Inside A Blogger's Mind On Instagram

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Because sometimes I feel like an insecure teenager on Instagram and suddenly start questioning everything I do. Is that pathetic and a little sad? Absolutely. But I can't help myself, I'm a blogger. This is my business. If I don't keep up, I'll be left in the Valencia filtered dust. 

Thus I present to you: the inner thoughts of a blogger while scrolling on Instagram.

I hope people like this photo.

If no one likes this photo in 1 minute I'm taking it down.

Okay I'm taking it down. I knew it was dumb.

I hope no one notices I took it down.

I wonder which photo I should post? (When choosing between 45 identical photos.)

But which filter fits the mood best?

Forget it, I'm not posting anything.

This girl's photos are so staged.

I should probably get better at staging photos.

I wonder how many followers I'll lose when I post this?

How does she already have 20k followers? Didn't she just start blogging a month ago?

Fashion bloggers. Typical.

Damn, I like blanket scarves.

I need more blanket scarves.

I should redo a room in my house.

I bet she gets so much free stuff.

Wonder how much she got paid to post a photo of toilet paper?

I should probably get a white fur rug asap.

I don't know why I'm liking this photo but I am.

Shit!!!! (When you accidentally hit share too soon.)

Wow, hashtag much?

I should probably hashtag more.

That is the dumbest photo ever.

But I like it.

Now how in the hell did she take that photo on her own?

She must have the longest arm ever.

Another "loop" giveaway?

Ugh those are the worst.

I'll never do one again.

Unless someone asks me. Why? Are you hosting one?

I feel like a total loser posting this.

My non-blog friends are going to think I'm such a creep.

I wonder if I tag the brand if they'll repost me?

WHY haven't they reposted my photo?

I hate Instagram.

I love Instagram.

But mostly I hate it.

The struggle is real. The photos are fake.      Plug----> Follow @taylorgracewolfe

Can we go back to words trumping photos? Anyone? Anyone? Okay.

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  1. Done and done. I have nothing to add except a very big head nod. Every. Single. Time. Although I feel this way about blog posts also.

  2. Oh yes, I SO feel you! Instagram is a total mystery to me. Why are some accounts so popular? (Especially those I think are dumb.) Why do people like the photo I almost didn't post because I kinda hate it?
    Why don't they like the photo I LOVE (and worked really hard to get??)
    Why is it so confusing?
    Why do I care??

    Because I love it. I hate it, too, but I also love it.
    And I really, really want people to like me.

  3. OMG this was totally awesome and true

  4. Too real. I'm now on the struggle bus of not wanting my non-blog friends to think I'm weird or get annoyed, but "blogger" posts are pretty out there sometimes...oh, the hardships!

  5. Yep."My non-blogger friends are going to think I'm a creep" goes through my head any day I post something even remotely blog related. i.e.: a picture of my comptuer, my daily planner, my outfit. Instagram has turned into the new high school lunch room. "Do you like my outfit? Do you want to be my friend? Will you love me? LOVE ME?!" It's the worst. Positive spin for the win, though. PS, I'm starting to think you only have Harlow to make everyone's Instagram feed a little bit of a happier place. Enjoy your blanket scarves and bloody marys.

  6. I wonder what it's like to have photos likes hit triple digits never mind quadruple. I get excited when my photos get 15 likes! I'm like SUCCESS! Then I think this is nothing and maybe I should just quit it all

  7. Truer words have never been spoken (about Instagram at least)! Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone, haha!

  8. hahahaha So true! I have thought probably all of these things about Instagram. I get excited my my photos get likes in the teens. haha!

  9. "I wonder how many followers I'll lose when I post this" EVERY. DAY.

  10. Words trumping photos. PLEASE. Excellent post, of course.

  11. My life. I often ask myself why I put myself through so much torture, but it's because I'm crazy and I love it....

  12. you are hilarious as always! we are all insane for thinking these things, but you are spot on!

  13. HAHA! Some of my exact thoughts. I love when a blogger takes the actual IG pic and gives the true back story behind it. The awkward selfie in front of strangers, spilling a coffee for the perfect angle. HAHA! I love IG, what did we do with life before it, really!? xoxo, ganeeban

  14. hahah instagram ... so many thoughts before posting one photo!

  15. This is amazing and so true!!

  16. I love this post! This is all so true, I think my thoughts are the same whilst on instagram! It's a love/ hate relationship.

  17. This was super funny to read. This is my mind every day on Instagram. You nailed it!