27 Is A Weird Age

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Right now I have friends that are already on their second child and I also have friends that are still blacking out every night as if they're in college.

I have friends who are contemplating where to send their children for preschool and friends who are contemplating where to rent a house for Coachella.

Some of my friends have settled into motherhood and building a family like it was what they were always meant to do, while I've got other pals that are absolutely running from it.

This late-twenties thing we're all trying to tackle just feels a little unsettling to me at times. I'm just not sure how to do it correctly. And I don't know what "correctly" even means in this situation. However I have a strong feeling it has nothing to do with dressing your dog in human clothes because you find it entertaining.

Up until a few years ago it seemed like all of my peers were more or less on the same track.

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