20 Fast Facts About Me- a reintroduction

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hi everyone!

I've noticed I have a lot of new readers around here so I wanted to take a second to introduce myself... I'm just kidding. I don't think I have any new readers I just always love when bloggers say that so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

It felt weird.  Never the less, I'm going to tell you 20 fast facts about me. Not slow, super FAST.
1. I work from home, so when I actually take a moment to "get ready" it's a BIG deal. This was last Friday night and right before our cab came I said, "Chris will you take a pic really fast?"

2. However you must also know I am terrible at photos. If I see anyone else on the street that might be witnessing my lame blog photo shoot I will jump in the bush and act like nothing ever happened.

3. Thus I have this constant battle always going on inside of me. One part of me wants to document the moment I attempted to care about my appearance and the other part is screaming "No stop! This is awkward and very very dumb. Run!"

4. I think the problem lies in the fact I am way too self aware. I get embarrassed for myself a lot. I know I'm acting like a jackass while I'm acting like a jackass. 

5. Which is a shame because I frequently act like a jackass. See photo below. 

6. In all honesty, I just got this new dress and new booties and was clearly very proud. Ugh, I'm the worst. I know.

7. I love the style right now. I hate anything a. low cute or b. super short. So I'm totally digging this weird length dress stuff we're all into. We're all into it, right? Not just me? Oh.

8. I still shop at Urban Outfitters. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Teenage grunge is just so fun!

9. These photos are all blurry and crappy because they were taken on an iphone and I was moving/trying to hide from my neighbors.

10. In the background you can see Officer Scoots. I drive that bad boy and feel way too cool about it.

10. After this photo shoot we went out to Momotaro. It's a place in the West Loop that is almost too hip for its own good. The Stanley Cup was there but we missed it. NOT HAPPY.

11. I'm going to pick out a wedding dress today by myself. Is that weird?

12. I'm going to Instagram/Snapchat it so follow @thedailytay.

13. Also I hate Instagram.

14. I've never in my life been called a "sweetheart" or "sweetie." But I have been called a spitfire. What the hell does that mean? I spit on fire? Fire spits on me? I don't get it, grandma.

15. I literally just found out I got into the New York comedy festival next month... Yay! New Yorkers, wanna get drinks?

16. The spacing issues on blogger.com makes me want to claw out my eyes. Also speaking of bloggy stuff, I'm looking for someone to help me add a page tab to my top bar. Any takers?!

17. My necklace is the Mini from the Vo Jewelry line. She's a Chicago designer and her stuff is pretty rad.

18. My leather jacket is from 1998. Like for real.

19. Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about the business I'm launching. Please come back to say hi because launching a new business is scary...... So any and all positive vibes are welcome and very much appreciated.

20. I love positive vibes. I can feel them already.

k thanks byeeeee.


  1. I can't wait to hear about your new business! Also, I'll be in NYC next month and I'm totally down for drinks! We can pretend to be blogger-y and hide in the bushes from our photos-on-the-street shame together.

  2. If you make a pit-stop in Michigan I'm definitely down for drinks!
    But I'm so excited to hear about your new business!!

  3. I'm awkward its why my blog rarely has photos these days.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You can't show us those awesome boots and then not tell us where you got them ;) I've been looking for some like that!! xo | thesequinedspatula.blogspot.com

  6. Points #1-4 are about the exact same thoughts that I have every time I try and take outfit pictures! Its a huge mental game to get over some days!! And how the heck do you have a leather jacket from 1998, thats amazing!!

    xo, Sarah

  7. I also noticed the half up hair bun is back!! but I love longer length stuff because I hate my legs!

  8. Cheers to half-up-bun- hair-dos! I'm rocking one today! Good luck wedding dress shopping! I kinda wish I did a little shop on my own before the big "say yes to the dress extravaganza".

  9. Oh Taylor, I have always thought of you as a sweetie! You make me giggle each day I read your blog. ��

  10. Oh Taylor, I have always thought of you as a sweetie! You make me giggle each day I read your blog. ��

  11. Wooooo!!! So hopefully we will see you, we are going on the Robinson Family Vacation (10 of us .. eeeek!) - a cruise from Oct 3-8. So hopefully that doesn't fall in line with when you'll be in town!!

    1. actually I just stalked out the festival (assuming it's the same one as last year) and I see it'll be ok!!!! WOOOOO!!!

  12. Oh Taylor, I have always thought of you as a sweetie! You make me giggle each day I read your blog. 😊

  13. 1. I love how you turned an "about me" post into an outfit post. Sneaky sneaky! But I don't blame ya, I would want to show off that outfit too! 2. Just started following you on Snapchat. Pretty excited to see the random shit you snap. 3. I'll be in New York next month too whaaaaaaaa. 4. That's all. You rock girl.

  14. these are the days where I wish that we could be real life friends. because we are internet friends. also spitfires are better.

  15. AH CONGRATS. You are gonna rock that NYC comedy fest. Won't be in NYC for drinks, but how about drinks here in Chitown?? We can talk about how awkward we feel having people take pics of us alone. I can hardly ever, like basically never, bring myself to do it. PS also need to look for a wedding dress but help it seems daunting.

  16. That outfit, being comedian, a new business, a scooter driver...This post just totally confirmed for me that you are one of the coolest bloggers out there!

  17. You managed to capture my mental process during blog photos! I've lost so much dignity over this ... literally have promised friends drinks and notes and In-N-Out just for a measly Instagram! And WOOOOHOOOOO congrats on the comedy festival!!!!

  18. hahah love all of these facts and I am a newish reader so your opening line is totally legit weather you want it to be or not so HI! Also I do blog design so I can help with your page tab addition thing. Also you're hilarious so obviously you're in a comedy festival that I wish I could attend. YAY NEW BUSINESS LAUNCHING! go girl! Can't wait to see what it is! ps the midi length dresses are my fave so like love your dress/bootie combo rn

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  19. Where is your dress from? I love your entire outfit! I don't think I can rock the booties though, but I could rock that dress....

  20. Congratulations on getting into the festival! That's awesome!

    Very exciting about the wedding dress AND the new business!

    I hate Instagram too. And love it. I'm so conflicted.

  21. You're not alone with the I wanna take a picture but its so awkward I wanna die dilemma....At least Chris will take some photos for you. I have to either selfie it or set up my tripod somewhere (the iphone kind that wraps around tree branches mind you) and take them myself haha

  22. Oh my gosh I can't wait to read about your new business, definitely sending you positive vibes. I love Urban outfitters too and I think you look adorable in your "weird length" dress!

  23. I think I'm a somewhat new follower, so hey, I feel like this "reintroduction" was just for me! Yay me! A comedy festival in NYC sounds like a pretty amazing opportunity. Yay you!

  24. Yay on the comedy festival. I'm moving to the US from Sydney in October and NY is on the list of places to visit!

  25. I think you are "totes adorbs" in all your pics...even the blurry ones when you're rushing to get away. Ha! & the vintage leather jacket - love it! :)

  26. 1. I love teenage grunge 2. I would love to hit up the festival to see your stand up. Let us know the deetz!

  27. 1. I'm a new reader and
    2. I love reading your posts!

    Thanks for being 100% honest and original.

  28. haha i work from home too.. and i always make my husband take a photo of me if i get dressed to go out somewhere. it IS a big deal!

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