20 Questions With My Fiance

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What do you think about blogging?

It's a silly game. Rude. But a little true.

How do feel about posing for a million photos with me?

Well... long pauseI don't really enjoy it... And it's a little uncomfortable. But then he followed that with But I do like that we have a lot of cool photos together. That's nice.

Do you think blogging is going to be around for awhile?

Foreverrrr. Said in the Sandlot voice.

What do you want people to know about you?

That my beard is fake. No, don't put that. He didn't give me anything else so we're keeping that.

How often do you really read my blog?

I binge read, you know that. (He doesn't read often.)

What does that even mean "binge read?"

I read a bunch of posts in a row. Lately I've been reading a lot. (Probably a lie.)

Now let's get to the hard stuff.

Who do you like more- me or Harlow?

That's unfair. (Probably not a lie.)

What did you notice about me the first time we went on a date?

That you were very sarcastic. But you also made me laugh.

Were you nervous when you proposed to me?

No, I was excited. Good response.

How long did you have the ring?

I got it right after we got back from New York.

What took you so long since you had the ring?

Just waiting for the right time. You know.

What do you like most about living with me?

The Smoothies you make. We're both really into "juicing" right now. I'm glad he appreciates me.

Who's your celebrity crush?

Bradley Cooper. He laughs because he thinks this is really funny and I roll my eyes and say "no, try again." 

Jessica Alba. But she's irrelevant now.

Which post do you like the most that I've written?

Anything with Harlow.

Can we get another Harlow?

Not until we get a bigger place. 

What do you like most about Chicago?

Not winter. And sports. Go Hawks.

Where should we move after Chicago?

Spain. Or Lagos. Lagos is in Portugal, he went there while he was living in Spain and he hasn't gotten over it since. 

What should we do this weekend?

Eat.  And? Watch movies. Stay inside where it's warm. It's going to be a good weekend.

What do you think about this post?

I like being interviewed. 

What do you want to say to all of the other boys behind the blog out there?

Um. Hang in there. 

And this has been my first (and probably last) interview with my bfff (best friend forever fiance), Chris.

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  1. I got a little swoony. I kinda love being engaged. It comes in waves. Ps Eric grew a beard. I can't decide if t shld stay or not.

  2. Ha, this is so cute! I love the Sandlot reference too ;)

  3. I love that the first thing he noticed about you was a personality trait rather than physical. :)

  4. I loved this post! and brrrr chicago sounds so cold! we got like an inch or two in viriginia yesterday and everyone freaked out and they cancelled school and work...you can tell were not used to snow lol

  5. I'm totally with him on the cold thing, I'm over winter already. But go Hawks!!

  6. This is awesome! Hope it isn't the last of Chris!!

  7. hahaha loved this! I should do this with my husband.

  8. Very funny and too cute!
    Texas Jak

  9. I think michael would have very similar responses. GOOD JOB CHRIS. fake beard and all.

  10. Hahah my husband totally has a man-crush on Bradley Cooper right now because of American Sniper.... as do I. You need another dog, so you both have one- its inevitable that they favor one owner over the other, and vice-versa!

    1. My husband is obsessed with the American Sniper trailers!!! I swear everyday he asks me if I've watched it... and I have, with him, at least 20 times :P

  11. Haha I love this! What a good sport. I don't want to think about how cold Chicago must be right now.

  12. This was funny : ) he is a good sport.


  13. I love that his response to loving Chicago was "not winter".

  14. Haha love this! He sounds like a keeper. ;)

  15. I kind of like that he waited to propose! Brandon proposed two days after he picked up the ring because he said having it in his possession "made him uneasy" ha!

  16. This is cute and hilarious and now I want to do it!

  17. HAHA I could imagine my bffbf (best friend forever boyfriend) having almost identical answers, except about Roxy and not Harlow hahahaha

  18. I love this!

    I might have to steal your idea and interview my Chris.

  19. Haha too funny! I am doing one with my husband soon because he asked to make an appearance. Loved your take on it!


  20. No I feel like doing an interview with Tim but of course he is in bed asleep at the moment and when he gets up he will get dress and go to work but I can write out some questions to ask him at a later date..........

  21. Love this! Might be putting my own spin on this idea :)
    Ps when he says "go hawks" is it wrong to assume he's not talking an about my boys, the seahawks?!

  22. Loved this! I wonder if my other half will let me interview him.. Hmm..

  23. HAHAHA! Go Chris! I absolutely love (and apparently my readers do, too) when my boyfriend takes over for a day. He takes it a BIT seriously though...like this one time, he opted ON HIS OWN to go to a women's fashion show "for the blog." I guess I'm #blessed.


  24. he's hilarious! Also bfff is just too cute an acronym!

  25. I've been reading your blog for years but this is my first time commenting...you are just so much more wittier than I am ; ) ...but I love this post...after reading your fiance's comments, it really does seem like you two make a perfect match. I hope you do more of these posts in the future, this was fun to read! _kelly