Chicago Food That You Have To Eat

Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's nearly 1:00 a.m. and I really have no business being awake right now, yet here I am.

Since the darkness is upon us I have one thing on my mind right now and one thing only: nachos. I am a fan of the homemade nacho. Such a big fan. They were my go-to after school snack as a kid and they're my go-to midnight snack as a bigger kid.

In thinking about nachos I realized there's no better way to spend a midnight blog post than telling you about all of the food I've eaten lately. Doesn't that sound riveting? Good! Let's do it.

-Barbecue nachos from Smoke Daddy in Wicker. Nachos that require a fork are my happy place.

-More barbecue food from Green Street Smoked Meats. Beans = heaven.

This bad boy is called a Cemitas. It's disgustingly big and should never be eaten by one person. Unless it's me. Served at Cemitas Puebla in the West Loop.

Longman & Eagle in Logan Square breaks my heart it's so good. I want to eat everything here at all times.

I don't care if Ditkas is for tourists, I like their Bloodys! And I like Ditka!

Oysters from Parsons Chicken and Fish. The only downfall of Parsons is that I always feel like the most lame person there because it's full of very cool hipsters who can just tell by looking at me that I'm trying way too hard.

Did someone say pho? Pho yea it's pho from FUH in Lincoln Park. It's a build your own pho bar and it's as pho-ing awesome as it sounds.

And I saved the ugliest photo for last. Ugly photo but oh so beautiful Kimchi fries. After you have kimchi fries you can't go back to normal fries. You just can't. Thank you Del Seoul for always being wonderful.

Bookmark this page, when you come to Chicago you're going to want to eat all of this food.

And now you know why I have to get up for Pilates in five hours... Woof. Is it the weekend yet? I'm so over this weekday crap.


  1. Build your own pho sounds awesome and yours looks amazing! I feel like we could continuously make trips to Chicago just for the food alone!

  2. I need some amazing food right this minute.

    There's a pho place near my boyfriend's house called Pho King Good. And it is.

  3. when I come to chicago (and believe me I will) i hope you will take me to binge eat.

  4. I love that FUH spells their restaurant name like it's supposed to be pronounced lol

  5. I've been dreaming of Chicago food lately. Is that pathetic?

  6. Del Seoul is my jam. Also, if you want some good pho check out Pho Viet on Broadway!

  7. All this food is making me hungry right now, it's currently 11pm is it to early for a midnight snack yet?

  8. Cool. Now it's 3am (why the hell am I awake?!) and craving some good old homemade nachos...or barbecue...or anything, really. Thanks, Tay. Thanks ;)

  9. Everything looks so delicious!! Which is Harlow's favorite place? We always go to Lou Malnatis & Dane is going for his first ever time in two weeks!! AHHH!

  10. I thought I was full from lunch, but my drool is telling me otherwise.

  11. Thank you! I just moved here a week ago, loving the food suggestions! Adding them to my bucket list of places to visit.