The Long Road Back

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Right now I'm cruising on Interstate 80 heading back to my roots with you-know-who at my side.

So let's talk about the drive from Chicago to Nebraska. I've mentioned it quite a few times on here since I'm a semi truck driver and make the route quite frequently, but let's get down to the nitty gritty of what that drive is really all about.

For starters I drive more than I fly for one reason and one reason alone: Harlow. I can't flee to the countryside and leave him behind. It just wouldn't be right. So every once in a while when we get that urge to leave the city we pack up the car and try to skip out around 6 a.m. so we miss Chicago traffic.

I pack  a container full of water for Harlow, a bag full of snacks for me, and a Kong toy filled with peanut butter for both of us and we hit the open road.

Harlow starts out riding shotgun. Then once we get out of the city he jumps into the back seat to get a different view. Then back to shotgun. Then he tests out riding on the middle console for a bit. Then back seat again. Shotgun. Console. Floor. Dashboard? Driver's lap? Driver's shoulder? He likes to test out every possible seat before he settles in.

And then we drive.

We drive through Illinois. Cross the Mississippi river. I try not to look over the edge because bridges freak me out. Enter Iowa. And make a pit stop at the Worlds Largest Truck stop so I can buy some new dream catchers and maybe some Amish cheese and sausage. This place also has showers you can use for only $2. I've never taken advantage, but it seems like a good deal.

Some say the terrain across Iowa and Nebraska is boring. But I happen to like looking at fields of windmills and soybeans. I find it oddly soothing.

From Chicago to good old Norfolk, Nebraska (home town of Johnny Carson, no big deal) it's just a little over eight hours.

The first three hours aren't bad. The next three are a little bit tedious and usually consist of me singing as loud as I can to Blank Space. And the last two hours are pure hell. I'm dirty, stinky, and every part of me is covered in dog hair. How's that for a visual?

And now I've got to jet because I'm technically writing this Monday afternoon and the Hawks are about to win the Stanley Cup in a few hours.

Please Chicago people, do not riot this time. PLEASE. Don't celebrate our city by breaking store front windows and throwing beer bottles at police men on horses. The last time we won the cup this happened. Shit got crazy. People in large crowds get scary.

Anyway, this week is going to be bananas. First the Hawks are going to win (I hope), then I'm going to pretend I'm a college kid at the CWS in Omaha for a day, and finally at the end of the week I'm going to a water park with Knox and Lola. And yes, I'm aware I'm the last person in this world who still thinks water parks are fun and not trashy. Whatever. It's summer.

I may skip a few posts while I'm having Nebraska time so follow the fun on Instagram via @thedailytay.


  1. Have a great time in Nebraska! :)

    Mandie ~

  2. seriously, i would fly way more if it wasn't for the dogs. i wish it was easier! have a wonderful trip home.

  3. Enjoy your trip! And the waterpark, I still think they are SO much fun! :)

  4. Ahh! You're going to the CWS! So jealous - I want to see my Vandy boys kick butt.

  5. Yeah you can't fly with Harlow and that sucks but can you picture him wanting to stick his head out the window of the plane

  6. ugh my poor bolts. we'll get it one year.

    my usual drive is 4 hours from where i live, home. but this summer im living in miami, so it's an 8 hr drive home. all in the state of florida. when you drive in florida you get excited when you cross a county line bc there's no luxury of new states!! and i find the 8 hr drive, i don't want to say 'easier', but in a sick way, it is. bc when im doing 4 hrs, from the moment i leave i am counting down, 'okay, 1 hr down, 3 to go. okay, 1.5 hours down, 2.5 to go' -- with the 8 hr drive i'm just like, okay im in forever so i may as well not even care. i also can get really into a good audio book!

    have fun!!

  7. I feel you might have a typo in the last paragraph: as of 07:36 on Wednesday, it read "I may skip a few posts while I'm having Nebraska time so follow the fun on Instagram via @thedailyay." Unless you did sell a "t..."

    Whenever I think of Interstate 80 westbound across Iowa, I think of Heywood Banks's song "Interstate 80 Iowa." Although I also like endless rows of corn and windmills too :)

  8. Man this makes my drive across Wisconsin look not so bad!

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

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