned something yesterday that said "50 Cute Holiday Treat Ideas" on Pinterest. Fifty. Why do we need fifty options when it comes to holiday treats? When I actually looked at the recipes I started to cry realizing I'll never be good enough for the child I don't have. I don't know how to turn a marshmallow into a Frosty hat. And I'm not sure I want to know.

Christmas Tree Decor.

The 90s: A tree decoration had to be at least one of two things to get on our tree when I was little: edible(ish) or covered in glue. Preferably both. And they had to be able to withstand a good licking. Not like a beating, I mean I would actually lick them. I loved to lick anything that looked like it was food or shiny or covered in glitter. I was a gross kid. Thus all of our tree ornaments were gross, as well.

Now: Tree ornaments are not meant to be touched, just admired. You break it, you buy it. And if your tree doesn't look like it belongs on the show floor of Macys then just get out. You need to have a stunningly decorated Christmas tree or else you won't get any likes on it when you post it to Facebook and Instagram. Christmas trees should be liked by strangers, not loved by children. Everyone knows that.

The Christmas Pageant Clothes.

The 90s: I liked my Christmas tights saggy, baggy and covered with snags. If I didn't have rolls of extra tight rippling at my knees, ankles, and hanging loosely below my crotch, I wouldn't wear them. And I only felt at home wearing dresses that had at least some evidence of what I'd eaten the last time they were worn. It was like wearing a memory.

I've believed tights are a one size fits all kinda thing from a very young age.

Now: I envy the wardrobe of most children I see on social media today. Not only are their coats prettier than mine, but so are their boots, hats, and winter accessories. I'm quite sure their lives are too.

Elf On The Shelf.

The 90s: Who?

You mean my drunk uncle that kinda looks like an elf who happens to be passed out under a shelf in the pantry? That "elf?"


Oh holidays, I love you so.

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Halfway To 28...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Glasses found here. Use code THEDAILYTAYBLOGS4 for $15 off. 

 Daniel Wellington watch found here. Use code holiday_thedailytay for 15% off.

A couple of days ago I passed the halfway mark to 28. Yikes.

That seems old to me, however it doesn't feel old to me. I still feel the same way I felt five years ago. When I was little that number seemed to have a lot more reflection on how I felt than it does now.

When I was a kid I had this weird vision of what it meant to be an adult. In my young mind, being an adult primarily consisted of three major (awful) things: paying taxes, paying the heating bill and understanding how fax machines worked. In retrospect, I really wasn't all that off.

I remember when I turned 13 and I felt old. as. shit. And I loved it. The braces came off, the padded bra came out, and the lip gloss got even more glittery and sticky. My mom brought pizza to my middle school and I got to choose three friends to come eat it with me in the guidance counselor's office and I remember thinking, yup getting old is the shit.

When I turned 16 I sat in my driveway in my brand new Honda (previously used by my mom for two years) worrying whether or not I was really ready to drive to school on my own. This it it, I thought, I'm really an adult now that I have my own car. *The car was actually purchased and owned by my parents and could be taken away at any time, a fact they reminded me of quite frequently.

I turned 18 the day I graduated high school. I wrote a poem the day after graduation (because that's what cool kids did) called "Now What?" that went something like this,

We throw our caps in the sky
excitement fills the air
I look and wonder why
I feel like I should care.

Deep, right? I then went on to turn "Now What" into a 350 page novel about how hard and confusing it can be after high school. It's good stuff, guys. Someday I should share it on here, I think everyone would really love the "struggle" I went through being a middle class blonde girl from Nebraska.

I feel like no one tells you that even though you technically reach adulthood, that twelve year old with braces and pizza sauce on her shirt never really leaves you. She's always there. And when I happen to find myself in a room full of adults talking about adult things (which I'll be honest is rare given my career path) that little girl inside me often feels like a total fraud. She looks around and wonders if anyone else is just faking it, or if it's just me? Does everyone else really have this adult thing figured out? And if they do, where did I miss the boat on this?

Perhaps everyone else was learning how to be an adult while I was enrolled in improv classes learning how to be a ghost cat on stage. Yes, that may have been where I got a little off course.

Anyway, I need to wrap this up because I have to go send a couple faxes and put on my green visor to do some taxes.

My conclusion is this; getting old is weird, you can either fight it or get weird with it. I know my choice.

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5 Ways I've Increased My Blog Traffic

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1. Utilize the power of Pinterest.

It took me too long to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and fully understand the mass amount of traffic this platform can bring to my blog. I never thought my posts were "Pinterest worthy." And to be honest most of them aren't, but every once in awhile I force myself to write one that is. (Or one that I hope is anyway.)

Find something you can write about that others will find useful or entertaining, then create a good graphic and pin that baby on Pinterest. Even if it gets just a few pins, you will be amazed at the traffic it can bring you.

2. Take advantage of old posts.

Who says the archives have to stay in the archives? It will increase your blog's SEO (and traffic hits) every time you link to an old post in a current post.

I also suggest trying this out on Twitter. Something as simple as Tweeting out five old post links per week can increase your traffic. It has for me, anyway

3. Every once in a while write a niche post that you know will get shared.

This post received about 20k hits in a single day and about 10k every day after for the next week. I'm going to assume that if you just clicked on it chances are you couldn't care less about Norfolk, Nebraska. I knew when writing that post the majority of blogworld wouldn't like it, but I had a feeling the majority of people from Norfolk, Nebraska would.

I've written similar posts about small niche subjects that receive the same amount of traffic. Of course all 20,000 new readers never stick around, but even if I can keep a couple hundred of them it seems pretty worth it.

4. Blogger Collabs.

Find your blogger circle and help each other share posts (and traffic.) Writing co-posts is a great way to get more readers and generate new content when you feel like you're in a lull.

If you feel like your traffic is stagnant ask bloggers similar in size if you can guest post for a day. Getting in front of new eyes is always worth it.

5. Use everything you can.

This one sounds pretty vague. What I mean is that if you want to really get your blog out there, you have to use every resource you can. Tweet more on Twitter, boost more posts on Facebook, create hashtags on Instagram, pin more on Pinterest. All of those little things (as annoying as they sometimes can be)- they actually work.

Or if all else fails, just buy a bunch of fake followers from those weird "we sell followers" companies. I'm pretty sure every social media platform offers this service now. What a world we live in. Fake it til you make it, am I right?

Good luck and good night.

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Winters Bone

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vaseline for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It snowed for the first time October 31st. Do you know what that means? It means we're in for a very long winter in Chicago. 

It means my skin is just going to crack and break off if I'm not careful. I don't know about you, but my skin suffers big time in the winter, especially my poor hands. They get so dry and red and my sad little hangnails just have a heyday. It's terrible.

 photo photo1.jpg

Luckily blogging came to the rescue just in time and last week I was sent this awesome package from Vaseline, containing Vaseline Intensive Repair Lotion. I was on board at Vaseline because I'm one of those people who uses Vaseline for everything. Google it, you'll see it's a miracle worker. The most recent thing I've heard Vaseline can do is improv your eyebrows. Since bushy brows are all the rage right now and I was cursed with skinny brows, I've been smothering that stuff all over my face before bed every night hoping to wake up with Lilly Collins eyebrows the next morning. It hasn't happened yet, but I still have hope.

 photo photo2.jpg

Anyway, I'm clearly a fan of Vaseline so I was really excited to try this new lotion that is infused with micro- droplets of Vaseline Jelly. The Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion is clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days. 

I took the five day challenge to see if it really works and I can honestly say it has. My hands are softer and smoother than ever. And for only $5 you really can't beat it. I even used Vasoline's test strips for proof that it really works. You can see the before and after showing that my skin was definitely dry before putting on the lotion and how much it improved after.

 photo photo1_zpsb2957fb2.jpg

 photo photo3.jpg

Have you tried this lotion yet? What do you think?
Visit Sponsor's Site

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Tuesdays With Taylor

A new segment where I talk about all of the ways my new bestie, Taylor Swift and I are basically IDENTICAL. The similarities are almost uncanny you guys, it's kind of crazy.

For starters, you all saw Taylor's TIME magazine cover last week, right?

Well did you know that in 1997 I too was in TIME For Kids magazine. I don't talk about it a lot because I don't want to flaunt it, but I was is. It wasn't my photo per say, but it was my words. My very intellectual words I wrote in a comment in response to an in depth article about possibly sending dogs into space.

"I think going to space would be neat. But I'm not sure my dog should go. What if a dog went to the bathroom everywhere? My dog, Sadie, is housebroken but sometimes she still has accidents. Being in a space ship when a dog has an accident would be grody. But it would be cool to have a dog on the moon, I guess. One time I ate powdered space food at a museum. It was weird."

Good stuff, right?

How do I remember my comment word for word you might ask. Because I have ten magazines from that 1997 edition in my scrapbook obviously. When something that important happens, you document that shit.

There's like a million other ways Tay Tay (that's her nickname and MINE sometimes) are alike. But because I'm short on time I feel I can best get my point across in a video. Get ready to have your mind blown.

And as you can probably tell by the thumbnail below, I'm looking very schnazzy for this video. Like super classy. By the way, what a weird name for a freeze frame of a video- a thumbnail. I don't know about you, but my thumbnail sure doesn't look like that. Now I'm just getting distracted. Anyway, here it is.

*Turning comments off, because let's be real honest no one really wants to comment on this. #letsgetweirdtuesday

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It's All About The Bird

Sunday, November 16, 2014

In two weeks Chris and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving in Chicago for his family and grandparents.

We are just a little bit nervous about it so we decided to give it a test run this weekend. It was... a lot of work. So much work that about half way through I decided that I should be in charge of sides only and Chris should finish the turkey. He's a whiz in the kitchen so it just made the most sense. Of course that didn't stop me from taking this proud photo holding Chris's beautiful finished product as if it were my own when everything was said and done.

Have you ever stuffed a turkey? It's very uncomfortable. I wasn't fond of it. I just kept thinking, that poor bird, how degrading.

But it sure did look good. And it tasted even better. I'm not sure how Chris seasoned it exactly because I stopped watching after awhile and just started drinking wine, but it was incredible. 

I pretty much stuck to the green bean casserole. Which we all know is super hard. And super classy. Anything that involves cream of mushroom soup and fried onion strips on top is always right up my alley. It reminds me of childhood.

A little serving of mashed potatoes because you just can't have a turkey without them.

Chris's famous "low-calorie" gravy...

And of course turkey cookies for dessert.

Kidding. I totally stole this photo from Pinterest. I didn't actually make these cookies but I definitely thought about them.

And one more shot of the beautiful bird.

Obviously it was a really exciting weekend. Welcome to winter, everyone.

Now more importantly, I'm actually giving away four pieces of the amazing CW by Corning Ware dishes you saw above. How great is their new line of colorful dishes? Not only are they wonderful to cook with, they're just so damn cute.

They're super easy to stack and are also oven/dishwasher/microwave safe. I own several pieces from their line now and can honestly say they hold up wonderfully! If you'd like to win some new dishes just in time for the holidays, simply enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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11 Questions Non-Bloggers Often Ask Me

Friday, November 14, 2014

1. So like, how did you start your blog?

I get this one a lot. And sadly my answer isn't interesting or probably very helpful. It's simply this: I just did. I googled "start a blog" and was the first thing to pull up. Ten minutes later I had a blog.

2. You actually make money blogging? How?

Shocker, I know. But it's true,  money can be made from blogging. Most of the income I make from blogging comes from advertisers, or marketing companies who work as the middle guy for other businesses seeking advertising. People have figured out that blogging is one of the most quick and direct ways to reach their target consumers. And they're capitalizing on it.

If you want to read more in-depth posts on making money from blogging check out this one or this one. I'm vague about it because my knowledge is pretty vague unfortunately...

3. So do you make a lot of money?

No. But that also has to do with the fact I'm pretty lazy. I work with very few affiliate agencies and don't ever seek out any on my own. I know of bloggers who pull in anywhere from 5k-30k in a month. Not even kidding. I need to figure out how to become one of those bloggers.

4. Do you ever feel like a sell-out?

Do you feel like a sell-out for getting paid to do your job?

5. But people really send you stuff for free?

Yes and it's awesome. A lot of times bloggers get sent stuff for free and then they even get paid to write about that free stuff. Like I said, it's wonderful.

6. You take a lot of photos of yourself...what's up with that?

Yes, I know. Thanks for the reminder. Remember what we just talked about with advertisers and free products? We have to photograph what we're given and then blast those photos all over social media so it gets in front of people like you.

7. What happens if blogging just ends one day?

What happens if your job just ends one day? Let's be honest, we live in a world of uncertainty. I'm willing to take a gamble on pursuing something I started as a hobby and has luckily turned into a job.

8. Do you ever worry you share too much?

Nope. I'm surprisingly very private about the stuff that should be kept private. Says the blogger...

9. How do you know how to do all that bloggy stuff?

You learn. You read other blogs and watch tutorials and google everything.

10. Do you ever run out of stuff to write about?

Yes. See any posts I've written titled "5 Things" or "Currently" or "Got A New Hairuct."

11. Should I start a blog?

Absolutely. But don't start it because a. you want to make money or b. you want free stuff. People who start blogs for those reasons never last. Both of those things take a lot of time- they did for me anyway. I know some blogs shoot up over night, but that's not the norm. Start a blog because you're passionate about something and the rest will take care of itself.

Or just start a blog for money.

I don't care. Do what you want. It's Friday guys, that's all I really care about.

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When It's Time To Stop Lying To Yourself

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So today I woke up and realized it's time to stop lying to myself.

I feel like what I have to say can better be said in a video than a post... so I'm just letting it all out. Go ahead and judge me, I know I am.

I appreciate your thoughts during this difficult time for me.

Movie on 11-11-14 at 2.06 PM from taylor wolfe on Vimeo.


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The Last Wedding of 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm having one of those days where I've started and deleted this post roughly ten times because my brain is just a foggy Monday mess right now. If I'm not careful I'll find myself just staring at a blank screen while I nod off into my coffee. Must. Stay. Awake. I'm fighting every urge to just lay back down and start my day at noon.

This past weekend Chris and I attended our last wedding of 2014 back in good ol Fremont, Nebraska. And it was quite the wedding to end on, I must say. It was full of all of his childhood pals and college bros. For a moment on Saturday it was like we time traveled back to college and were once again living the care-free days of our lives in Lincoln.

But I've time travelled back to 2014 today and I'm in pain. I just can't handle those Fremont weddings. They're too much for me.

I'm kinda glad we live in Chicago, far away from that time in our life. Because here's the thing about Chris's friends; they like to party. It also just so happens that not many of them like to get married (shocker, right?) So when one of them does happen to tie the knot, they celebrate pretty hard. They celebrate in a way that gentlemen in their late twenties probably should not be celebrating anymore. But as the saying goes, when in Fremont, Nebraska...

We jumped on a plane late Friday evening to head to the Paden wedding and didn't get to Fremont until around midnight. I was excited to go to bed knowing the next day was going to be long and alcohol induced. But Chris had other plans. Instead, we met the groomsmen at a bar and stayed out with them until around 3:30 a.m., you know, because that's what groomsmen do the night before a wedding.

The next day the wedding started at 4 p.m. so naturally drinks started at 3:00. It was a quick and beautiful ceremony and before we knew it we were back at cocktail hour ready to start a very long night of awkward wedding dancing and a full open bar. Of course things were going to get messy. It only made sense that the night would end with the groom rapping Rappers Delight and everyone on the dance floor falling on their butts because of the spilled drinks that had occurred all night. Because we all fell, not just me right? Okay good.

This is the only photo from the night because I tried to steer clear of cameras thanks to yet another bad haircut. Why do all stylists insist on giving me the 90's Rachel 'do???? I asked for a trim and came out a looking like a mom from a sitcom. Don't even get me started.

Just talking about my hair gets me all riled.

Hair-people, how do I get mine to grow? Does getting a cut more than once a year really make your hair grow faster? Is this urban legend true? Someone help me.

Okay Monday, let's do this.

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The Daily Tay's FAQ

Friday, November 7, 2014

Have you ever taken the time to read a blogger's FAQ section? If you haven't, I suggest you do. Some are good and some are really good.

I figured it's high time I get my own section because let's be honest, I have a lot of frequently asked questions. Let's start with a few, shall we? We shall.

What color do you wear on your lips?
Vasoline! Thanks for asking.

Who takes your photos?
I have a professional photographer named Chris. He's very hard to book and sometimes difficult to work with, but he usually gives me about 2-4 minutes in the morning before he goes to work.

Who does your nails?
No one. Although occasionally I'll let a pack of wild dogs chew on my cuticles.

What color is your hair and how often do you get it done?
Great question! My color is very unique and hard to achieve. It's a cross between hay and broom. I get it done about once a year, twice if I'm feeling fancy or decide to book an appointment with my favorite stylist, L'Oreal.

How do you wear a hat? 
You don't wash your hair and then you really have no other choice. (Christine, that one was for you.)

How does Harlow stay so slim?
He eats a lot of sticks and dirt.

How does one become a blogger?
All else fails.

Your boyfriend has a wonderful beard, do you ever get jealous of strangers complimenting that wonderful beard of his?
Yes I do.

Do you wish you had a beard?
Yes I do.

How do you remain so positive when it sometimes seems like your life is in shambles?
Ignorance is bliss.

Why aren't you and Chris engaged yet?
Because we just love dating each other so much.

Why do you hate the Kardashians?
Why don't you hate the Kardashians?

Do you even have a job? Pretty sure you don't.
Oh c'mon now, I most certainly do have a job. I work for the D.C. Lynch Carnival managing the funnel cake booth. It's not pretty, but someone's gotta do it.

You seem so wonderful and charming and intelligent, why don't you have a talent agent yet?
Oh my gosh, you're too sweet. I often wonder this myself. If you know anyone who would like to represent me, please send them my way.

If you don't "make it" do you have a backup plan?
No. Absolutely not.

Harlow is adorable. Is there any other place we can follow to see more photos of him?
Of course! He loves instagram, follow him at @taylorgracewolfe

And that's it. Just a few answers to the questions I am asked most frequently.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Six Things Bloggers Should Stop Worrying About

Thursday, November 6, 2014

1. Whether or not blogging is dying.

It's not. To be honest, when I started blogging more than five years ago I was told way back then that blogging was already "so dead." People have always said this and they always will. But as long as I have a website that I can come to every day to write my random thoughts, blogging will never be dead for me. 

From day one I started blogging just as a way to commit myself to writing every day, so even if the readers stop coming and it's only me who stops by (like it was for the first two years) at least I know I will always have my words. And that's why blogging won't ever die for me. (Unless of course the internet officially crashes and in that case we're all dead.)

2. Having a Pinterest worthy "home office area."

If you thought that image from above is actually my home office, God bless you. My "home office" is anywhere I plant myself when I first crawl out of bed in the morning. That could be the couch, the floor, or the other floor. It's never a desk or table because I am a child. 

I'm sure if I had a cute home office area I'd make it ugly in a week anyway. 

3. Getting a fancy "blogger" camera.

Don't get me wrong, having a DSLR is a great tool. But I don't think it's something to stress about because let's not pretend cameras on phones these days aren't pretty great as well. I think I probably use my iphone for 75% of the photos that show up on my blog. Like take for example this photo of Harlow and I.

This print is actually a canvas image I ordered from Signazon. I've ordered canvas prints numerous times before from various places and this is by far the best quality print I've ever received. Unfortunately, a photo of a photo just doesn't do the quality justice, but here's another up close look. 

I'm telling you, the clearness and clarity is just awesome. Signazon did an amazing job. Check out their holiday card collection here.

4. Whether or not you look stupid in an "outfit post" photo. 

Who's with me on this? I used to be (still am sometimes) so insecure about posting outfit photos because I know I'm not a fashion blogger and I always think I look like an idiot. But you know what? I do love fashion so when I get the opportunity to try out a cool new piece of clothing or workout outfit, I'm going to say hells yes because why not. 

I recently got to try Boden's new line of workout gear and it is incredible. I actually went around making people feel the yoga pants because the material is that smooth. 

And while we're at it, let's stop feeling stupid about fake-stretching on a brick wall. Or no? Okay, yea I guess we can still feel stupid about this one.

Oh hey, I'm just going for a casual stroll with my jacket tossed over my shoulder... Hey.

5. Being popular on Bloglovin.

The big gals run that show and that's just how it is. It will always be the same 5-10 (fashion) bloggers who are the coolest kids on the Bloglovin block. Maybe I should start a site called Blogliken for all of us smaller lifestyle blogs. Anyone with me?

6. Internet trolls.

They're always going to be there. Like a good friend of mine once told me, just don't feed them and they'll eventually go away.

We worry too much as humans, no need to carry that worry over as bloggers.

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Happy Humpday

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some days it takes a little extra effort to get out of bed in the morning. For the past week, I've had a lot of those days.

For more reasons than one, the past two weeks haven't exactly been the greatest for me. For the most part it's all standup/improv related. Who knew the world of comedy could be so depressing at times. Kind of ironic, huh? All of the rejection/wedidntchooseyou just gets to be a lot. Sometimes I'm good at handling it and sometimes it just sucks.

A couple of nights ago I found out I didn't make an improv team that virtually everyone else I was playing with did. That one was a real stinger. And after I got that great news I hosted an open mic that went pretty late and by the end it was just me and a lot of drunk guys making dumb comments about the "pretty host," to put it politely... It just got to be a bit much. I usually don't mind the boys club of comedy, but two nights ago it bugged the hell out of me.

And now that I've got those three whiney paragraphs out of the way let's move onto something a little less poor me. Sorry about that. 

Before all of that complaining just came rushing out, what I meant to say is that today's going to be a good day. I'm not giving it any other choice. I've finally printed my head-shots with a real photography printing studio that isn't Walgreens, I've got an audition this afternoon, and I'm meeting some funny friends for drinks tonight. 

And I got dressed today. 

There's a good chance you've already seen this dress on here because it's been my go-to this fall. It's super comfortable, fits like a gem, and it has pockets. I have a real thing for dresses that have pockets. Don't all girls?

It's from a little boutique called In Bloom. I've order a few pieces from this store now (like this kimono for example) and I've always been very pleased with everything they've sent me.

The owner is super sweet to work with and they also have free shipping which is always a bonus. Use the code DAILYTAY15 to get 15% off your order. I'd start with this vest, this cardi, or this scarf.

Just to get your Holiday shopping started, In Bloom is graciously hosting a giveaway for $40 store credit below.

*Clutch found here.

Enter here. And now let's all just try to have a really great day. You owe it to yourself.
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