The Wedding Nightmares part 2

Friday, November 13, 2015

cards found here. 

The wedding nightmares come out of nowhere and they're almost always the same.

It's my wedding day and I have nothing prepared. Most times I don't even realize it's my wedding day. Someone will have to be like "Taylor, why aren't you getting ready?" And then I'll be like, "for what?" And then the mysterious no-faced person shouts "YOUR WEDDING."

And then I panic!!!!!

I get the same feeling when people ask me, "so how's wedding planning going?" um.. it's going. 

"Do you have all of the big things done?" big things such as? can you expand on this one?

"What are your colors?" I don't know. White? Off white? Champagne. Lots of champagne. 

What does this question mean- what are my colors? And why does everyone keep asking it?

We're still like 8 months away. That's plenty of time. In terms of growing a baby, our wedding barely even has facial features at this point. It doesn't even have toes. But it does have a band and an open bar so I think we're doing okay.

The other question I get is about where we're registered. At what point do we do this?

It's tricky registering for wedding gifts when you're city dwellers like Chris and I.

Fun fact: we have zero storage. Literally zero. Chris and I share a closet. Wrap your head around that one.

So we're going to be pretty conservative and only register for things we absolutely need.

Like a circus style popcorn machine, a Jimmy Buffet margarita blender, a Waffle House waffle maker, roller skate sneakers, a pinball machine, you know, the necessities for that first year of marriage.

The other plan is to register for some cool wall art. Like a lot of people today, Chris and I have a thing for gallery walls...

As in we're striving to fill every bare space on every wall. Too much? Never.

This one is a work in progress. We're calling it our Chicago wall.

We found these awesome prints from Minted Art and I'm kind of in love with them. We were able to customize our size and even the frame we wanted, and it was all delivered right to our front door within four days of ordering. I hate when I order a cool print and then it just sits somewhere for weeks because I can never find the right frame.

Minted takes care of everything. Your prints are ready to be hung up right when you receive them.

I am constantly looking for cool pieces to add to our walls and the selection at Minted's online artist marketplace is incredible.

I also purchased the book art from Minted, it's right above my Second City "diploma" that I jokingly have hung up. Fun fact #2: "Successfully" is spelled wrong on the certificate. Thanks Second City, money well spent!

And tips on registering? Right now we've got two stores in mind and one animal charity. I figure people will probably get tired of buying me and Chris dish towels so then they might as well save some dogs and cats in our name instead. Seems like a win/win.

But for real, any tips on registering would be greatly appreciated.

K thanks bye! Happy Friday!!!

Wait, one. more. thing. I have a new line of shirts/sweatshirts coming out this weekend and I am SO EXCITED. I hope you like them... We'll call it the Harlow X line.


  1. Same situation here: small apartment and no space! We're doing a very small registry and a honeymoon registry through Honeyfund. :)

  2. In my latest wedding nightmare I don't remember walking down the aisle, our photographer refuses to take the 1 picture I really want/we end up missing the entire reception and our wedding cake is the size of a thimble.

  3. I skipped the whole registry and bridal shower part of my wedding so I am absolutely no help but I think a margarita maker is a must :)

  4. I understand not having enough room (750 sq ft). We have most of our wedding gifts still boxed up. I'll use our mixer every once in a while and then it goes back into the box! I recommend registering for nice sheets/pillows & towels. Can't go wrong with those and they don't take up too much room.

  5. Oh my gosh I hope they're more dog shirts. I'm wearing mine too much I need something new lol. Also, love minted so much. And my "gallery wall" is way worse. It's basically like...a line of frames that goes across the wall. It's so stupid. And isn't registering for gifts so weird? I got forced into it and it felt so unnecessary especially because we had already been living together for years. I feel like everyone judges you on your registry too you know? Like omg Karen wants a $300 vase what a bitch. Lol. I think the charity idea is genius. But a waffle maker would be so fun, definitely try to get one of those ;)

  6. I love your gallery wall! I'm still in college so I am unfortunately living in the residence halls, there fore it's a super tiny little collage wall, but I still love it! I am super excited to see what your new t-shirts entail! xx, kenz

  7. Register for a honeymoon or cash! I've been to quite a few weddings where I gifted them some money online - easy peasy (and no shopping for me!)

  8. a pellet ice maker. It will be perfect for margaritas. And definitely register for the honeymoon!!!

  9. We registered for our honeymoon on honeyfund. It was great and we ended up getting most of our excursions paid for that way (we went on a cruise).

  10. Had the same issue! We live in a downtown apt, and literally it feels like everything we got for the kitchen - AKA the tiniest storage space possible. One thing I learned is that people will buy you what you didn't register for (we got so many Nebraska serving plates, dishes - you know how crazy husker fans are). I got scanner happy while registering and we ended up taking things back because of it. We got TONS of gift cards, so if you keep your list minimal, people will just get gift cards or give cash which is awesome. Also, I was confused when to register too because the seasons change and new things come in stock. We did it early like 6 months before and added things here and there then just updated it online. Good luck with the planning! I have a blog post coming Mon on what I learned from a wedding planning ;)

  11. A friend of mine just got married and they asked for giftcards to Nebraska Furniture Mart so they can save up for a new couch. They had a cute little insert with their invites letting guests know their wishes.

    Registering for a honeymoon and animal donations are good ideas too!!

  12. I think the weirdest thing we registered for was a vacuum cleaner and a really nice cordless drill.

  13. My friends just got married and set up a Honeymoon fund in exchange for registering since they already had been living together for awhile and had everything they needed. There's online Honeymoon funds you can register on or you can even set up donations to a charity instead of giving a gift too.

  14. Love your gallery walls! I'm sure the nightmares are actually a good thing, at least that means you want the best for your big day! It will be great!!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  15. Have you thought about registering somewhere unconventional but at someplace where you'd go anyway, like Sports Authority if you go to the gym often, or even barnes and noble if you're big readers? Or even Minted if you love wall art? Something like that could be really fun!! xx

  16. Wait until you get even closer and everyone asks "how's wedding planning going? Are you like done?" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! I'm pretty sure you aren't done until the reception is over.

    One friend got the advice to register somewhere that sells nice baby things (like pottery barn or restoration hardware) that way you can return things and use the store credit to buy a nice crib or something in the future.

  17. We registered at Target and Macy's for a bunch of "essentials:" towels, sheets, vacuum, blender, utensils and cooking stuff, a dish set I looooove, but nothing fancy (no china, silver, stuff like that.) I thought we were doing really good, being simple compared to lots of other southern registries. To this day, 80% of that stuff is still in boxes at my parents'. A lotta good it did us. (We've been moving/city living and have no need/room for a 6 piece dish set for 8, ya know?)

    1. Basically, I have no real advice. Just, you know what you need and what you don't need. I wish I had.

  18. We did the same thing -- registered for some (too much) stuff and gave people the option of donating to one of two charities we picked out (one of which was a local dog rescue group). The only issue we had was when people donated, we have no way of knowing they did that, so we couldn't thank them appropriately. A couple people told us directly or mentioned it in a card, but otherwise I felt bad that we couldn't send thank you cards or anything.

    I don't really have a solution -- maybe you can ask a local group to keep track of the donations they get in your names? I still love that we did that and I know a good number of people donated, I just wish we had thought it through a little more.

  19. The charity donation for your registry is a lovely idea!

  20. Register with Zola. It lets you add stuff from any website to the same registry. It has a great app and they've got some amazing stuff also. You can also add cash funds, honeymoon funds, or charity funds, if that's what you want to do. We've got stuff on our registry from Zola directly, Pottery Barn, LL Bean, Minted, West Elm, etc. It's nice because you don't have to choose just one place. Also you can pick when they ship stuff to you. Oh and they also allow you to make group gifts. So like we registered for a couch (which would be absurd to ask one person to get for us) so people can contribute as much as they'd like to it. It's pretty cool.

    I'm with you on the no storage thing though. We share a dresser and a closet in 400 square feet. Woof.