What I Always Pack For Vacation

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Remember how I said I'm going to live travel blog? Yea, that starts tomorrow.

Today I'm going to tell you about the necessities that I always bring when I go to Cabo.

TBT to a few years ago in Cabo. Chris and I look like babies! Man, time flies. Don't worry, this year we brought swimsuits.
*actual drop off is less than three feet, calm down.

My Travel Pack List:

1. Slippers.
We do a lot of house drinking in Cabo and I like to do that in absolute comfort. Most people just wear flip flops, I suppose. But most people don't have talon toes like I do.

2. Cardigans and sweaters!
Because I am 100. I don't care if it's 85 every day down there, once it hits dusk it cools down and I hate to be chilly when I drink my Metamucil, darn it.

3. Scarves.
I never leave home without one.

4. Lots of hats.
Because I am scared of the sun and choose pale skin over cancer. And dark spots are quickly covering my body and it makes me sad.

I know what you're thinking, Taylor you have the wardrobe of my grandma when she travels and I LOVE it. Well thank you! But not so fast, I also always bring:

5. Pasties and skin tape!
Should I venture out of the house in something other than a sweater and a scarf I want to make sure everything is held together. Wouldn't want my boy chest flopping out everywhere now would we?

6. Imodium and Tums.
For obvious reasons. Sometimes being a fearless eater hurts.

7. Anti hangover pills.
Sometimes being a fearless drinker hurts.

8. Boardgames! Yay!
My family is really into movie trivia, so naturally we're a fan of Pop Stream.

Has anyone else played this game? It's cool because you just download the app and then you have access to tons of movie clips.

Then basically you buzz in to control a question and then bet on your answer. And then the game board interacts with your ipad. It's a super fun game, I can't wait to play it at Christmas as well because I'm GOOD!

Okay that's it for now. There's a really good chance I may drop off the grid next week. If you're worried about my state of being follow on Instagram @thedailytay.

See ya!!!!


  1. Do tell about these anti-hangover pills!!

  2. I know the packing list must get extensive with the kiddos... something I'm gonna have to take note of when we take our first trip with the little one ;)

  3. Damn it... usually I see people go on vacation and feel so happy for them and excited to see their pictures. With your vaca I am NOTHING but jealous. Freakin' Cabo?? Day drinking in slippers?? Tiny little island dresses that require tape to keep everything concealed? Gosh darn it... I need some Cabo in my life. (HAVE FUN!!)

  4. I have never heard of that game, but now I need it.

  5. I'm with Jordan - what are these amazing anti-hangover pills and where do I get them? Vegas is coming my way soon and I need all the help I can get.

  6. The real question is..when can I join the fun? I saw those Snapchats of your dad moving and grooving in the subway station and I need to see that live.

  7. Love it! Scarves, sweaters and slippers are a MUST. Going to San Fran in a couple weeks, awesome idea for a post. Thanks!

  8. Never heard of the game but it looks amazing! We play Heads Up or Scene It (harder to bring with you traveling). Heads Up is so much fun but doesn't have a lot of great categories, some start to repeat cards. Definitely going to have to try Pop Stream!

  9. Lol to the tums and immodium. Fearless eaters unite! x

  10. Your posts just crack me up! Thank you for sharing and being apologetically yourself! Love it!