10 Things You Should Give Up For Lent

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Following Kendall Jenner on Instagram. 
No good can come from this. Her life is an illusion. A very very beautiful and rich and young and has everything kind of illusion. Unfollow now.

Trying to find the perfect bathroom rug that doesn't look dirty after one shower and also doesn't get stuck under the door.
It doesn't exist. Stop looking.

Complaining about your friends who post photos on social media of their children going to the bathroom.
While I don't understand this trend, I'm going to stop fighting it. Instead, every time I see a photo like this I'm going to counter it by posting a photo of myself going to the bathroom.

Trying to understand why people you don't know endorse you on Linkedin.
They just do. Take the random "compliment" and move on.

Asking your significant other to always turn off lights.
One person in a relationship is a light turner-offer and one is not. It's as simple as that.

Having a clean microwave.
Just let it go. Microwaves are going to get a little dirty, they're okay with it. You should be too.

Trying to perfect that perfect posed Instagram photo.
You either have it or you don't. And by "it" I mean the white board you bring out to stage photos. Can we me move on to a new Insta trend already please?

Saying you're going to change your internet password one day.
You're not. It's going to be hj78965jinex445lok23ew forever.

Trying to understand why you still love the Blank Space song by Taylor Swift so much.
You guys, I am OBSESSED with this song. I don't know why, but I am. I feel like I'm in her video every time I listen to it. Like if her music video took place in a small apartment in Chicago and the hot man in it was actually a dog. Just like that.

Ariana Grande.
It's time to give her up. Her mouse babies underground need her back.

*Honorable mention goes to Madison County Exchange. You know who you are. We're better than that, Northeast Nebraska. 

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  1. Aren't you glad we didn't grow up with social media so our parents couldn't post pictures of us going to the bathroom? I mean, once it's on the internet, it's there FOREVER! I would kill my parents if they posted a pic of me on the potty for the whole world to see. Maybe it's because I don't have kids, but I just don't get it.

  2. Ironically I unfollowed Kendall Jenner a couple weeks ago! I unfollowed almost all of the famous people I was following on Insta ha ha. Bathroom rugs are a hassle, and you can't vacuum them because they get sucked up in the vacuum. I've been meaning to change our Internet password since we moved in to our new house, still hasn't happened. Probably will never happen.

  3. I'm not the only one who weirdly loves Blank Space, and really hates Ariana Grande. Thank God! I thought I was going nuts, or hipster, or something.

  4. this is hysterical. the bathroom rug line slayed me because i keep replacing my light grey one every few months cause it's FILTHY. my makeup residue falls onto it and next thing ya know, orange-y bronzer is all over it. I GIVE UP.

  5. we are on the same page today. i would like to add view from above insta pics with socks. how do people do that?? also there is only one light turner offer. could not agree more.

  6. I almost wish I was Catholic so I could give up searching for the perfect bathroom rug. ;)

  7. That bathroom rug issue bothers me a LOT

  8. I feel you with the celeb Instagrams. However, I follow LC and I pretty much love her even more for it, so I'm glad she didn't make the "give it up" list. :)

  9. Dying at Número Tres. And thank the sweet Lord baby Jesus that there's someone out there with common sense who doesn't follow Kendall. The money. The luxury. The greed. Maybe she'll take her inheritance and make a half dress out of it to wear on the runway? Yes?


  10. I'd like to friend you and post a picture of a child using the toilet just to see if you really follow through with that. (Also, who does this? It's not cute just because it's a kid. Do they want to see pictures of my dog pooping? No, so let's not.)

  11. Reading this post and then through the comments reassures me that I'm not alone in my irritation about the unnecessary puffiness of the bathroom rug. Hello, world. Bathrooms are small, at least in my price range, and we need to close the door. Can someone please make that possible without the bathroom users breaking a sweat?! Aside from that, I love this whole post!

  12. I'm the light-turner on-er in our relationship. If my husband had his way, no lights would be turned on...ever. We'd live in a dark cave, lit by the glow of our cellphones. & oddly - we found the perfect bathroom rug at Costco. Soft and plush. It's only perfect because we don't have it directly in front of the bathroom door so it doesn't get caught. But it's perfect, happy goodness.

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  13. AMEN to the bathroom rugs. Especially when you have a significant other who refuses to take their shoes off inside.

  14. I absolutely had to give up following Kendall on instagram. I just can't handle the perfection, it's not fair.

  15. Oh dear. Why is that Blank Space song so damn catchy?

  16. I gave up on the rug and use a towel. Once I'm done, I roll it up and stick it in the cabinet.
    Texas Jak

  17. I am obsessed with Blank Space too! I think I'm just trying to hold on to my inner teenager. And a microwave plate cover solved my dirty microwave problem but now I have a dirty kitchen problem because I'm usually too lazy or preoccupied to put the thing back in the microwave that it's always sitting on my stove or counter somewhere NEAR the microwave until I need to cover something again.

  18. Hahaha thank you so much for this! I needed a chuckle this morning. I also feel significantly less guilty about my perpetually dirty microwave though. Somehow the microwave at my office is always clean, but I'm convinced it's because no one uses it because it's impossible to keep it clean ;)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  19. Yes Yes Yes! I agree with the Bathroom Rug and the Microwave. I need to listen to frozen and let it go (ahhh, I need to let that go too!). And girl I'm with you Blank Space. I have it on repeat and pretend I'm a pretty awesome dancer every time it comes on.

  20. So not to be weird but perfect timing - my microwave is covered in butter that exploded, I've changed approximately 50% of my passwords which accounts to 100% of getting locked out of all of them, and I make my Husband turn off all lights because #scarymonsters.

    Great list :)

    Oh, and we once bought a "gray-ish purple" bath mat to match this ridiculous wallpaper in our bathroom and that ugly rug resides in front of our washer/dryer combo in the garage. So, yea.

  21. Holy shit you are spot on. Ariana Grande makes me want to not wear high ponytails just to protest. It's 2015...and I honestly STILL don't understand what the hell Kardishians are. My theory is that they are like Duck Dynasty...with boobs. Famous for nothing. And the microwave thing...ha. My culinary skills are basically hoping the remnants of prior foods cooked seep into whatever I am now "cooking".

  22. Oh my gosh, the white background on Instagram. It's everywhere!! I honestly didn't even know that they use a white board, and always wondered how so many people have such white walls in their homes. Duh!
    I'm more than ready for this trend to go away!

  23. I have a nice fluffy brown bathroom rug. You're right though. Sticks under the door!

  24. Ariana Grande "her mouse babies underground need her back" I am dying! You are hilarious!

  25. I love it when LinkedIn emails me telling me someone from my middle school has endorsed me for Microsoft Word. It's like, "BUT DO I REALLY?! Do I really rock at Word?!"