My Holiday Spark + Giving Back For December

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Popping in real quick for two important reasons.

#1. December 1st was the National Day for Giving Back and I forgot to mention something I wanted to try out to help celebrate.

Naturally, my first plan was to think of another way to help animals. The animal most recently brought to my attention is this sweet little puppy Nellie who needs help paying for a life saving surgery. I sent a portion of t-shirt funds her way and also offered free ad space to anyone who donates toward her cause (and that still stands by the way.)

But then I got to thinking it would be fun to try to do even more during the month of December while hopefully encouraging others to give a little bit as well. So I'm not claiming to move mountains with this idea by any means, but if it encourages at least one person to give something, then I'll call it a success.

Starting now until December 25th I'm offering free medium ad space to anyone who donates or gives back to any person, animal, charity, or the like. (For once I'm not just talking about dogs.)

I don't care what it is, whether it's a few bucks to a homeless person, or for something you donate to regularly, it's just about consciously giving back. And after you do so,  if you're in the blog business or have any product/site you'd like to promote with an ad on my page just use the code "giveback" and it will be free. It's an honor system, so I guess just don't be an asshole about it.

So start today, do something nice for someone else. You'll be happy you did. I suggest you get the ball rolling with Lil Nellie :)

And now on to something a little more frivolous: all of the amazingly warm happy jolly photos found on #MYHOLIDAYSPARK. The feed is damn near 1,000 pics already and it's not even December 3rd. My head is going to pop off from pure holiday joy.

Here's a few of my favs. I suggest you follow all of these insta gals. They know how to take a good pic.

So many happy holiday fuzzies.

And with that it's almost midnight and I should probably go to bed. Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Such a great idea, Taylor!!! I love it xx

  2. This idea is wonderful! Sending all the good vibes for Nellie.

  3. I was thinking this morning that I need to find a local angel tree or somewhere I can do buy toys to donate. And good call about the pups.. I'll check with the shelter on what items they are needing!

  4. A few weeks ago my husband found an abandoned chihuahua at his construction site and we paid all her vet bills, got her spayed, loved her and fostered her for two weeks and then paid to fly her across the country to live with my husbands aunt and uncle. (Even though we wanted to keep her so bad because she turned out to be the sweeetest thing ever.) We keep saying that was our Christmas fund lol. Does this count???!!!

  5. That's a wonderful gesture - will definitely sit down tonight and read Nellie's story and also be more considerate this season of others that are in need!

  6. Thanks for including my picture!!

  7. Stories like Nellie's hits me right in the feels! I made sure to share in hopes to inspire others to help out!

  8. I love this idea, I think it is really sweet you are doing what you can to encourage others to give back.

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  11. There's this store earthbound here that my boyfriend got this bag of dog treats from...I don't know the brand name but they donate one bag to "a dog in need" for every bag purchased. So that's cool, thought you would be into that!