I Need Your Help Again

Sunday, April 19, 2015

While I was in Texas last weekend I was having a wonderful time at a late dinner with my grandma, mom, niece and sister, when suddenly the ASPCA commercial came on.

Don't look, Taylor. DON'T LOOK. No good can come from this. You know what this commercial is about. Just look away. Don't ruin this nice night. 

I looked. And I was right, no good came from it.

I saw the sad eyes in the cages and the paws and the eyes and the tears and the tail between the legs. And the next thing I knew I had completely tuned out my grandma and was just thinking about dogs. I obsess over things like this. My mind can get really out of hand if I let it.

So I didn't let it. I told myself I could worry about saving animals when I got home. For now, I needed to be present in the moment.

But then it came on AGAIN! Two times in like five minutes. And now I was livid. I get what the ASPCA is trying to do with those upsetting commercials, but c'mon! Can't they throw in some success stories every once in a while? Show us the sad dogs and cats and make us hate the world, but then toss in a few videos of dog's who have been rescued and now spend their days jumping in pools and eating peanut butter and cheese sticks for dinner (what Harlow is currently munching on.) The good stories are out there and I want to see more of them.

I know I tend to get a little carried away with my dog posts on here, but I feel like the blog world can do with one less "look at what I'm wearing/how cool my life is" post for a day or two. With that being said, here goes another "please help me save this dog" post.

About an hour ago someone  contacted me on Facebook and asked if I would share the story of Smokey on my Daily Tay Facebook page- a page that has morphed into 50% blog 50% EVERYTHING DOG. Sorry, can't help it.

Smokey the pup who was found abandoned in the trunk of a stolen car on a very hot day about a year ago. He was given to a good family and was getting healthy and doing really well, until one day someone shot his puppy brother in the head and shot little Smokey in the back. I don't know the details about the sick people who committed this terrible act of animal cruelty, I just know the facts about how to help.

Smokey is temporarily paralyzed because he has a pellet lodged into his spinal cord. Click here to see a video of how he gets around now. It's terribly sad, but he can have a happy ending.

His current owners are trying to raise $5,000 to get Smokey the surgery he needs so he can walk again. His Go Fund Me campaign can be found here. He is currently at $515. If you're in the position to do so, please please donate a dollar, or five, or whatever you can.

As expected, I can't stop thinking about this right now. I keep checking his Go Fund Me page just praying that it has gone up. I really want to see this puppy raise enough to get to $5,000. It's so doable. WE can do this for him. Share his info on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever you can do.

Please help me turn Smokey into a success story.


  1. Currently boo-hooing. I just donated and will spread the word!

  2. Thank you for posting about Smokey - donated and sharing!

  3. Donated, thanks for the heads up!

  4. Smokey! What a total sweetheart! Thank you for posting, I'm heading over to his page now!

  5. I can't believe how sick and cruel people can be! Absolutely horrible!
    Donated! And will spread the world!

  6. Ugh well this is absolutely heartbreaking. Donated. Thanks for shedding light on a good cause like this! The blog world needs more posts like this.

  7. Oh man, now I'm going to be checking that page every few minutes too. It's up to $840 as I type this. Stories like this just break my heart. I don't understand how people can do things like this. I'l be donating and sharing.

  8. Thanks for all that you do! I donated and I hope that this helps Smokey gets what he deserves. People are so cruel.

  9. ugh so sad. i can't handle it. makes me so mad. but luckily there are people out there like you.

  10. I just cannot STAND people who are cruel to innocent lil animals. How low can one be to do that?! Ugh! Makes me SO mad! Grrr!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  11. Our names are Danny & Jamie Johnson. We are the devastated, heartbroken owners of precious Smokey. We want to personally thank each and every one of you with every ounce of our hearts !! We won't stop until Smokey gets his surgery & the evil being that did this cruel act (one of his many) is prosecuted!! Please keep sharing!!! Thank you The Daily Tay!!! You all are amazing!! This is proof the is still caring souls in this cruel world!!

  12. I donated. These stories always break my heart so much. I love that you are so committed to helping. My beautiful rescue and best friend was abused as a puppy (enough to make him go blind in one eye), and every day I look at him and have ZERO understanding of how someone could have done that to him. Luckily he's healthy and happy now.

  13. What kind of person shoots a dog like that?!? Ugh. I hate people sometimes. All the best to Smokey. I hope he's a success story!