Chicago Food Edition

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If I ever have to leave this city, the thing that I will miss the most is the food. No doubt about it.

And now eight photos of eight places I've eaten recently, and actually go to quite frequently. Probably too frequently... Every place but a few on this list also has great patio seating, which we all know Chicagoans love a good patio.

Home Slice. 
Known more for their amazing pizza but their bean and guacamole dip isn't half bad either. This is also the place that serves a cold slice of pizza as a Bloody Mary garnish. So yes, we come here a lot.

Everyone knows Big Star. The tacos, the patio, the queso. It's all worth a visit.

Dunlays on Clark.
The first place I ever brunched in Chicago. It's still holds a dear spot in my heart. Although it angers me they charge for bacon in your bloody. Really? C'mon.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.
This place is newish to Chicago. They have a great patio and good bbq. Also I like any place that serves Ritz crackers with an appetizer because I'm fancy.

DMK Burger Bar.
I'm not usually a Patty Melt kind of girl, but at DMK I'm a Patty Melt kind of girl. I'll pretty much eat anything DMK serves.

Fish Bar.
DMK's cousin and also right next door. I love this place. I just wish it was slightly cheaper. Why are oysters always so damn pricey?

Barn and Company.
Although I'm eating like a child in this photo, complete with crayons and everything, this place has great wings and pulled pork. I'm also keen on their pulled pork nachos...

Speaking of barbecue...
Smoque BBQ. 
This might be my new favorite spot for bbq in Chicago. I don't have a bad word to say about it. 

And this has been a brief list of places we've eaten lately.

In case you're wondering the answer is yes, our metabolisms are starting to turn on us. Things might start to get a little heavy around here.

What are some of the great places you've eaten recently?


  1. Yum! The food at Smoque looks amazing. I am now drooling everywhere!

  2. As long as you have Harlow you don't have to worry about your waistline. He seems like the most rigorous personal trainer ever, not taking no for an answer!
    Keep eating on, it's too good not to!

  3. Well, okay then. Now I am starving (at 10am) and also really want to visit Chicago. AKA eat my way through Chicago. ;)


  4. How much are the Oysters at Fish Bar because everything on that menu looked relatively inexpensive.... or maybe it's because I'm from Canada and going out to eat here is outrageous. We generally spend at least $80 on a meal when we go somewhere for dinner and that's without drinks - if it's just appetizers, it's usually at least $50. I want to experience Chicago food - it looks delicious.

    1. eeek now i feel like a big cheapo! I think they're $2 or $3 an oyster?

  5. I was already starving and now I'm even hungrier. All of these places look delicious! If I could take artsy pictures of my food (and if we weren't avoiding going out) I'd do a post like this for Seattle. :)

  6. I have friends visiting Chicago next month..I will pass this along to them!

  7. We have a pizzeria in Baltimore called Home Slyce. Didn't realize it was such a popular name option. They're pretty tasty as well.

  8. I'm reading this without having eaten lunch and now I might kill someone I'm so hungry.

  9. I just tried Dino BBQ -- I didn't realize they had that great of patio!! I'll have to go back on a sunny day for beers and bbq!

  10. Ohhh yum. All of this looks amazing!

  11. Every time you post a picture of a bloody mary, I miss the Midwest and my mouth starts watering.

  12. yum! I'll have to add these to my ever growing list. Thankfully we'll be back to visit in a few weeks and can cross some off :)

  13. I went to Chicago for the first time last fall, and I fell in love with not just the city but also the food! I seriously ate (and drank) my way through the city, and the only reason I didn't gain 10 lbs. was because we walked everywhere. Such an awesome city!

  14. Olya from The Siberian American just moved to Chicago. I sent her a link to this because I have a feeling she'll definitely want to check out some of these places. I'm hungry............

  15. I hadn't heard of any of these places when I did my food tour of Chicago (aka when I was there in January and it was too cold to do anything) when I go back this summer I will definitely be checking many of these out. Especially the one that serves pizza as a bloody mary chaser. Yes please.

  16. Erin sent me the link to this as she mentioned above and I will now proceed to try every single one of these places. Thanks for such a great list!

  17. I now feel the need to plan a trip to Chicago. Every place you wrote about looked wonderful!

  18. You are not making it very easy for me to not get in my car RIGHT NOW & make the four hour trip down there to fill my face! Tee hee!

    Mandie ~

  19. Put it all in my face, please and thank you.

  20. A restaurant in Evanston that I tried for the first time and liked a few weekends ago was Blind Faith Cafe. They have vegetarian fare, and I liked the orange gardein, which tasted a lot like orange chicken stir-fry.

  21. If I judge Chicago by the Chicago bloggers then its the yummiest place on the planet. You guys do a great job of making the place look fantastic!