14 Things I Do Every December

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

And just like that today is already December 1st. Thus I present, 14 Things I Do Every December.

I start to panic that Christmas is already here, which means it's pretty much already over.

This might have something to do with the holiday hysteria my mom instilled in me from a very young age. Basically my mom's motto is this: you must go over the top ape shit crazy about the holidays or you will die.

And I mean that in the very best way. You don't simply endure the holiday season, you enjoy the hell out of it, whether you like it or not. And I think I just found a new post idea for later this week..."Inside Every Mom's Head During The Holidays..." or something like that.

I feel the need to watch every Christmas movie ever made. Like a few of these.

Just last weekend I watched Home Alone 1 & 2, Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, and A Christmas Story. So I'm doing pretty good. Also if you haven't read this post about Home Alone, stop what you're doing and read it now.

*Fun fact: I auditioned for Home Alone 3. They held an open call at the Sioux City mall in Iowa and damn it I went to it! Boy did I miss a bullet by not getting cast in that garbage movie. I sure feel bad for the dumb blonde they cast as the sister instead of me! Fun Fact #2: it was Scarlett Johansson...

I get excited to move the small Santa Claus in my Christmas countdown calendar because I'm a child.

My brother and I used to fight like hell over this same thing when we were little, even when he'd move it before me I would still sometimes move it back, just to move it forward again. Guess you just can't let go of some things.

I remember why I loathe Elf on the Shelf. Really Facebook Mom I don't know, you hand sewn an entire pilot outfit and made an actual replica of a Southwest Plane just for your child's elf to sit in for ONE day? That's a little aggressive.

Don't worry, Nag in the Bag will be back this year...

From now until December 25th it's only Christmas tunes. All day, every day! Sometimes I don't even want to listen to them, but I force myself.

I want peppermint everything. But most specifically, peppermint ice cream.

This is the only time of year I'm okay with snow falling. After December, the snow has got to go.

I get choked up when I watch the scene with Clark Griswold in the attic watching home videos. Does this make anyone else sad? Just that song makes the tears flow.

I continue to buy Christmas junk from Tj Maxx until the very last day. This includes but isn't limited to: decorative napkins, cinnamon candles, holiday coffee mugs, holiday socks, reindeer pillows, snowflake blankets, and a bunch of other stupid shit.

I'm a huge Peeping Tom this time of year and love to walk Harlow at night so I can look in everyone's windows at their big gorgeous trees.

I stay up late every night just to stare at the glow of my Christmas tree. And then I let this warm weird feeling of nostalgia wipe over me and I can't tell if I'm sad or happy. Or just tired.

There's just something about the Christmas Tree glow when I'm the only one awake in the house that really gets me. I think it gets Harlow too.

We're a bunch of hams, I know.

Each and every year, I'm determined to make it the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. *see mom's holiday hysteria above.

What do you have to do every December?

PS: #MyHolidaySpark is killing it on Instagram. So many jollies when I scroll that feed. I'll be posting my favs later this week.


  1. You and Harlow in front of the Christmas tree is my favourite picture ever! If you photoshop Chris in there, you have your holiday card!

  2. I cry a little at that scene in Christmas Vacation too! I love how nostalgia makes you feel happy and sad..good way to describe it!

  3. That scene in Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites... (it's up there, right after "the shitter was full" line...ha!) because it really is awesome. :-)

  4. This is off topic, but your snap last night..hilarious!!! I want to punch someone everyone I hear "I've had a lot of requests for my makeup routine." Sure you did. Anyways, I didn't even have a crazy Christmas Mom and I am already panicking that it's almost over. I feel like if I don't get my shopping and cards done this week then I won't make it on time. I drive around and get this sad feeling like it's already over. I feel like thanksgiving just needs to be combined with Christmas already so we can joint celebrate them for twice as long. I'm cool with eating turkey through Decembers

  5. My sister and I used to fight over who got to move the Advent calendar too! I'm glad that we weren't the only ones. And I feel like my mood is 1000 times happier now that it's Christmas time! Us Texans will gladly take some of the snow in Chicago for a little while so we can have a white Christmas!

  6. Sounds like you had a very productive Christmas movie watching weekend! I have some catching up to do!

  7. I don't have room in my small apartment for a real tree. So I make one with green paper on the wall and pin up LED lights and paper ornaments. Ta-da! 2D Christmas tree. Right now, we're all playing 'NOT IT' at work because nobody wants to put up the dusty, cumbersome tree in the lobby.

    Patricia @ Lady with Books

  8. Relating SO much to all of this. I would totally add Gremlins to the must-watch Christmas movie list. Non-traditional choice, but seriously one of the best.

    Rachelle \\ caffeinatedlibrary.com

  9. LOL at the mom motto...so true! My mom is the same way :)

  10. That scene from Christmas Vacation gets me every time!

  11. I'm also a fan of "the glow." Watching Home Along (1 & 2, never any others) and Christmas Vacation is a must!

  12. Literally I want it to be dark all of December so I can have my tree glowing and I can just stair at it. I'm in love.

  13. I just love everything about December (except it getting dark super early, but hey, it means more time for Christmas lights)!

  14. I start to panic December 1 that I will never finish my Christmas shopping in time, when in reality it's been done since September (year round shopaholic over here). I also hate the first of January, because no good holidays come around until 4th of July! I'm a total holiday nutcase...but the best people are.

  15. I absolutely love the "glow" of Christmas tree's! There's something so peaceful about the lights & the quiet of the house.

    I'm always a stressed out mess during the holidays because I take buying gifts to a whole new level, I have to make sure each gift is "perfect." I really should let my OCD go!

  16. Your tree is amazing!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  17. You aways make me laugh, thanks for that! My mom did the traditional stuff, but never over the top. Which is why I want to be over the top myself! Peppermint Mocah me stat! I love cheap holiday anything too...I even hit up the Dollar Tree! Xoxo, ganeeban

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  19. For me, December means final exams, anticipation to reunite with family, and our Erev Christmas party. I can't stand to listen to radio stations that shift to round the clock Christmas music, though ...

    Peppermint? A year round flavor for me, especially with starlight mints.


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