Happy Harloween + The Daily Basic

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This may be the most joy filled post I have ever written.

Although truthfully, words can't even begin to describe the fun I had last weekend looking at your pups in costumes. It was just the best.

That being said, I slightly regret making it a contest because I stared at all of the #harlowhalloween pics for a solid hour today trying to decide how to pick just one. I love them all. I love them all so much.

But it must be done.

However before I tell you who I'm sending a free "I Just Want To Hang With My Dog" shirt to, I'm going to post a few others I really liked as well. For time reasons, I can't repost all 70 entries. But damnit, I'd liked to.

Harlow thinking long and hard about his kingdom. And also who to choose.

Get ready for the cuteness. It's going to hit you hard in 3. 2. 1...

The tacos, the lions, the hipster, Princess Leia, the dapper lab right above. It's all so good.

But there was just something about this little cow that got me. I think it was the utters. 

Or the ears. It may be the ears. This little cow is too cute for words so @julieannart will be sent the free shirt. I did some research and found out little Penny has her own Instagram @ohheypenny just an FYI.

Thank you fellow dog lovers for indulging me this past weekend. We'll probably have to do something similar for the holidays. Yes, yes we definitely will.

One more thing... the winner for the basic gift package goes to @logan_can for all of the basic goodness in this beautiful basic photo.

I scrolled through all 1200 photos and this one continued to jump out. I can practically smell the pumpkin spice.

And just as a sidenote, continue to use #thedailybasic for as long as you continue to feel the basic need. It doesn't have to go away! It shouldn't go away.

And that's all for tonight. Catch you on the flip side.


  1. Love it and thanks for the shoutout! I also thought the cow was the clear winner!

  2. Oh my gosh too cute!! That little cow-dog... omg.

    Emma Seeking the South

  3. you nailed it with your challenge. totally nailed it.also i could scroll through this post for hours. I just love dogs.

  4. The cow was a knockout!!!! The utters ahhhh I love it!!!!!!!

  5. OMG love the lion dogs!!! So adorable (and sometimes quite realistic)! Dogs = life.

  6. hahaha love it!
    Abbie E.

  7. Aw these pictures made me smile! Nothing like seeing animals dressed up in costumes. 😻


  8. The lion costume is my favorite on any dog. i think the mane is what makes it so hilarious. my chihuahuas are always lions and it's perfect with pixie, whose fawn colored already bc she looks like an actual mini lion haha
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  9. All these adorable doggy halloween costumes are REALLY making me wish I didn't live in an apartment building where dogs aren't allowed. I want one to dress up all cute.

  10. I've loved using thedailybasic and will definitely continue! Harloween is so adorable! All of the dog costumes are just adorable.

  11. Yay! I just love Julie's feed...and her pup is too cute for words!

  12. Love the cow costume! But of course I'm partial to my dapper lab ;) ps He is a lab chow mix lol

  13. I love them!! Yes, the cow was adorable ohhh my gosh! Too much cuteness!

  14. These are amazing! Love the cow!! So freakin' cute!

  15. So fun! I love dogs. I love dogs in costumes. thank you for making this a thing. Also, still using thedailybasic on the daily. basically.

  16. These are all so so cute! The cow is definitely adorable!

  17. Haha oh my gosh I love these. Made me laugh out loud. The lion mane is hilarious.

  18. Harlow's costume is amazing. Halloween costumes for pups are the best!