Saturday Takoever- Brooke Meagan Jones

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Introducing Brooke from Brooke Meagan Jones.

Brooke's Birthday Martinique Beach   1. How is summer life in Canada?
 Summer is the best time to be in Canada. I know some skiers and snowboarders who think that winter is the best, but they're wrong. As much as I enjoyed bonding with the neighbors last winter over the countless hours of snow shoveling, I prefer to bond on a deck with a beer or glass of wine in hand and something like Ja Rule playing in the background. This is my second summer in Halifax and I'm looking forward to long hikes along the coast, backyard bonfires, and a road trip back to my hometown on the Prairies.   
 2. If someone came to visit your city, what would you do?
 One of the best things about moving to Halifax is that people actually want to come and visit us now. We've already had quite a few visitors, so let's pretend this is your second visit. We probably took you to Peggy's Cove on your first visit, so this time we're going to take you to Duncan's Cove. It's a hidden gem a little bit off the beaten path and instead of tour buses and crowds, you get nothing but the ruggedly beautiful Nova Scotia coastline. After that, we could explore the city, but you did that on your last visit too. This time, we're going to board the party boat and take you out to sea! OK, the boat sort of just sails around the basin. A lot of people like to stay on the ship's deck, but depending on the time of year, that loses its charm about the same time your entire body goes numb. So, we're going to take you below deck where we can enjoy the view in a warm and fully licensed setting.

You're probably ready for a snack, and instead of going to a pub like last time, we're going to head back to the 1920s and visit a speakeasy-inspired bar called Noble. It's located underneath a desserterie and you can only get in if you know the password that changes daily. It's pretty expensive, so we're probably only going to take you there if we really like you or if you're one of our parents and might pay.
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3. What have you learned most since you started blogging? 
 I started my very first blog years ago and I've learned a lot along the way. I've played with mason jars, chalk paint, and rose petals long enough to know that my DIYs are not Pinterest worthy. I've tried enough vegan mac & cheese recipes to know that nutritional yeast isn't my thing. Most importantly, I've learned that the easiest way to lose interest in blogging is to follow the crowd instead of doing what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.   
4. What advice would you give someone just starting out in blogworld? 
 Forget my last sentence in the previous question. My advice is to become a fashion blogger because that's where the money is. You don't have to be interested in fashion. All you need is a good photographer and enough money to get your wardrobe started. Soon, you'll have more free clothes than you know what to do with and you can spend your money on other things like travel and have destination photo shoots.   
 5. Lastly, what is a post you've written recently that is one of your favs? 
 To help everyone kick off their fashion blogging careers, I wrote a post called 4 Picture Ideas for the Modern Fashion Blogger. I'm not a fashion blogger, but I used to be. I had to quit because I couldn't handle the fame.

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