Oh So Basic

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Just popping in real quick to bring you your weekly dose of #thedailybasic. All of your basic fall pics are blowing my mind. Harlow's been impressed as well. 
He's really embraced the season if you can't tell...

I didn't even ask him to pose, I swear. He just does it naturally now.

I'm trying to keep my head on straight as I tackle about four days worth of work tonight since I'm heading off to New York Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. I also just found out that rather than doing only two shows there, I actually get to do four. So I'll be telling jokes at Broadway Comedy Club Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then on Saturday night I'll be doing a show at Greenwich Village comedy club.

So that's exciting. And also scary because I haven't even started writing my set yet... So I should probably get on that soon.

Anyway... just as a little basic reminder, at the end of October I'm going to choose my favorite photo and the winner will be sent a basic gift package consisting of: a blanket scarf (duh) similar to the one you see below, a coffee tumbler, and a pumpkin candle. Basic necessities pretty much. Make sure to use #thedailybasic and to be certain I see your photos tag me @thedailytay.

Let's get to it, here's some of my favs from the past few days. For one reason or another, all of these pics give me the warm fuzzies.









Yes, I love it all so much. Follow these gals, their pics will make you happy.

On that note, happy Sunday night! And GO CUBS GO!


  1. Wait, wait, wait, Broadway Comedy Club? The one on 53rd? If so, I will have to try and come see you perform?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Greenwich Village comedy club! I love that place. hmmm It would be awesome to see you perform in person. I've been reading your blog for a long time.

  3. Go Mets Go!!! See you .. One of those days, either Wed or Thurs, see you then!!!

  4. is it me, or is this challenge bringing out the best in people?

  5. Thank you for sharing my photo!! Good luck with writing your set. I just watched Amy's HBO special and I'm feeling all the warm fuzzies for female comics!

  6. Love that Starbucks mug print! I don't know why mine didn't give me one like that when I got my PSL!

    Her Heartland Soul

  7. All of those basic fall photos make my heart happy! That is exciting about performing four shows!!

  8. Man! My pic made it TWO TIMES IN A ROW?! I didn't even realize how basic I am. Fall is truly bringing out the best in me...


  9. this challenge is DEFINITELY bringing out the best Fall version of me :P thanks for sharing my photo!! and i'm definitely going to try to see you tonight!!

  10. I so love all of these posts, best hashtag award! Seriously I love it!