Night Me vs Morning Me

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Night Me is the person I want to be. She's a dreamer and a planner and a go-getter. She will finish everything I didn't do all day long in a matter of minutes. And then she'll look for more things to do and create before she has to give in and go to bed when it's after midnight. She's a maniac on speed, determined to write and read every book and also solve world hunger all before before the next morning.

Her only downfall is she relies far too heavily on Morning Me.

Morning Me is like that pothead from high school who wants to do well and means no harm, but damnit they just can't get to school on time because they fell asleep on the couch again, man.

Morning Me thinks about all of the plans Night Me made and says, yea that sounds cool, let me sleep for one more hour and then I'll get right on it.

This happens to me every day.

Every night before I bed I get this unnecessary boost of creative energy.

I suddenly get the urge for a new story idea, or a blog post, or to find ten different screenplays I must read at this very moment or my life is over. And after I toot around on my computer until I'm completely exhausted I'll drag myself into bed and fall asleep immediately.

No, that doesn't actually happen. Instead,  I will lie in bed as my mind races 100 million miles per hour thinking of new ways to conquer the world in the morning. I think of jokes to be written, videos to create, dogs to save, food to make, there are no limits for my crazy mind when I'm lying in bed. It is going to solve everything. Isn't there a word for this? Is it called anxiety? Being 27? Or just being a human?

At the very least, Night Me is always determined to get up the next morning and do two things: workout for 30 minutes, and free write for 30 minutes. It's so simple, just get up an hour early and do them.  Night Me is convinced accomplishing these two things in the morning is the secret to success.

Morning Me has a different idea.

The moment my first alarm goes off I have forgotten every grand plan from the night before. Literally every plan is dead to me. I hit snooze on my phone without even realizing I do. My only thought is more sleep.

By the time the second alarm goes off I'm a little more coherent, but still resistant to get up. I think about the plans from last night, the same plans I make every night, and think to myself, why would I get up and do all that when this warm bed feels so amazing?

Then all hope is lost. I wake up an hour late as usual and run around like a crazy person for the first four hours of my day trying to get work done.

I want to be a morning person, I really do. I love the calm of an early morning and getting stuff done before the rest of the world (isn't that what morning people, say?) Unfortunately, I love my bed more.

Ugh, Morning Me is the worst.


  1. I'm just the opposite...I can't be productive at night to save my life. I start stumbling around like a drunken zombie around 10:00 and I can't even drive because I'm afraid I'll fall asleep!

    1. But I bet you're a great morning person, right?

  2. I'm exactly the opposite. Morning Me is all kinds of productive and has Grand Plans for all the things I'm going to get done after work. Then Night Me is all "I'm tired and want to sit on the couch and watch TV."

    I get nothing done at night. Nothing.

  3. hahaha I am the same way. Every night I have so many things that I want to do and I run around like a maniac but Day Me just wants to relax...which doesn't happen when you are busy chasing around a 2 year old. lol!

  4. This is me. I've tried being a morning person, I really have! But I'm starting to think maybe it's something where ya either got it or you don't.

  5. I thought night me would get lots done last night, but then I saw a bottle of wine and it was over.

  6. I definitely feel your pain. Morning Me is an asshole and ignores everything Night Me tells her she's going to do.

  7. I totally relate to this! David says, "Is this night Claire or morning Claire?" Touche.

  8. I'm so the opposite! I get so much done, ONCE I'm actually up in the morning. I'm such an old lady (at 32) by the evening my laziness sets in! xoxo, ganeeban

  9. I'm not a fan of Morning Me either. But that is just how it is! x

  10. Night Me is obsessed with aimlessly surfing the Web, whereas Morning Me will normally be pretty productive. There are obviously exceptions for both cases, but in general I am not productive after 18:00.

  11. I just bought a new pillow....Actually a Serta Beauty Rest Spa king size pillow....and it has a HOLD ON ME LIKE A DEMON IN THE MORNING... (ACTUALLY MY CAPS BUTTON IS STUCK...NO KIDDING...) ok back to normal now. but I feel your pain...after getting up at 6 am for 40 years being able to stay in bed is heaven...and I am a morning morning just starts later....enjoy your bed... :)

  12. Night me is so productive, but evening me is another story. As soon as I get home from work I become a blob and then at 8ish I get done EVERYTHING.

  13. haha Ive always been a night person and I definitely do my best work at night. Morning me is a hot mess. Ask anyone lol