My Wedding Fitness Plan

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

For the first time in my life, today I bought a gym membership.

I guess that's not completely true, back in the day when I had a stable job and too much time on my hands I belonged at Lifetime Fitness in Overland Park, Kansas. Talk about fancy schmancy! That place had everything. Although I would just go there to buy smoothies and sit in the steam room, I'm pretty certain they had a lot of other stuff. I don't think I ever once got on a treadmill. I pretty much just walked around and looked at all of the fit people in their gyms clothes wondering what I should eat next at the gym cafe.

But anyway, after doing a pilates class with my mom and sister when they were in town last week I kinda fell in love with the workout. Please note: I hate working out and I hate classes. So the fact that I actually enjoyed it and wasn't looking at my watch the entire time wondering when it was over and would it be weird if I left in the middle, was so unlike me.

And so yesterday I bucked up and bought a three month pass of pilates classes. Besides my brief stint in Lifetime, I've never paid to workout. So yes, it was very difficult to hand over my debit card and sign the bill on what I was think is crazy expensive, but it had to be done. I need to get in better shape. After all, football season is coming and it takes a lot of endurance to drink all day.

But seriously, my goal is just to have great wedding arms, like Madonna. Now that woman has good arms. I'm not trying to lose any weight, just loose the flappy stuff. I think I can get this with Pilates 2-3 times a week, walking Harlow 27 times a day, and carrying my groceries home four blocks from Trader Joes. I'll make sure to buy milk a lot.

I went to a Pilates Pro class today and it was insanely hard. Tomorrow I'm going to SoulCycle to see what all of the hype is about. Personally, I hate spinning. But I love cults, so maybe I'll enjoy it. Usually my "I'm super into working out right now" stages last about three days, so I'll keep you posted.

And now I'm going to dump a bunch of photos from the weekend. My mom and sister said they wanted a Chicago foodie weekend, so we did just that. Oh yes we did. I hope you've had lunch. (And now you know why I'm into working out this week.)

We really like brunch food. Can you tell?

Time to go run Harlow. It's almost noon and he's only been on four walks today. He is NOT happy that I've started exercising with out him.

Bride-people, did you have a fitness plan? What was it? Share the deets.


  1. I made the mistake of viewing those pictures without having eaten my lunch! Now I am super hungry now. Give me all the food! Brunch is always the best.
    Joining classes and the gym is really great for me because I know that I have spent a ton of money on a membership so I have to go to get my moneys worth out of it.

  2. GIVE ME ALL THE EGGS BENNY. Thank God I ate lunch already. I've been drinking green smoothies the past two mornings to cancel out all the shit I've been eating post-wedding. I'll let you know when I notice any improvement.

  3. My wedding is in two months. We eat mostly healthy and I run a couple times a week but usually cheat a couple times on the weekends. But last night my dinner consisted of microwave popcorn and a cookie ice cream sandwich. Also my arms carry like 50% of the fat on my body so no matter what I do I can't get the Madonna/Michelle Obama look. Damn strapless dress.

  4. MM. I totally understand Harlow wise. Mine walks 5-7 miles a day - and we aren't home from 8 am - 6 pm. Why I don't have the thinnest thighs, I don't know ... oh yeah, I do. Wine. Cheese. Bread.

  5. pilates is awesome. i should probably work out... maybe tomorrow because now i'm starving after looking at your food.

  6. I love the one single chicken leg! Can I get a chicken leg and a mimosa please? Haha! My current wedding workout is alternating 12 oz curls...meaning I switch my beer in between my right and left hands while raising it to my mouth. Can't have my right arm looking better than my left! When I find a better work out, I'll let you know!

  7. I love Pilates! It's great for toning. I wish I could afford to be part of a gym, I used to have a membership but had to cancel it for budget reasons.

  8. i have never taken pilates, but i hear it is great for toning, so you are on the right path there. i take spinning often and love it, it took a while but once you find the right instructor the time will fly by and you will be taking numerous classes a week. i take soul-cycle regularly and you are totally spot on; the "cult like" atmosphere is in overdrive the moment you walk in, but everyone is really nice and the workout is tough and somehow those 45 minutes pass by quick. side note - super sweaty and hungry after so clearly going out for breakfast at wherever you got those eggs benedict is a must (girl i almost died - so delish looking). also don't eat right before - barfing at soul-cycle is frowned upon.
    enjoy your new workout plan!
    more eggs benedict.

  9. Congrats on the gym membership!! I am so with you. Love that you're feeling super motivated and have a goal deadline! Maybe I can talk to that guy in my life about that... ;)


  10. Hahaha the steam room is the best part about Lifetime. I miss having a membership there for that reason.

  11. Mmmm yum! Good luck with working out! I got married super in engaged for three I didn't have time for a workout plan! Haha but I have always wanted to try a class. Let us know how it goes! Maybe I will try it out too! :)

  12. I have never taken Pilates, but I'm always so intrigued by people who love it. Same with yoga. I do kickboxing three days a week and then walk with my neighbor on the opposite days. I had a trainer before our wedding and I will say what he always told can't out train a bad diet, so one month before our wedding I cut out all sugar and dairy. It's not sustainable, but I had the best body of my life on our wedding day and I got drunk reallly fast so I mean...?

  13. That's so awesome! Have you ever tried Body Pump? Your body will be bananas! Mine was (still is pretty good) for my wedding. I was actually probably a little too small, but I was sort of stressed out :) I am so happy you're doing regular classes!

  14. Brunch food is the best! I am always up for a good brunch over any other meal :)

  15. Get it girl!! And man that food looks delish!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  16. Yup, I'd really like to have that cinnamon roll. That would be wonderful! :)

  17. I only belonged to a gym once (when I lived in Omaha actually) and I hardly ever "worked out" but I went to a yogalates class every week and I loooved it! I took a yoga only class once and it was too weird, so I've wanted to find somewhere to do pilates every since. Such a good workout. Also when I found out I was going to get married, I only had a few weeks to prepare, so I totally just worked on my arms because they definably are the most important ;)

  18. It took me a minute to figure out which was your mom...three cuties having fun!

  19. You are looking really great dear. Hope you will have a perfect wedding day. I also got married at event space San Francisco last year. It was a great day, and all the guests love the arrangements.

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