Tay: a 339 Month Update

Monday, August 24, 2015

I turned 339 months a few days ago and I thought I should give you guys an update.

I just watched Straight Outta Compton this past weekend. Loved it. I might be going back into a serious old school rap phase for a bit. I'm going to have to dig out my CDs from my middle school that are labeled "BBALL TIME" and "Get Rowdy" with a black Sharpie marker. That's where the real rap music is. As a young suburban girl from a small town in Nebraska I could just relate to NWA and Eminem, you know? They got me. They understood my struggle.

On another note, I've put down the self help/memoirs for a bit and am reading some good old fashioned fiction. Currently on the list: Big Little Lies. So far, so good. I like Liane Moriarty, I think she's a good writer.

I spilled coffee on myself yesterday so bad I had to change. Then after I changed I was watering the plants and somehow managed to tip the watering can back on myself. Had to change again. So my hand-eye coordination seems to be decreasing an alarming rate.

My sister called at 6:00 p.m. last night. By 6:45 I had to call her back because I had no idea what we had just talked about. Literally none. A part of me wondered if I had picked up and said, let me call you right back. This one really bothered me because I pride myself on having a very sharp memory.

I think the problem may be I'm a wee bit stressed at the moment. At 339 months old, it's safe to say I've hit an all time high as far as stress goes. The two-do list is so long for the week I'd rather just look at it and fret about it than actually do anything. *Also there isn't actually a physical to-do list because I get too distracted to ever completely write out a full to-do list.

I've been told before I "keep a lot of stress in my jaw." Isn't that a weird thing to be told? I've had a dance teacher, improv coach, and most recently a headshot photographer tell me this.

When I look at the photo above I see what they mean. I'm clenching. I have the Stephanie Tanner look going on (not from her cute years.)

The things that have my head spinning include:
New business- launching this week. This one makes my stomach turn 10000 times.
T shirt time- funny thing to stress about right? It's Husker season in Nebraska and the loyal fans are in tshirt mode. I'm packaging and mailing more shirts than I can count at the moment. I am stressed, but GRATEFUL. So very grateful.
And then there's those big Nebraska stores who are knowingly stealing my designs and brand, Talk Herbie To Me, without acknowledging my trademark... that tends to stress me out just slightly.
And finally the wedding. So many decisions.... So many things to worry about.

I've had the tornado dream for five nights in a row. My two reoccurring stress dreams are: tornados chasing me, and someone telling me I'm actually eligible for one more year of high school basketball but oh no I haven't practiced in ten years and WHAT WILL I DO????

Some people eat when their stressed. Or work out. Or don't eat. My go-to coping mechanism is sleep. I'm a major stress sleeper. Chris thinks I'm narcoleptic and I might be a little. Someone can just say the word "sleep" and I'm out.

And this might be the most boring monthly update ever. Sorry, I guess 339 months isn't as fun of an age as 338. But 340 is going to be awesome. I'm sure of it.

I'll catch you tomorrow when things have calmed down a bit. For now I need a nap.


  1. Ain't no shame in no to-do list. I have one of those $70 planners that I MAYBE look at once or twice a week. And also ain't no shame in narcolepsy. My bestie has it, easily treated! Get a sleep study. Great for blog material. Or standup material. and yes, I also loved Straight Outta Compton. Had to blast California Love on the drive home ..

  2. when I'm stressed out I literally eat everything in front of me! I wish I could nap instead! x, kenz

  3. 340 is going to be the best month ever! Also Im off to figure out how many months I am - It should be easy since my bday is Wednesday but since math is NOT my strongpoint -- I shall google.

  4. 3 weeks till my wedding and I just made a hard copy to do list of all things we have to do. I seriously wish my go to stress plan was sleep. I usually like to eat but then you have to add the stress of "will the dress fit" and eating is out....which causes stress so its a lose lose lose.

  5. you got this. i know you must be very stressed. i'm a stress - jaw person too. isn't it weird when you're like- what the hell did I just do. Like yesterday I don't really remember being on the plane at all.

  6. My goodness, girl. You got lots going on but you can do it. Relax the jaw for a bit & truck on, it'll all go as it should. :)

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  8. Hang in there Tay! Feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the wedding planning shenanigans as well. You will rock it! P.S. Harlow's back to school outfit was the bomb. -Dayna // daysbyday.wordpress.com

  9. I'm jaw clenching sleep stresser too! Seriously, sometimes after shitty days I'll have the worst jaw ache from clenching...which means my resting bitch face must be pretty awesome those days too ;) Sometimes I'm a stress non-eater but other times I eat all my feelings BUT without fail anytime I'm overly stressed out all I want to do is sleep. My friends and family always joke about my "narcoleptic tendencies."

    Glad to know I'm not alone ;) but I hope you get a break sometime soon!

  10. hahaha stephanie tanner look suits you tho!! (In a good way I promise) Girl I have an etsy shop too so I understand that stress. Orders for days but so grateful but so stressful but omg. yeah. You got this!! And stores are stealing your designs????? That's so messed up!! I keep seeing other small business designs getting stolen from places like Target and TJMaxx. It's crazy and super annoying. What are you going to do about it? It's not fair ya know?? Good luck with the rest of you 339th month!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  11. I'm a stress sleeper too. When things suck, I'd rather just sleep through it than do anything else. But then I have stress dreams and that's a whole other issue.

  12. Liana Moriarty is my absolute FAVORITE author of the past year or so. I read Big Little Lies first (just re-read it! Still just as good), and then The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot-- all fabulous. Glad to hear you're loving her work too! (I think she writes women wonderfully). Sometimes a good nap can cure anything :) When I'm feeling stressed, my mother's favorite phase to tell me was "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." It makes no sense, and also makes a LOT of sense-- just focus on checking things off one-by-one. You can do it, Tay!

  13. Whenever I get stressed, I autopilot reach for my alarm and set it for like two hours and just lay my head down to go to sleep ha!

  14. Congratulations on making it 339 months! Nothing wrong with sleep it's a wonderful thing!

  15. Oh! I really like Liane Moriarty books - listening to The Husband's Secret right now on Audible.

    Wait until you're 360... or 372 months old and you're stressed out! I feel like I've been losing my mind like crazy in those 12 months in between...but I'm convinced it gets better (month 373 has been pretty damn good, looking forward to 374).

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