Chris's Dream Weekend

Friday, June 5, 2015

Between people still sticking up for Josh Duggar and others getting violently upset over Caitlyn Jenner, the news has made me feel like I'm taking crazy pills this week.

After reading too many stupid articles yesterday I finally just had to step away and say enough. I constructed about ten different Tweets I wanted to send (and trust me they were all super good, as tweets usually are) but I deleted every one of them. Twitter can be an angry place, I figured I could go a day without adding my two cents.

At this point I just feel a little drained. I'm ready for the weekend. We're going to Wing Fest tomorrow... I know. It's a "eat as many wings as you can" kind of thing. It's going to be super gross I bet. I'm already getting anxiety about all of the dirty napkins that will be floating around. But it's Chris's dream to do this so who am I to crush that?

So now in an attempt to get away from the annoying news circulating right now I'm going to do a quick photo dump of life this past week. All in all, it's been good. Photo number two shows a new piece of art work that went up on our street. Um... am I just being vain or should it be called the ChrisTayHarlow? And photo number four shows me trying too hard.

Where there's a lap, there's a way. Also yes, I get to cruise around the city on that super sweet Scooter. We call him Uncle Scoots. And Officer Scoots. And Scoots McGee.

It's time to jet. I'm getting my hair cut and colored today. The small town Nebraska girl in me is begging to go "summer blonde." I know it's not right, but damn it I love that platinum look. I just do.

But I won't do it. I know better. I'll probably just ask for my usual "Reese Whitherspoon/Jessica Simpson" color. And then I'll cry when I come out and still look like me and not either of them.

Wish me luck, I hate getting my hair colored. Sitting in a salon for 2+ hours is my idea of torture.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. That art work should totally be named after y'all! :) Love the picture of the puppy nose and ice cream cone! Happy Friday, enjoy your wings tomorrow! ;)

  2. Oh the amount of time I spend online trying to hold my tongue. This will make you laugh though, like it did me:

    So damn true. Anyway - GO PLATINUM BABY. Life is too short for dull blonde hair, sister!

    God I love reading your blog.


  3. Great pictures! Almost distracted me from how stupid everyone is. ...Almost.

  4. I've been blocking out any news from my facebook feed on both Caitlyn Jenner AND The Duggars. it's just too dang much, and there really are no damns to be given on either subject (Talk about two completely separate sides of a spectrum).
    Those are beautiful pictures. Your neighborhood looks like a nice place to live, with the brownstones. :-)

  5. Yep, Facebookland has me hating the world this week, too. People really should keep their opinions to themselves and stop being so hateful, or so stupid.

    Enjoy the wing fest! Take lots of wet naps and hand sanitizer haha.

  6. I always say the blonder the better.. Also where's wing fest? How far could you ride the scooter? I'm wondering if one would make it to my friend's lake house in wisco... HAHAHAH. Do they go very fast?

  7. that art is so funny. it really is y'all. chris looks pretty cool on that vespa!

  8. I hate getting my hair colored too! People talk about how relaxing it is..nope it's torture for me

  9. Wing Fest?! Color me intrigued with that! Ha, ha! That could be interesting.

    Mandie ~

  10. Office Scoots is my spirit animal. Also, how was I unaware of a wings fest in the city?

    1. Oh I see, silly me (new here) just saw you're in Chicago. I guess I saw the BK beer and thought you were in NYC. Apparently in my little mind world, beer can not travel over state lines! Anyhow, Officer Scooter (not office) is still my spirit animal. Thank you and good day.

  11. I hope you're having a great weekend, and that you survived the attack of the napkins. I am getting anxiety just thinking about them too!

    And that art piece is totally designed after you. You should demand royalties. Or licensing fees. Or something.