Saturday Takeover- Under The Ash Tree

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Introducing Ashley from Under The Ash Tree.


1. What made you decide to start blogging?

My Mom! In 2011, I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and my Mom said I should start one of those blog things that she has been reading about, so I did. At first, I mostly just put up pictures, sometimes I'd write a little blurb, but as the semester went on I started writing a lot. After I finished my semester, I kept my blog up, but sporadically and then evenually got rid of it. However, I missed it so last October, I started "Under The Ash Tree." I began writing almost every day and jumped headfirst into the blogging community. I'm so happy I have and I absolutely love it.

2. How's life in Brooklyn?

I absolutely love living in Brooklyn. I went to NYU, so I spent 4 years living in Manhattan, but when it came time to pay my own rent, on my own dime, I decided that Manhattan wasn't really an option. I now live in a three bedroom apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with my two best high school friends, who both recently moved to the city post-college and my boyfriend who moved in with me in 2011. It's sort of like a sitcom, three ladies and a gentleman, we spend a lot of time watching How I Met Your Mother or playing the guitar- we have four of them.

Brooklyn itself is a blast. I love that it's removed from hectic Manhattan, I love all the local food and farmer's markets. I love that on weekends, I never have to leave my borough and can do anything I want. I remember that everyone who wanted to move to New York to move to Brooklyn.


3. What's it like working for the NHL?

It's hectic. I work as a Production Assistant on a 2hr daily show called NHL Live on the NHL Network. During the hockey season, which is from about Mid-September through July 1st, my life is basically run by work. Luckily, I'm mostly in New York, but I do travel for events, like the Winter Classic, the All-Star Game and Stanley Cup Final. Summers, on the other hand, are lovely because I just work 9am-5pm, which feels like a treat. I went to school for Television production and I love hockey (Let's Go Rangers!) so overall I feel pretty lucky to be where I am.

4. How would you describe your blog in three words?

Adventure, New York and Light- as in being light, feeling light and finding light. It's my "One Word" for the year, so I'm a bit light obsessed as of late.

5. What is a favorite post you've recently written?

It's not exactly recent, but I am obsessed with Iceland. My boyfriend and I went last summer and fell in love with the country, the language and the people. We loved it so much were going back this summer. I really like the post I wrote on Iceland, and especially the video of our trip that is at the end of the post.

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