My Holiday Spark

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It always starts with the Reeses bells.

As soon as I see them available at the fancy grocery store where I shop (CVS) I have to buy a bag. It's tradition.

And then the holiday magazines start ending up on my doorstep and the Christmas commercials start popping up on TV reminding us all what the season is really about: commercialism.

But I eat it up. I love it all. I watched the dumbest Christmas commercial the other day where at the end the adult daughter tells her dad (who was a retired coach or something) that she's pregnant by giving him a baby jersey for a present. I think that's what happened anyway. I'm not sure because I had tears in my eyes.

Because I LOVE Christmas. Once I put up my tree I'll spend hours just sitting in the dark staring at its beautiful glow, filled with a warm sentimental feeling that I can't quite put into words. But if I had to, it would sound something like the intro to Wonder Years.

I just love this time of year.

Everyone was grumbling in Starbucks the other day because they were already playing holiday tunes and I was just sitting in the corner with a happy ass grin plastered on my face loving every second of it.

And when you love something you have to celebrate it. ON INSTAGRAM. It just makes sense.

So I'm teaming up with the inventor of blogging, Helene from Helene In Between, to bring you a fun holiday Instagram challenge, #MYHOLIDAYSPARK

What is it:

Anything you want it to be. Whatever inspires your holiday spirit.

When can I start posting:

Now. Yesterday. Tomorrow. No rules, my friends.


Because holiday photos are warm and happy and almost as good as #thedailybasic photos.

Also because Helene and I will be reposting our favorites on our blog and even tossing in some holiday gifts... If you'd to make sure we see your pics tag us @heleneinbetween and @thedailytay and use #MyHolidaySpark.

This is going to be fun. Holiday pics make me oh so happy. I'm already excited to see what you post.

What are the first signs of the season for you? Happy holidays, everyone! The time is finally here!


  1. Its the first peppermint anything for me. As soon as I have one, thats it!

  2. it's the instagram gift that keeps on giving.

  3. I've embraced Christmas. My dad (a pediatrician) had an autistic patient come in last week who asked for Christmas music instead of whatever was playing, and his mom said all music hurts his hears and he hates it but when Christmas music starts it's on 24-7. And when a kid who hates music asks for Christmas radio, you PUT ON CHRISTMAS RADIO. So I'm pleased when I hear it playing, whatever grumble-y fun hating starbucks patrons.
    I just told Helene, my dogs are getting pictures with Santa on Sunday so my win is in the bag! ($10 donation, Pratt and Western-ish, sponsored by the Red Door Animal Society, where my dog was adopted from, in case you're interested in getting Harlow a picture!)

  4. I'm seriously so excited! I can't wait for all of the holiday pictures!

  5. I love this! Holiday times are the best.. holding out til Dec 1 to put up my tree, but holiday music is ON! Also I may or may not have used #myholidayspark 1 minute into reading this post..

  6. So fun, I love the Instagram challenges that you and Helene are always creating! I'm the same way about those festive reese cups--I spot them in Target and it's over.

  7. I need to remember to use this hashtag. There will probably be tons of pictures of my 2 month old staring at the Christmas lights and fire in the fireplace. Oh and my husband gave me permission to put up decorations before Thanksgiving #winning.

    P.S...Is #winning still a thing? I hope so.

  8. ahh so excited for this!! xx, kenz

  9. Firstly that I start adding egg nog to my bourbon, that's pretty much a dead giveaway that Christmas is near!

  10. Does this month's credit card bill with the OUTRAGEOUS Hobby Lobby bill count as #mychristmasspark ?!?!?! The 98* 'This Chirstmas' CD is on repeat. Yes, my car still has a CD player haha!

  11. Such a great idea! Can't wait to see everyone's happy, festive holiday pics!

  12. just like its reeses bells for you, i live for the peppermint tootise roll pops :|

  13. I do not, under most any circumstance, start celebrating Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, as the time gets closer I always get giddy and will randomly think "Eek! It's almost time!" which I think I like almost as much as actually celebrating.

  14. I LOVE this idea and am definitely going to use this hashtag. Thanks!

  15. I love all things Christmas. I want Reese's now. I am loving the link up!

  16. I don't observe Christmas or any of the buildup to it... other than the fact that my family has an annual Chinese-food party on Christmas Eve, and goes to the movie theatres on Christmas Day.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday around this time of year, even more so than Hanukkah. As I've gotten older, I've realized how commercialized Hanukkah has become... in fact, that sparks an idea for a blog post!