13 Reasons To Be Happy Today

Friday, September 25, 2015

*Because it's Friday.

*And it's Oktoberfest. I don't know what that means exactly but I know it involves beer.

*And because this is how I get to start every single morning. Morning Harlow is the best Harlow.

It's especially cute when Chris starts to iron because for some reason the sound of steam coming out of the iron terrifies Harlow so he curls up into me as tight as possible.

*Because Chris irons. He's one of those guy's who likes non-wrinkled clothing. Weird, I know. The closest I come to ironing is dragging my flat iron over the bottom of a shirt right before I run out the door.

*My friends are doing cool things. More specifically, Bon is doing cool things. Have you checked out her beautiful jewelry shop @heyjuneshop on Instagram? If you haven't, you should.

Bon is taking a new spin on birthstone jewelry. Hey June Shop encourages you not just to celebrate births with special stones, celebrate anything you want! So I chose the beautiful topaz November stone. Why? Because November is the month I met my best friend, Harlow of course!

And it's also the month I started dating Chris 100 years ago. I meant to say Chris first... whoops. Luckily he doesn't read this blog so he'll never know. Harlow however reads daily.

Use the code: TAY20 and you get 20% off! And FREESHIP gets you free shipping on any order above $50! And follow on Instagram at @heyjuneshop because it's nice to support each other obviously. Go Bon go!

*Because the Pope is in town (or country whatever.) I don't consider myself catholic anymore, but boy oh boy do I have a crush on that guy.

*And this story about the old man who built a train for abandoned dogs to go on rides. I watched the video like 10 times because I'm CRAZY.

*The nails have officially gone dark for the season. #thedailybasic

*Speaking of that hashtag... all of your wonderful photos are giving me the basic warm fuzzies. That feed is quickly filling up and I'm loving it!

*Starbucks. Check. Brick wall. Check. HAND! Check. @hellorigby really brought it home with this one.

*Amy Schumer just scored an 8-10 million book deal for her memoir. A female comedian who speaks her mind and constantly calls out the bullshit of our male dominated society getting this kind of book deal is incredible. Whether you like Amy or not (I'm a huge fan) you have to admit this is amazing. Go Amy go!

*Harlow is taking over my Snapchat today @thedailytay (spoiler alert: he takes it over every day.)

*And because tomorrow is the weekend. Oh thank God.

Let's keep the list going. What makes you happy today?


  1. Nailed that #thedailybasic pic @hellorigby. now i need a starbucks cup. I really should look into the tradition of oktoberfest.

  2. Seriously, I just want to squeeze Harlow. Such a sweetie! And while "fall" has technically began, it's still in the 80s here ... my nails will go dark about the time I put on pants/leggings for the first time since April ... probably early November :)

  3. Hello,

    This is a wonderful list! Many happy things indeed! i just posted my Friday Favorites up on the blog! Check it out!


  4. I'm happy today is Friday and that my schedule is back on some semblance of normality after the High Holidays have ended.

  5. I'm going to Octoberfest tonight! Beer and bratwurst galore.

  6. I included that guy and his dog train in my post today too! Gotta love it.

  7. Love this! I'm so happy that it's fall, now all I want is sweater weather to come and I will be ecstatic!

    The Blush Blonde

  8. I don't deserve you.

    Thanks so much for the awesome review. The world needs more people like you.

  9. I will be happy that the Pope is in America, if he stops over running my damn TV. I like to have not Pope talk in the background when I'm working, and in the Airstream, without cable, it is impossible!!!

    In fact, I'm going to blame the fact that I am doing nothing cool or successful all on the Pope. Thanks for nothing Pope!


  10. I wasn't ready to go dark when I got my nails done last week but now I'm super pumped to break out the fall colors. Also, I am regretting not going to see the pope this weekend. At least to see Philly so sparklin' clean.

  11. Dark nails for dayyyys. Those dogs on the train though. And Harlow makes me happy & I don't even know him.

    Love this list!

  12. Can't wait to read amys memoir I love her!!!

  13. Yay for Bon's shop! Seriously just saved my butt for my sister's birthday present. Happy weekend!

  14. I definitely just thought people were spending a lot of time doodling on Starbucks cups this season, and then I slowly realized...

  15. Much to be happy about. I love that nail color. Have a happy weekend my friend.

  16. Much to be happy about. I love that nail color. Have a happy weekend my friend.

  17. This is lovely! ALSO Bon's designs are gorgeous!!! <3


  18. My husband loves to iron too! I tend to just make more wrinkles. Haha.

  19. For me the number 1 reason to be happy is that I wake up alive and not dead..........................
    Tim has never ironed anything just saying

  20. Reading your post makes me happy and giggle. Thanks for always being yourself! I've only been reading for a short while but I know when I open your email I'm going to smile or giggle at something!

  21. Thanks for sharing my photo, Taylor! I read your post before taking that photo and figured it fit the theme just perfectly. ;)

  22. Glad you got the link about the dog train and that it made you as happy as it made me!

  23. I just love happy lists! This is great lady!