So How's Wedding Planning Going?

Friday, August 28, 2015

You guys.

Everyone asks me this, "so how's wedding planning going?" And I know how they want me to respond, with a smile and a gush and "oh my gosh, there's just so much to do. But it's like so fun, you know? But boy, it's a lot. So many decisions. And this guy isn't much help!" And then I jokingly (but lovingly) slap Chris on the back and he gives an adorable "who me?" look and then we laugh and laugh and laugh.

Oh life.

And the truth is I know most people are just asking to be nice. They're trying to be kind. Because in reality they don't really care about my wedding. They're just making conversation, as we all do.

But still, the question puzzles me. I don't get mad when people ask me, I just don't know how to answer it. Because I don't really know how it's going. Good? Bad? Annoying? Should it be going a certain way right now? It is what is it.

But if you'd like to hear a few details regarding what we have planned thus far, I'll share. Also, can I just point out that this has become my wedding planning coffee mug?

Every time something annoys me, or someone tells me it's going to cost $100,000 for something stupid I can't help but think to myself, oh for FOX sake. Really?

The date: 7.23.2016

Place: Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Ceremony and Reception: Catamount Ranch.

The Dress: First fitting next week...

K, that's a good start right?

Stuff that makes me go ugh.

Music: Band vs DJ. I really want a band. But I think I might have to donate a kidney to pay for this. I've gotten some quotes and I'm like WHAT? Why? Is Taylor Swift in your group?

Transportation: Can't our friends just sleep in the tent at the reception? It could be fun.

I know I'm leaving stuff out, what else should I be booking right now?

Flowers: Ummm... I'm leaving this to my mom.

Wedding party: this one is hard. Maybe I'll let my mom do this too.

BM Dresses: Too much. Not now.

Stuff that I haven't done but I'm excited to do:

HONEYMOON: So excited to plan this.

Hotel goody bags: Maybe it's because I'm a child, but I LOVE goody bags. I once went to a birthday party where I got a Tomagatchi in my goody bag and I NEVER forgot it. So I think I might follow suit and give all of our guests their own Tomagatchi. Yay or nay? Honest feedback appreciated.

Harlow's OUTFIT: I can't even. Too excited.

Writing our own vows: I can't even. Too excited.

Bloody Mary Bar: I don't know at what point we'll have this bar set up, but it will be somewhere.

Planning fun stuff for our friends and family that come in a few days early: My favorite thing about destination(ish) weddings is getting to hang out with everyone for more than just a night. I've been in weddings where when it's over I get all sad because I feel like the bride and groom's family are my new best friends and I'm depressed I'll probably never get to see cousin Sheila again or take a shot with Uncle Steve.

Overall, being in beautiful Steamboat with so many friends and family is going to be awesome.

And now it's time for Friday stuff... Catch you later. Enjoy the last weekend in August. Fall is coming... eeek.


  1. Oh I used to feel the same way! We put bottles of champagne in the welcome bags--was a hit! Also, honeymooning in hawaii?! And finally, the 23rd is a fabulous day to get married :)

  2. Oh and the band thing...don't even get me started. We wanted a jazz band to come and it was something insane like $8500 for 4 hours. I was like..YOU BETTER BE RESURRECTING RAY CHARLES!

  3. Sooo I'm getting married next June, and the wedding party + whatever friends want to really are staying in tents at the reception.. I mean there will be a bonfire and fancy dresses, and...tents. We did that for one of my friends weddings and it was a blast. So, do it.
    Also, try not to judge us for making our friends sleep in tents. :)

  4. That mug is excellent. And sounds like you've made awesome progress in your wedding planning! (not that i really know anything about it...). Exciting times for sure!

  5. I think the Tomagatchi is the best. idea. ever.

    Bridesmaid dresses are super annoying to find and take a lot of time. I was just in a wedding and the bride had us wear dresses that I loved! They were all different necklines but the same color. This is where we found them - not sure if they're available anywhere else:

    I wore 'Sydney' because I loved the cut.

    Happy wedding planning :)

  6. hahah I love this whole thing. I got married last summer and pretty much had the same thoughts. like k let's get this planned and done and beautiful and marriage. It's so true, you ask how something is going (aka wedding planning) and it's like I kinda care about what you're going to answer but nottttt really. Except for your wedding planning, because it sounds like it's going as fun as wedding planning can be! That is sooooooooooo cool you're doing it on a boat!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. I love this. I just started planning my wedding being we have been engaged all of 2 weeks and people are already asking how the wedding planning going.. seriously?! I think the honeymoon is going to be my favorite part of planning too!

  8. Girl, don't even get me started. We're literally two weeks out from tomorrow and I STILL have some of these things to do ... We're what you would call master procrastinators. I've literally left everything down to the last month, and things are falling into place perfectly. Bridesmaids dresses, tables/chair rentals, first + final dress fitting, groomsmen stuff, all of the signage/decor ... Did I mention we had a whole year to plan this darn thing? We're crazy people, I know. Anyways - Point is, don't worry about it! Everything will fall into place, and if I'm not a stressed out mess with a few of these items still not checked off the to-do list then you will be totally fine!

    P.S. We're honeymooning in Hawaii (Maui and exploring smaller islands as day trips), find your top 3 things that are the most important to you and knock those out first (ours were photography, music + food), scope out local bars for musicians ... The band we've booked is only $1,000 & they're AMAZING. As in, should probably be signed by now amazing. Other than that, don't stress. At the end of the day it's going to be an awesome party, and as long as people have food in their stomachs, music in their ears and a drink in their hand everything will be perfect. Not to mention the whole you'll be married to your best friend thing. :)

  9. I am on the same page when it comes to wedding planning -- I am excited but there is so much to do. I am always being asked how it is going and I just smile and shrug. You are a heck of a lot farther than I am though!!

  10. Can I just be honest and say it? Wedding planning is the worst. Good luck to you. But really, it's worth it. Just don't let yourself get caught up in the tiny meaningless details and you'll be ok. I promise no one will notice if you don't have your initials monogramed on your napkins. (One less thing to think about!)

  11. I thought bridesmaids dresses were going to be the death of me! Because of course the one I found on stupid Pinterest was just a skirt for close to $200!!! But, it sounds like you are making great progress on wedding planning! Definitely pass the flowers off to your mom! I have a love/hate relationship with flowers! HAHA! Aaaand one last thing - a Bloody Mary bar!?!? I need to be at your wedding... So, July 23rd huh!? ;) Kidding... sort of! Enjoy the ride as much as you can - wedding planning really isn't as fun as it's cracked up to be! Unless you have endless amounts of money... then I guess it could be fun!

  12. Bloody Mary Bar = the best thing since Bloody Mary's.

    Pinterest the shit out of that idea. That'll explode on Pinterest.

    How can you tell I'm a single 24 year old woman? While someone is talking about their wedding I'm touching on getting wasted & Pinterest. #BLESSED.

  13. I may just need that mug right now!

  14. Your mug = all wedding planning things that you don't want to do. First off, July is an excellent time to have a wedding since I just had mine this July. Second it is perfectly acceptable to have your mom do all the things you don't want to do, like talk to the flower lady about flowers that you don't even know you ABSOLUTELY NEED, like grandparents' wrist corsages. But be careful because then she starts doing the fun things like the hotel welcome bags. And tomagotchis sounds like an awesome idea. Seriously though it sounds like you're doing a great job planning your wedding. Enjoy it!

  15. Definite thumbs up at the tamagotchi idea! As a (mostly) silent reader of your blog my noseyness has taken over and I need to there a specific reason you guys are getting married in Colorado? Like does it have some cute sentimental meaning?

  16. everyone wants a band. we had a dj and it was awesome. just know that it doesn't make THAT much of a difference, at least in my little opinion! and yeah let your mom do it. haha

  17. I'd say you've done really well so far! It sounds like you have a lot figured out so far.

  18. I'm adopting the fox motto as my own for wedding planning. Thing I am most excited for in this process: food tasting.

  19. I'm a wedding photographer in Maine so naturally I'm wondering where the name of your photog is in your details!? Who is your wedding photographer!?

  20. Sorry I'm so late to comment on this post, playing some catch up! But I totally agree with you. I'm getting married in November (this November!) and I am always getting this question. I feel like I'm suppose to answer that I'm super stressed, but I'm not and feel like there's not much else to do except...have the actual wedding. Then I start wondering if I SHOULD be freaking out, am I forgetting something? Anyways, I'm not adding much to this post, but just wanted to let you know I FEEL YA!

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