St. Patricks Day Weekend In Chicago

Monday, March 16, 2015

As predicted, this weekend got intense.

I think it might have been my last "big St. Patricks Day outing" in Chicago I've decided. I proved I just can't handle it. And I'm okay with that, some people aren't meant for the St. Patricks Day lifestyle. I'm one of them.

According to Chicago police, this was one of the more "disorderly years" in terms of idiots roaming the streets on the day the river turned green. I blame it on the nice weather. We've all been in hiding for so long we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves.

When I left the house on Sunday morning to go pick up breakfast down the street it looked like the city had been to war the night before. Pieces of clothing, strands of green beads, dirty hats, broken bottles, and left behind food (among other disgusting things,) lined the sidewalks. The entire city looked hungover. It smelled like it too.

In hindsight, I think we started too early on Saturday. I'm pretty sure everyone in Chicago did. I watched girls dressed in bikini tops and green tutus get in a cab outside of our house around 7:45 a.m and thought to myself, this can't be a good sign of things to come. I was right.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we left our house before 9:30 am. As we drove down Lincoln avenue there were lines down the street of people in ridiculous green attire trying to get into every bar.

We went to a friends apartment to start the day by feasting on a classic Irish breakfast in an attempt to carb load.

I opted to feast on my Bloody Mary instead. And yes, I have more crappy/notblogworthy photos to come. Get excited!

At some point in the morning we started a friendly game of Tippy Cup, also known as Flippy Cup- to each their own. When I looked at the clock and noticed it was barely 11:15 a.m. I knew the day could only go downhill from here.

We took some Irish car bombs, a few pickle back shots,  some bad elevator selfies, and then set out to the next apartment.

It was at this next apartment when things turned... weird. Without going into too much detail, one of the new "bros" at this next place threw a bottle cap at my friend Aly's face and for reasons unknown, proceeded to be really big ... how do I say this correctly... oh yes, assholes to her and I.

It was weird and unnecessary. We weren't being loud or obnoxious, and for the record as annoying as "those types of girls" can be, I still don't think that would justify getting a bottle cap thrown at one's face. We'd only been at this place for about ten minutes and were simply trying to mingle with the crowd. But this kinda ruined the moment real fast. A few words were exchanged, things I probably wouldn't have said had I not started drinking at 9:30 a.m.... and I'm still trying to decide if I got irrationally upset or not.

A part of me says yes, but a part of me says no. I'm tired of people being terrible to each other. More specifically arrogant, and often privileged guys who think they can say or do whatever they want to anyone.

See how this post just took a turn for the downer? That's what happened Saturday for a moment.

But don't worry, we bounced back.

We fought the crowds and stopped in a few Irish bars, saw the green river, danced in the street, and then Chris and I did our classic Irish good-bye (we left without telling anyone) and ended our St. Patricks Day the way we prefer. At Au Cheval for the best burger in town.

We weren't home by 3 p.m. like I had hoped, but we made it back by 6 p.m before all of the real hooligans hit the street. The day was intense, but it was a good one. So good in fact I think I'll be okay if I sit the next few years out.

And now I have four days to get my life together before we leave for London and Dublin on Friday! If you have any tips for either of these locations, send them my way!


  1. Oh girl! There were a ton of Irish goodbyes in my group too. HAHA.

  2. Sounds exciting! We had girls running around in tutus here at 7:45 am too but that was because the only thing going on in my town was a whole bunch of "st patty's day 5ks"! Why one isn't enough is beyond me. Anyway, I follow @funcheaporfree on instagram and she just went on a london/dublin trip and had some great travel tips!

    1. I thought you were going to say a little girls dance competition hah!

  3. I had a party turn bad too after this douchebag started yelling at me and being a racist fool the other weekend. Weird vibes all around indeed! I'm happy you guys bounced back though and props on the early Irish goodbye in search for food. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

    1. you're exactly right, just weird un cool vibes. alcohol tends to bring that out...

  4. this day is always full of debauchery but throwing something at someone?? wow.

  5. Our city does a huge 5K that basically no one runs and everyone is only there for the free green beer and Irish Wakes. Lots of weirdos in green tutus for sure!

  6. I LOVE IRISH GOODBYES. I wish they were more socially accepted. Seriously.

  7. wait I'm still trying to come up with a reason to throw a bottle cap at anyone if it's not in a good fun, lol, we've been friends forever, kind of way. even then you're still not going for the face....

  8. You're going to LOVE Dublin. I've been three times and absolutely adore it.

    I highly recommend doing the City Hop On/Off bus tours (with the live tour guide) A) It's a great way to see the City B) It gets you to all the spots you want to see (cough Guiness and Jameson Factory tours cough) and C) the live guides are freakin' hilarious.

    Also, if/when you do the Jameson Tour volunteer to be a whiskey taster!! So fun and they love it when girls do it!!

    If you have time, go to Kilmainham Gaol. Its a really interesting tour and has some cool stories about tougher times in Irish History.

    One more thing. If you need a restaurant suggestion... try "The Bank on College Green" it's right outside of Trinity College. Great food and really cool atmosphere.

    Anyways, I'm rambling and jealous! Have fun!

  9. That green river is so cool!! My uncle lives in Chicago and was posting pictures of it. Smart of you to get out early, sounds like. My husband and I like to do the "Irish Goodbye" as well. Ha. Also, I'm extremely jealous of your Euro trip!!!!


  10. "I'm tired of people being terrible to each other." - This really just sums it all up perfectly! Glad it didn't ruin your st. pat's!

  11. Oh St Patricks day in Chicago! I decided to sit this year's out and I was ok with my decision after seeing how drunk people were by 10am! I'm sure it was a wild year because it was so nice out! Safe travels and have fun in Europe!!

  12. I agree with you about the bikini tops and tutu's at 7:74am is a terrible sign. I used to attend the Dallas St. Patrick's parade then hit the bars and house parties, but I got tired of angry drunks. This year I opted for Sunday brunch with friends. I suppose you just grow out of the desire to be in the mix of the madness.
    Texas Jak

  13. Yeah...I don't really do St. Patrick's Day. But cheers to everyone who does!

    Tips for London...get the London Pass. Totally worth it.

  14. I avoided the crowds like the plague on Saturday. I was instead participating in The Human Library, and got to see a Pi Day run as I approached Lincoln Square.

    Then again, I've never felt comfortable around situations where drinking is the main idea.

  15. If you have time, take the train to Howth! It will be everything imagine Ireland to look like:)