My Top 5 Most Highly Viewed Posts

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Every once in awhile when I'm feeling like Jenny Blogger I like to check my traffic and see where it's coming from, which posts people are looking at it, and what (if anything) I can take away from all of that wonderful info.

So below are my top five most highly viewed posts of all time. See anything in common?

1. 43 Things You Might Miss If You Went To The University Of Nebraska.
What it means: People love lists and people love niche posts. And more importantly, people love Nebraska. Hells ya, we do.

This post has been viewed 40,000+ times in the last year. On Facebook it's been shared about 600 times. If you want to write posts that gets views/shares start with what you know. Write about your hometown, your high school, your college, whatever, trust me on this one. Likeminded people will start sharing.

2. Inside a Woman's Mind at Target.
What it means: we can't get enough of Target.

My biggest regret about this post is that I released it to Thought Catalog too soon. Once they grabbed a hold of it I believe it was shared about 28,000 times. And they got all of that lovely traffic... Not me. And then shortly after Thought Catalog posted it Buzzfeed wrote an almost identical article which really pissed me off.

Moral of the story: write a post about Target.

3. Dear Moms Who Get Mad When I Call My Dog My Baby.
What it means: you don't mess with dog moms.

This one makes me giddy that it's been shared/viewed quite a bit. I love to see people sticking up for each other, especially when it comes to their fur babies.

4. He Said Yes.
What it means: People were curious to see if I actually proposed to Chris.

Did I? Guess you'll have to click on the post to read the full engagement story... (That's called a cliffhanger. People love/hate them.) Write a post with a cliffhanger title and you'll get traffic every time.

5. 22 Things You're Guilty Of If You're From Nebraska.
what it means: see everything I wrote in number one.

And just because it's super random you have to check out number six. Kid you not, this was my most highly viewed post for my first four years of blogging... people just really love that meme I think.

So Jenny Blogger, if you want to write a post that gets instant traffic what do you do? My suggestion is write a post about a specific topic, with a specific audience in mind. For example Brian The Foot Man... and yes, he is responding to all of your comments from yesterday's post... So there's that.

But I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing, which posts have you written that receive the most traffic?


  1. Mine are about Tomorrowland by FAR. The one about how much tomorrowland costs is about 6 months old and has 30k views. the only problem? my main blog audience hates it.

  2. The Target post is how I discovered your blog. Another blogger shared it. So yay for legitimate traffic! Ha.

  3. 40000 times? haha people sure do love Nebraska! Sucks about your Target post though. I remember reading and loving it!

  4. I found you by the target post! I plan on transferring to UNO next year! :D

    1. also, you are spot on about the Henry Doorly zoo. When I moved here, EVERYONE and their mother told me "its the best zoo in the world, no zoo compares". You know they are currently adding on to it, and its a African grassland, and I heard you can stay overnight. It sounds awesome!

  5. Thank you! I always find that big brand posts, collection and anything to do with Christmas gets the most views on my blog. I need to try the cliffhanger idea, it certainly worked a treat on me ;) Thanks for sharing <3

    Love Charlotte xx

  6. My mind is still blown that Buzzfeed ripped off your article like that :(

  7. Buzzfeed is a jerk for that Target thing.

  8. I found your blog by one of the Nebraska posts. For my blog, my top 5 posts (excluding About, Policy, and Main pages), and a brief annotation of them, follow:

    1) "A heartfelt request" (a chronicling of my Asperger syndrome)
    2) "Throwback Thursday: June 5, 2003" (a letter that I wrote, as a tenth-grader, to my future self on that day. Nothing in it was censored)
    3) "Drawn Together" (a reflection on a newspaper article about autistic artists and their experience with relationships)
    4) "Ironic prompt" (a reflection on an ad about GrubHub starting a conversation on the train, when the ad insinuated that it's great to NOT talk to people)
    5) "A scare in the air" (an experience with a weather-based holding pattern on an airplane)

    The posts are respectively from May 2012, October 2013, May 2012, November 2014, and January 2015.

  9. Some of these I have read some I have not

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  11. And I love all of these posts! :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  12. I'm new to your blog but so far I love all of your posts!