Things That Happen In Your Late 20s

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Last week I asked my four year old nephew how old he thought I was and without skipping a beat he responded, "forty."

It gets better.

Then I asked him how old he thought nana was (my mom) and he said, "twenty." That kid knows how to cut deep.

Up until recently I was pretty "low maintenance" with my skin care routine. And by routine I mean I didn't have one. I would wash my face at night (usually) and in the morning... But I would miss a lot. Because I'm gross. That's the only excuse I have. I'm just gross.

Then one day I noticed I started getting bags under my eyes after I didn't sleep enough. And then when I slept too much. And then just for the hell of it. What's the deal with the eye bags??? In college I could go days without sleep and still look fine.

At least I thought I could. Let's take a look at Tay fresh out of her college days. (I think my sister will love that I'm posting this by the way.)

I know what you're thinking, wow you look gorgeous and oh so natural.  And what a cute outfit! Let's go take jager bombs and dance on tables!

Well thank you! You probably can't tell it from this wonderful photo, but I used to like to tan. Why? Because I look gorgeous- obviously! In the summer I would lay in the sun for hours upon hours hoping to achieve that beautiful oompa loompa orange glow.

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do
I have a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me
What do you get when lay in the sun
baking all day cuz you think it's fun?


That's what you get. They are no longer called freckles when they are the size of a raisin. The damage I did on my poor pale skin just kills me. I am a very fair skinned person. But from the ages 13-19 I refused to believe this. The proof is on my face.

So finally a friend of mine who got tired of hearing me complain about my Dalmatian face suggested I try Rodan and Fields Reverse. Naturally, I was opposed. Because I'm cheap, or "low maintenance." I had tried every other over-the-counter lotion/serum and none of them worked.

I think it was one day when I was at Target stocking up on Target shit (dollar aisle crap, tank tops that say "FriYay, new inspirational coffee mugs) when I realized I'm regularly spending money on dumb stuff and yet I'm cheap when it comes to the care of my FACE? Get outta here.

So I bucked up and bought the entire Reverse regimen. And after less than four months of using it, this happened.

*Photo kept small due to my intense insecurities for posting such a gross close-up of my face when it's clearly going through a "hard time." 

The biggest spot is still there, or as I like to call it, the "SpotFather." But it's drastically lightened. I didn't expect it to go away within just three months. If any face cream claims to make spots disappear within a month or two, they're lying. I know because I've tried them.

And my eye baggage problems have also gone away as well thanks to this eye cream. Turns out taking care of your face really works wonders. Who knew? WHO KNEW???

When it came time to buy more Reverse (it's supposed to last 60 days, I drug mine out to about 90) I thought what the hell and signed up to start selling this stuff because I was already buying it anyway. I've found out that it works, and I've also found out I need another side job to help contribute to a certain wedding that is on the horizon... Did you know weddings can get pricey? More to come on that later.

If you're curious about these products, I suggest starting here with the solution tool to pinpoint what you'd like to fix most with your skin. And when you check out make sure to select preferred customer so you get 10% off and FREE shipping. Send me an email if you have any questions at

Moral of the story: STOP TANNING. Take care of your skin, kids.

And if you also have an upcoming wedding that has you swimming in anxiety with the costs of everything and want to make some extra money on the side send me an email about selling R&F... I'm hoping this side gig will help pay for a honeymoon to the Maldives. Like my favorite McDonalds kids commercials always said, hey it could happen! McWorld!!!!


  1. haha oh man at least he was a kid. on the cruise i went on recently the guy said, what are you, 31? i cried a little. then told him her looked 50 and ran away. Im mature. I need to step up my skin care game.

  2. I'm so bad about my skin. I bought Clinique, which I love, and I rarely use it. I'm trying to do it at least ONCE a day, if not twice. My skin has been all kinds of cranky lately, though, which is annoying.
    And most people think I'm 35. I turn 30 in September. Thankfully, last weekend, my niece said I was 16. She's 7, and now my favorite person.

    1. i'll trade you my nephew for your niece.

  3. That's impressive! I have one sun spot on the side of my face that I hate and it makes me feel old, so maybe I should try this!

  4. I was JUST talking with a friend recently about how we needed to start taking better care of our skin now that we are getting just a TINY bit older ;)

    I've heard great things about this stuff as well, I may need to try it out!!

    <3 Melissa

  5. My nephew thinks everyone older them him is 20. His mother, me, my 19 year sister. We're all 20 in his head. I'm the opposite though. Everyone says I look very young, I get called a baby. and then I go into my tantrum and just wanna scream "IM NOT A BABY, IM GROWN". lol.

  6. One thing about Australians, they preach when it comes to sunscreen. I told my guy (who is Aussie) that I used to lay out with baby oil so I could really cook my skin. He audibly gasped. You're hard-pressed to find sunscreen under spf30 here. Those bags and dark circles under my eyes? You mean they're from age? I thought they were mascara smears. I was wondering why they wouldn't go away.

  7. I don't use any makeup (though I am a man, so that would be weird). However, I do use pads of salicylic acid, as I have some amount of "residual" acne. It's not nearly as bad as it was 10-11 years ago.

    Whenever I go to the bridge club, the people joke about me being 12, 16, even 21. Nope, I'm 28!

  8. I might be the whitest white person on planet earth nowadays, but I'll be the most wrinkle-free 80 year old (hopefully!) I stopped tanning (fake and in the sun) two years ago after a close friend suddenly had to have like half her nose removed because of skin cancer (she was a lifeguard) and it scared the bejeezus out of me.

  9. I am sooo into skincare stuff that I have so much and never know what truly works. I've been looking for a regime to use long term and i'm really thinking about buying this. You and Erin from Living In Yellow may have convinced me :-] Thanks for the review!