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Friday, April 24, 2015

I've got a case of the Fridays.

I've started ten different posts (all really really good posts I might add) and can't seem to finish them because my mind is all over the place.

In a few hours the Knox and Lola Tornado will be rolling into town. (Because I just can't get enough toddler time...) My friends keep having babies and I just keep hanging out with my niece and nephew wondering why..... Why are my friends choosing to do this? Don't they know babies turn into toddlers?

Don't get me wrong, I really like my niece and nephew. But, you know. Toddlers are toddlers.

And please don't let the cute yellow rain coat fool you. That look in her eyes says "I'm about to freak the hell out in 3. 2. 1..." And then all hope is lost.

Never the less, I'm excited for them to get here.

Knox had his first track meet last night and I've got a few pointers for him. Like for starters we need to talk about the importance of crossing the finish line. He blew every kid away until he got to the end and just stood there, not crossing the line. Such a shame. He could have had a killer time on those miniature hurdles. Might have even set the course record. He needs to realize that he's living his glory days right now, it's all downhill after five.

But I digress.

Before I go, a few things worth mentioning from around the internet this week.

Like this announcement from Nadine. Have you checked it out? Seems like an awesome idea to me.

And of course I have to talk about the sweet puppy Smokey again. You guys, please help this dog. I am literally begging now. He was shot in the back by a terrible person and he doesn't have use of his legs until he can get his surgery. His most recent update is that he's growing more and more depressed, as any dog would. Think of your own pup all cooped up. I know Harlow would go nuts if he had to go a day without running.

But it doesn't have to be this way. I refuse to let another animal abuser take the life of a dog. When Smokey raises $5,000 he can have his surgery and he'll get his legs back.

I'm giving away free sidebar ad spots to anyone who donates, whether it's $2 or $10. Every little bit helps. Just send me an email telling me you donated and I will be more than happy to send you a code. It's as simple as that. You can donate by clicking here and you can check out his Facebook page here.

Share his page, tweet about it, do what you can. There's enough of us out there where we should surely be able to get to 5k to help this little guy out.

I'm not ending a low note, I think it's a high one because I'm confident we'll do this.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Knox and Lola are seriously the cutest kids ever. Hellyuns or not, they are adorable (and they sound like they have quite the personality too!)

    That poor, poor dog. I hadn't heard about this before! I donated what little I could, but I really hope he gets the care he needs!!!

  2. That poor puppy! That absolutely breaks my heart!

  3. nadine's site is awesome. and it's so pretty. donated!!

  4. oh my goodness that poor sweet puppy! donating now, thanks for using your platform for goodness :)

  5. Toddlers are only cute when they are related to you by blood or close friendship. Otherwise, they are demons. Have a great time! I hope they get the money together for that sweet puppy. What a cute face!

  6. Talk about cute children although I have to agree with Karen sometimes other peoples toddlers seem like a nightmare as we don't get them or know how to handle them

  7. Update on Smokey... He is in good spirits this morning. He rested comfortably on his blankie pile last night while soft music played for him as he slept. I got licks to the face!! He ate breakfast and took his medicine!! He is a fighter!! I pray the sun comes out today, as he does much better when he can be outside. Please keep the prayers coming. He needs to stay strong for OSU!!