Saturday Takeover- Three Eighteen

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The sun is shining today and the parks are full. It might be one of the best Saturdays of 2015 so far.

I'm taking a break in between the 25 walks Harlow and I have been on today to do a little blog talk and tell you about some of my favorite spring fashion finds this season.

First are foremost, hats. Always hats. Why? Because I'm lazy and I rarely blow dry or style my hair and a hat is the perfect way to hide my lazy girl habits. At least I think it is...

And then we've got light spring sweaters. I absolutely love this cream Tulle sweater I got at Three Eighteen in Norfolk. Nebraska friends, if you haven't stopped in this shop downtown you are missing out. I find something in here whenever I stop by, which is every time I go back to Nebraska.

And internet friends, this shop is online (as most are these days.) Use the code DAILYTAY to get 15% off your purchase.

Chris was really proud of this photo, he said it looked very "bloggy." Our photo shoots usually take 3-4 minutes, although this one was special so we spent at least 6 minutes doing it. And I don't think we yelled at each other once.

The other great find I got at Three Eighteen are these awesome green pants. What are we calling these pants, I wonder? Trouser pants? Diane Keaton pants? I don't know, but I love them. 

It's a great way to mix up your style when you're tired of wearing ripped jeans all the time...

And the looking down blogger pose again. I'm getting good at it right? No? Okay. 

Anyway guys, I'm going to head back outside to enjoy this nice spring weather Chicago has been graced with today. If you're in the market for a new shop to browse online and get 15% off, start here. 

And Northeast Nebraska friends, go into Three Eighteen right this minute and stock up on graduation dresses. Tell Marie hello from me when you're there :)

*No comments today, enjoy your weekend!