Chicago Bests- Weekend Edition

Monday, April 13, 2015

I know, I know. This is shirt is completely ridiculous. But I just couldn't help myself. It's outdoor brunching season and I'm really happy about it. If you share my passion for brunching you can order one here. 

And now let's move on to more important things. Like the best of the best of Chicago eating this weekend. Remember how I was going to "take it easy on the heavy foods" recently? Shoot. That didn't really happen.

Early Friday-
Chilaquiles at Dunlays on Clark.

Friday night-
Had friends over for drinks and cheese before heading to the Riv to see Guster play.

Short rib tacos and kimchi fries from Del Seoul. Photo stolen from Google because I always eat my kimchis too fast and never remember to take a pic.

Saturday night-
Hit up Molly's Cupcakes before going to see my pal Jake's birthday show at Second City.

That's the cake batter cupcake, as in there's actual cake batter inside the cupcake that fills your mouth when you take a bite.  Cake batter inside a cupcake... but I thought... I don't know how it works, but it's damn good.

And then there was some definite beach time going on to "walk off" the cupcakes and cheese and chilaquiles...

And now it's already Monday and I'm wondering where the weekend just went... Keeping it short and sweet today because my to-do list is super long. I'm heading to San Antonio in a couple days and have never been. Any tips? Let me know! 


  1. Had lunch in your neck of the woods Saturday at Standard Market Grill, had a great BBQ chicken sandwich. The Chilaquiles look really good!

  2. I want to eat all of this times a million. honestly I can't stand people that don't want to eat. especially brunch. FANTASTIC shirt.

  3. I haven't eaten breakfast yet and you just made me more hungry.. I want it all. lol

  4. This post just made me have a craving for fries, looks delicious!

  5. If you are in San Antonio you can check out The Alamo and definitely go the river walk. There is a restaurant called "Dicks Last Resort" that you absolutely must go to. The staff does everything in their power to treat you like crap. It's really funny and most people tend to go for their birthday's or other gatherings.

  6. okay well now I'm convinced I need to fly to Chicago right now for those fries.

  7. ahhhh you're a guster fan?! amazing! i saw them in portland, OR a few weeks back and this young whipper snapper next to me said "oh, have you seen them before?" and i said "yes, the first time i was in high school....11 years ago! you were 9. suck it." well i didn't say the 'suck it' part.

    now i just have to decide if i want the dog shirt or the brunch shirt! choiiiices.

  8. Your Chicago food pics have me wanting to visit asap!!

  9. I went to the Guster show on Friday too! Great show as always! I saw them at the Riv 10 years ago so it was fun to go back! :)


  10. I'm thinking that I need to make a trip back down to Chicago from Central Wisconsin real quicklike. I haven't been there in years & just the grub alone should be enough for me to come back! Ha, ha!

    Mandie ~

  11. I often have brunch nowadays as first thing in the morning I am often not hungry at all and by the time I am it is more brunch than breakfast or lunch

  12. That shirt. I need. If someone doesn't like brunch they aren't my kind of person.

  13. Your shirt is great. You seem to have your foot in a bit of everything! Do you make them youself or do you hire it out? Either way, it's impressive - I don't know how you have the time to keep everything going!

  14. Mmm brunch. I don't get it enough and it's my favorite meal!