Summer Favorites

Thursday, May 14, 2015

- Everything in this photo can be found at Target.
- Everything in this photo makes me happy.
- Most specifically, the sandals. I have the scariest, widest feet in the world and finding shoes that don't hurt my fat feet is damn near impossible. But the Target Gods did it. These are amazing.

Wine2Go/Flask2Go. Need I say more?
- Hello summer concerts and picnics.
- It's drinking season.

-This is so unlike me because I'm not that into jewelry, but I'm really into Rocksbox.
-I've purchased something from every box they've sent me.
-The ring, the necklace, the earrings, this last box nailed it.

- Use the code thedailytayxoxo to try out a month free of jewelry, no commitment necessary.
- Click here. 
- Also this is a huge photo of my hand. You're welcome, creepy hand people. Just don't catfish my hand!

- Just found the most comfortable worn denim ripped jeans in the WORLD. The world I tell you.
- They're Joes and I got them at Nordstrom Rack last night.
- Softest. Fit. Ever.

Speaking of summer shopping, guess where I've been getting my coupons lately? Groupon. They launched a new service called Groupons Coupons and here's a few things you should know:

- You don't have to do anything annoying like sign up or register.
- No upfront purchasing necessary.
- See a coupon you want? Then grab it. Easy as that.

A few of my favs online right now are:

- 25% off Macys.
- 40% off Tory Burch at Neiman Marcus.
- 30% off Shutterfly. 

And because I'm hungry, let's switch to food real quick.
- I've really been digging the fresh food delivery thing lately.
- I just really like finding new recipes.
- And I'm lazy and who doesn't like getting food delivered?)

- Turkey burgers from Plated.
- Click here to get 4 FREE plates with the purchase of two!

And those are a few of my summer favorites.... Still on the hunt for good cut-off jean shorts. Why are these so hard to find? If you've found a good pair, please help!

What are some of your summer favorites?


  1. Those triangle necklaces seem to becoming more popular--I have seen quite a few people wearing them recently.

  2. I need that wine2go foldable bottle haha that's such a neat idea!

  3. groupon coupon. it's just fun to say. and i can't wait to catfish your hand.

  4. I pretty much completely skipped the rest of this post to say: I LOVE THOSE SANDALS! I got them for my birthday and I'm completely obsessed. I didn't think they'd be comfortable at all (holler for the weird feet club!) but they are!

  5. Yay for having wide feet and creepy hands-both qualities I can boast too!

  6. I received the GSI Wine Tote for a bridal shower gift and it may have been my favourite and most used gift! It even carries two wine glasses...
    No help on the cut offs.. seems as though every pair I've tried on shows half my ass... where are the shorts for everyone over 21? We are the majority!

  7. Those flasks to go are amazing for summer. Just make sure the cap is fully on. Or you'll get to the beach and reek like a college bar. That kind of ruins the fun.

  8. First of all, that turkey burger looked delish! Now I need me a burger & stat! Ha!

    Secondly, I was totally going to catfish your hand...guess I can't now. :\

    Mandie ~

  9. I'm loving your distressed denim, but I already have 2 pairs. I think I'm gonna try rocksbox, I always need jewelry.

  10. Urban Outfitters is like... the cut-off jean shorts warehouse. Have you tried there yet?

  11. This is one of my favorite posts you have ever written. Also, GroupOn coupons? How did I not know about this? THANK YOU!