Nag in the Bag

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guess who's backkkkkkkkkkk.....

Everyone's favorite new holiday tradition. NAG IN THE BAG!

I should have known she'd be sniffing her way around this house, what with the holiday party we're having this weekend and my mom coming to visit tomorrow. Nag gets extra excited when she knows guests are coming around.

Nag sees you when you're sleeping, 
she knows when you're awake (but pretending to sleep) 
she knows if you've been bad or good, 
so just pick up after yourself is that so hard like she doesn't want to have to ask you every day to do the same things over and over just do it on your own because you're an adult... for goodness sake. 

For those of you who don't know, Nag in the Bag is a great way to let your significant other know you're thinking about them, while also trying to passive aggressively make them better.

Let's see where silly Nag has been hiding this week!

Ut oh! Looks like someone left their socks all over the house again! Don't forget, socks belong in a laundry basket, not the floor.

What's Nag up to now? Oh I see. Someone's glove was accidentally set on the bar cart. Well that's not right. The bar cart has been carefully decorated. Wouldn't want an icky old glove to ruin the decor, now would we?

Nag is hanging out on the chair again because it seems so are a lot of shirts that should be hung up... Don't make Nag do this. She's just trying to help you.

Yikes! This looks dark. Just like my cell phone looks dark when someone moves the charger from my side of the bed and forgets to put it back and then I can't wake up in the morning because I don't have an alarm.

How cute is Nag? She wants to remind you that a folded blanket is a happy blanket!

The fun thing about junk mail is that you can throw it away. It doesn't have to build up on the counter for days and days. It can be put in the garbage where it belongs.

Oopsie daisy! Someone left all the lights on again. Do you have stock in the electric bill? Nag sure doesn't. 

The best thing about Nag is that she works for both sides. Who wrote this post? Did I? Or did Chris? We will never know. Only Nag will!

Nag in the Bag: keeping couples together and HAPPY for hundreds of years now!


  1. This is great!! LOL I need to make one of these.

  2. I must get it! What did you make it out of? Thanks for the tip :)

  3. This is hilarious and is basically my life, every day of the year! Nag needs to remind someone at my house that there is a system to dirty laundry--it must be sorted, you can just throw it all willy nilly into one hamper!

  4. hilarious!!!! And ugghhhhh... the junk mail that just gets piled on the counter!!!! Why???? Is it trying to colonize or something??? Drives me nuts!! I need a Nag at home.

  5. This is great! I want to move in with someone now just so I can have my own Nag!

  6. HAHAHA. Love this. So much.

    I have a cut out of 8 year old me from my first year of soccer... it may just do the trick.

  7. OMG I need Nag to come to my house! Although she'd probably take up permanent residence on the toilet seat that is always left up.

  8. I love these posts so much! I'm pretty sure that my husband would kill me for putting a nag near all of his dirty clothes, but I don't think that I'll be able to resist! I would find it hilarious!

  9. bahaha hilarious! Obviously my husband needs one. It's moved to #1 on his Christmas list!

  10. Oh my God, this is the most passive aggressive solution to house problems! If I didn't live at home and didn't have to worry about my parents taking it more aggressive than passive, I would do this in a heartbeat!