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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So many things floating around in my head right now. That's the problem with hosting an open mic on a Monday and coming home at midnight. How am I supposed to be ready for bed after listening to comics for the past three hours? I'm just not.

So let's recap life as of life.

Just read-
Wild by Cheryl Strayed.
Liked it, didn't love it. However I would suggest giving it a read. It also made me want to hike the PCT. Have your read it? What did you think? My favorite part might have been the very last line of the book. Just let it be.

Just watched-
Pride. I absolutely loved this movie. If you're in the mood for a feel good story and enjoy tales of two unlikely groups of people coming together (which I happen to LOVE) you'll really like this one. I clapped at the end. I never clap at the end of movies.

Also watching-
Mad Men. Sunday's episode had me cringing for Joan. I would not have done well in the 70s with chauvinistic men. I don't do well in the 2015s with chauvinistic men.

Trying out-
Rocksbox. You pick out jewelry, they send it to you, then you keep what you want and send back what you don't.

This service is actually right up my alley because jewelry is always the last thing I buy/care about. This forces me to try new stuff and get a little more "bold" with my choices. Using that term lightly obviously. (See first photo. A "good blogger" would have made sure the necklace wasn't hanging crooked. I am not a good blogger.)

And check out these "bold" little diamond studs. I'm a studs girl, always have been, always will be. Dangly earrings just aren't my cup of tea. But these little guys are for me. I am for sure keeping these. Use the code thedailytayxoxo and you can get a month free to play with jewelry as well.

Playing with-
Braids. OMG braids. I went into Goldplaited last week and had this done. What do we think? Yay? Nay? Say what you want, I had a fun time. I want to go back and have them try more braids on me...

Speaking of hair-
The half top knot is what middle school dreams are made of. I rocked this style from 1993-2002 and made no apologies for it. And I'm doing it again. I don't care if it doesn't fit my face, it fits my soul.

I was the kind of kid who found a hairstyle that looked good (I thought) and then demanded my mom create it for me every morning. My favorite was the "half up braid." Just combine the two above photos and that's basically what a "half up braid" was.

I was also the kind of kid who would then wear my hair "wavy" for one too many days after wearing it in a braid. I remember one time a classmate called me out and was like, "hey dirtball, you had your hair in braids three days ago and you're still riding the after effect. Take a shower." Kids are great.

What kind of kid were you? Tell me about it in the linkup I'm going to host this Thursday, April 9th. Then post your funny TBT photos on Instagram and use #thekindofkidwho so I can see all your weirdo baby pics and like them.

I'm mostly just proud that I figured out how to make this button and grab box. Now I just have to figure out how to create the linkup widget thing and we're good. So play along, it'll be fun.

The Daily Tay

I was the kind of kid who immediately ate my candy necklace but then left the dirty spit covered string on my neck all day... What can I say, I was raised by Wolfes.


  1. Dying over your shirt in the first pic and your sweater in the last! K and I love te half top knot also! So cute!

  2. You look great w the half top knot, you are rocking it lady! I tried the style before & i just can not pull it off. :/

  3. I just ... I want to come to Chicago and be friends with you. Half top knots? OVERALLS? And maybe I could have my first ever bloody mary? This overalls thing needs to come to KS, pronto! haha!
    PS When did you get your nose pierced? Love!

  4. The ending of Wild was worth all of it, the best part. I loved that book..and now my husband wants me to go on a hike by myself haha

  5. Hhaha, I just loved all of this... and I love that you got called out as a kid for being a 'dirt ball' -- I'm pretty sure every kid was one!! My mom used to joke that brother didn't like to shower and it would be days between his bathing!! hahah

  6. I'm catching up with Mad Men know, and I always think "Man! I would have loved to have worked in the 60's...drinking in the office." and then I remember the kind of work environment I would have been in, and the work I'd be doing and immediately regret my first thought.

    PS- You are rocking that half top knot!

  7. Ahhhh, I'm trying to read Wild now and I just can't get into it! I assume that since you finished it, it does get better? I've been trying to read it since Christmas and I'm just over 100 pages in and I feel like I keep waiting for it to get interesting. Love those earrings by the way...and your polish! XO

  8. You're the only person in the whole world who can rock a half top knot and look that great!

  9. Loving that necklace in the top photo! And girl you know how to rock some cute braids and overalls!! I'm all heart eyes emoji over that!

  10. love your hair like that. In fact, i tried to recreate it and it looked like crap. also awesome linkup idea! can't wait!

  11. LOL at the raised by Wolfes comment. Brilliant!

  12. The braids look amazing in your hair! Also, which nail polish are you wearing in the picture with the earrings? Looking forward to the linkup!

  13. I've been wanting to try rockbox because I am so unadventurous with jewelry. It's always such an afterthought. Can't wait for your little link up. I was such a weird kid!

  14. Ooo love the braid, so pretty! I cut my hair all short so I can't do a style like that anymore. Which is why I always agonize for way too long about cutting my hair short, even when it reaaallly needs to be cut. ;)

  15. I've been getting super into braids lately too! (meaning I've attempted them on two separate occasions in past two weeks). I have never heard of getting braids professionally done, but yours is adorable! I may have to look into a place like that in San Diego in the near future.

  16. I really liked Wild, but I think it's because I bought it after listening to Cheryl Strayed talk about her life, writing, etc. and she's SUCH a likeable person in real life. Hilarious and insightful person. And this is the best linkup idea ever!

  17. Those tops are amazing. Need! I'm letting my hair grow out right now and I think the half bun might become my next hair-thing until the weird growing out stage is over.

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