We Tried To Paint Our Pup

Monday, August 31, 2015

It was a good idea in theory.

Paints. Pups. And Pints.

Pay $60 and you get a blank canvas, a couple of beers, and instruction on how to paint your pup. And if you pay extra, a portion goes back to the pups (which of course we did, because hello save the pups!)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I was very excited to do this. My dream house = a house covered in painted images of Harlow. Can you imagine? I would die.

It was hard a decision, but I finally chose the two perfect photos of Harlow for Chris and I to paint.

This first photo shows Harlow's fun playful side.

This second one shows his sassy pretentious side.

They were going to be great. I already told Chris I would rearrange our gallery wall to make room for our masterpieces.

We've done a paint/wine class before and were quite pleased with how easy it was to pretend to be an artist- that is when you've got an instructor who outlines your entire photo complete with a "paint by numbers" map clearly laid out for you.

Unfortunately paint, pups and pints was a different story.

We were given a blank canvas. And that was it. The instructor was actually just a bartender who walked around and said things like "shade more" and "blend right there" and "want another drink?"

And so after one too many drinks, one too many screw-ups, and me finally just getting frustrated and saying forget this time after time, our "masterpieces" turned out like this.

It was a disappointment to say the least. Harlow was not impressed. Not impressed one bit.

The saddest part is that we actually tried. Chris is so mad in this pic.

Serious question, who's painting is worse?

So How's Wedding Planning Going?

Friday, August 28, 2015

You guys.

Everyone asks me this, "so how's wedding planning going?" And I know how they want me to respond, with a smile and a gush and "oh my gosh, there's just so much to do. But it's like so fun, you know? But boy, it's a lot. So many decisions. And this guy isn't much help!" And then I jokingly (but lovingly) slap Chris on the back and he gives an adorable "who me?" look and then we laugh and laugh and laugh.

Oh life.

And the truth is I know most people are just asking to be nice. They're trying to be kind. Because in reality they don't really care about my wedding. They're just making conversation, as we all do.

But still, the question puzzles me. I don't get mad when people ask me, I just don't know how to answer it. Because I don't really know how it's going. Good? Bad? Annoying? Should it be going a certain way right now? It is what is it.

But if you'd like to hear a few details regarding what we have planned thus far, I'll share. Also, can I just point out that this has become my wedding planning coffee mug?

Every time something annoys me, or someone tells me it's going to cost $100,000 for something stupid I can't help but think to myself, oh for FOX sake. Really?

The date: 7.23.2016

Place: Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Ceremony and Reception: Catamount Ranch.

The Dress: First fitting next week...

K, that's a good start right?

Stuff that makes me go ugh.

Music: Band vs DJ. I really want a band. But I think I might have to donate a kidney to pay for this. I've gotten some quotes and I'm like WHAT? Why? Is Taylor Swift in your group?

Transportation: Can't our friends just sleep in the tent at the reception? It could be fun.

I know I'm leaving stuff out, what else should I be booking right now?

Flowers: Ummm... I'm leaving this to my mom.

Wedding party: this one is hard. Maybe I'll let my mom do this too.

BM Dresses: Too much. Not now.

Stuff that I haven't done but I'm excited to do:

HONEYMOON: So excited to plan this.

Hotel goody bags: Maybe it's because I'm a child, but I LOVE goody bags. I once went to a birthday party where I got a Tomagatchi in my goody bag and I NEVER forgot it. So I think I might follow suit and give all of our guests their own Tomagatchi. Yay or nay? Honest feedback appreciated.

Harlow's OUTFIT: I can't even. Too excited.

Writing our own vows: I can't even. Too excited.

Bloody Mary Bar: I don't know at what point we'll have this bar set up, but it will be somewhere.

Planning fun stuff for our friends and family that come in a few days early: My favorite thing about destination(ish) weddings is getting to hang out with everyone for more than just a night. I've been in weddings where when it's over I get all sad because I feel like the bride and groom's family are my new best friends and I'm depressed I'll probably never get to see cousin Sheila again or take a shot with Uncle Steve.

Overall, being in beautiful Steamboat with so many friends and family is going to be awesome.

And now it's time for Friday stuff... Catch you later. Enjoy the last weekend in August. Fall is coming... eeek.

Chicago Food That You Have To Eat

Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's nearly 1:00 a.m. and I really have no business being awake right now, yet here I am.

Since the darkness is upon us I have one thing on my mind right now and one thing only: nachos. I am a fan of the homemade nacho. Such a big fan. They were my go-to after school snack as a kid and they're my go-to midnight snack as a bigger kid.

In thinking about nachos I realized there's no better way to spend a midnight blog post than telling you about all of the food I've eaten lately. Doesn't that sound riveting? Good! Let's do it.

-Barbecue nachos from Smoke Daddy in Wicker. Nachos that require a fork are my happy place.

-More barbecue food from Green Street Smoked Meats. Beans = heaven.

This bad boy is called a Cemitas. It's disgustingly big and should never be eaten by one person. Unless it's me. Served at Cemitas Puebla in the West Loop.

Longman & Eagle in Logan Square breaks my heart it's so good. I want to eat everything here at all times.

I don't care if Ditkas is for tourists, I like their Bloodys! And I like Ditka!

Oysters from Parsons Chicken and Fish. The only downfall of Parsons is that I always feel like the most lame person there because it's full of very cool hipsters who can just tell by looking at me that I'm trying way too hard.

Did someone say pho? Pho yea it's pho from FUH in Lincoln Park. It's a build your own pho bar and it's as pho-ing awesome as it sounds.

And I saved the ugliest photo for last. Ugly photo but oh so beautiful Kimchi fries. After you have kimchi fries you can't go back to normal fries. You just can't. Thank you Del Seoul for always being wonderful.

Bookmark this page, when you come to Chicago you're going to want to eat all of this food.

And now you know why I have to get up for Pilates in five hours... Woof. Is it the weekend yet? I'm so over this weekday crap.

Reasons I Know I'm A Crazy Dog Lady

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today is National Dog Day.

But if you ask me every day is National Dog Day. Isn't that such a parent thing to say? When I was little I would complain to my mom there wasn't a "Kids Day" like there was a Mother's Day and she'd respond with a huff and an eye roll, every day is kids day.

And now I've become my mom.

In honor of this wonderful holiday today I'm going to get a little personal with all of you and let you know exactly how crazy/obsessed I am with my best friend, Harlow, by sharing a few of the bizarre things I do as a dog parent.

Don't say I didn't warn you, I'm a total weirdo...

When I leave the house I say good bye to Harlow at least 100 times. I repeatedly tell him "I'll be right back!" and "I love you so much!" and "You're just my little baby" over and over and over. It gets to the point where he's just lying on the couch with this look in his eye that says, would you just leave already? I'm pretty sure there's hamburger buns on the table I'd like to eat the second you walk out the door.

After I've finally completed the good bye ceremony and have indeed left the house, my mind will instantly go through every terrible situation that could happen.

-Did I leave a candle burning? No, never.

-But what if Harlow learns how to burn a candle? That could happen. Must put matches away.

-What if the TV falls on him because he gets excited and sees a squirrel outside and randomly runs into the TV? Must put TV away next time.

-Can he suffocate under the blanket? No. But maybe?

-What if someone tries to break in and realizes how awesome Harlow is and then kidnaps him? Must teach Harlow how to call 911.

And when I'm out, I will most definitely cut the night short because fewer things are more fun to me than sitting on the couch with Harlow on my legs... Is that terrible? Probably.

Chris and I plan vacations based on what we know Harlow will enjoy... remember that camping trip from earlier in the summer? All Harlow inspired. And did Harlow enjoy that trip you might ask? You tell me...

Yes, yes he did.

Also I regularly sing to Harlow, and make up new songs just about him. Chris does as well (he will probably be embarrassed I'm telling you this) but Chris has a great remix of the Christmas song, "Mary, Did You Know?" but instead is about, "Harlow, Did You Know?" Kills me every time.

What can I say? I really like my dog. He's my best friend. He's been with me from moves across the Midwest. To being my only pal when I was the new kid in a big city. And in those tough moments when I got laid off, didn't make the cut for an audition, or just all around felt lousy. Har's always there. I don't get sappy about much in this life, but damn it I'll get sappy about him.

But I'll have save that for his bday post in two weeks...

Happy National Dog Day, friends. Spend time and really be with your pup, not just today but every day. And if you want to have some fun, go buy a bunch of clearance toys at a pet store and drop them by a shelter. Or just make a donation for animals.

And now I'm going to put on my dog shirt and have a good day with my bestie. I suggest you do the same.

That Back To School Itch

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The hardest thing about being an adult is resisting the back to school aisle at Target.

It's very much there and begging me to stop by and just take a gander... Just a little browsing can't hurt, right? Everything is so fun and inviting. And new. And crisp. And clean. Maybe if I buy all the new stuff it will make me a new crisp, clean person? I will suddenly feel motivated to organize my desk/life... Maybe... That's what the promise of every new school year holds, right?

But I resist. I'm not going back to school.

I know I could still buy myself new "work" supplies, but it just seems a little unnecessary to buy a new pencil box or 100 different fruit shaped erasers, you know? Unnecessary, but still very satisfying.

My sister sent me this photo of my niece, Lola, at her first day of "school" yesterday. When you're two, school means daycare. But Lola has been begging to go to "big girl school" so there you go.

I texted back and asked if Lola was planning to hike the PCT later. I'm pretty sure she could fit a tent, a sleeping bag, 10 days worth of food, and her new big girl bed in that book bag. (That's a Wild joke by the way.)

I can't look at this photo without laughing. That bag is just so big on her tiny little body.

My first book bag was green with red hearts. I think it's still at my parents house in my closet. It probably still has candy wrappers and dirty gum stuck inside.

No matter how old I get, this time of year always gives me the back to school itch. I want someone to send me a list telling me all the supplies I need to buy right now to make it through the next eight months.

Kleenex, gel pens, trapper keeper, paper that tears perfectly on the side without all the fuzzies (NEVER FUZZIES), markers, crayons with a sharpener on the back. I want it all.

You know what else I want? Back to school clothes. More specifically, this sunflower outfit.

If you look close enough, there's so much 90s goodness in this old blurry pic of my sister, brother and I. Jade was going into 6th grade, Jordan into 3rd, and me into 2nd. We'd all just transferred to public school after being at the private catholic school- which was very scary... Norfolk public is a hard place, man. So many gangsters.

Clearly, I was taking full advantage of not having to wear a uniform anymore. I mistakingly thought that no uniform meant I could wear a big dumb hat. I was wrong.

My yellow socks with those sassy black shoes? Nailed it so hard. Jade's cute pink top is actually a body suit, I know because I inherited it after she grew out of it. And my brother is just trying to shit his pants I think, while randomly holding a pear? I'm not sure.

My Pebbles bag came from a garage sale. But I was confident enough in myself to wear second hand accessories so I didn't care.

That back to school itch may be creeping in, but I'm not letting go of summer just yet. I've still got another month in me. And if you tell me otherwise, I don't want to hear it. Long live summer.

Also, what was your favorite back to school outfit? You know you have one.... Let's hear it. Any other sunflower lovers in the house?

Tay: a 339 Month Update

Monday, August 24, 2015

I turned 339 months a few days ago and I thought I should give you guys an update.

I just watched Straight Outta Compton this past weekend. Loved it. I might be going back into a serious old school rap phase for a bit. I'm going to have to dig out my CDs from my middle school that are labeled "BBALL TIME" and "Get Rowdy" with a black Sharpie marker. That's where the real rap music is. As a young suburban girl from a small town in Nebraska I could just relate to NWA and Eminem, you know? They got me. They understood my struggle.

On another note, I've put down the self help/memoirs for a bit and am reading some good old fashioned fiction. Currently on the list: Big Little Lies. So far, so good. I like Liane Moriarty, I think she's a good writer.

I spilled coffee on myself yesterday so bad I had to change. Then after I changed I was watering the plants and somehow managed to tip the watering can back on myself. Had to change again. So my hand-eye coordination seems to be decreasing an alarming rate.

My sister called at 6:00 p.m. last night. By 6:45 I had to call her back because I had no idea what we had just talked about. Literally none. A part of me wondered if I had picked up and said, let me call you right back. This one really bothered me because I pride myself on having a very sharp memory.

I think the problem may be I'm a wee bit stressed at the moment. At 339 months old, it's safe to say I've hit an all time high as far as stress goes. The two-do list is so long for the week I'd rather just look at it and fret about it than actually do anything. *Also there isn't actually a physical to-do list because I get too distracted to ever completely write out a full to-do list.

I've been told before I "keep a lot of stress in my jaw." Isn't that a weird thing to be told? I've had a dance teacher, improv coach, and most recently a headshot photographer tell me this.

When I look at the photo above I see what they mean. I'm clenching. I have the Stephanie Tanner look going on (not from her cute years.)

The things that have my head spinning include:
New business- launching this week. This one makes my stomach turn 10000 times.
T shirt time- funny thing to stress about right? It's Husker season in Nebraska and the loyal fans are in tshirt mode. I'm packaging and mailing more shirts than I can count at the moment. I am stressed, but GRATEFUL. So very grateful.
And then there's those big Nebraska stores who are knowingly stealing my designs and brand, Talk Herbie To Me, without acknowledging my trademark... that tends to stress me out just slightly.
And finally the wedding. So many decisions.... So many things to worry about.

I've had the tornado dream for five nights in a row. My two reoccurring stress dreams are: tornados chasing me, and someone telling me I'm actually eligible for one more year of high school basketball but oh no I haven't practiced in ten years and WHAT WILL I DO????

Some people eat when their stressed. Or work out. Or don't eat. My go-to coping mechanism is sleep. I'm a major stress sleeper. Chris thinks I'm narcoleptic and I might be a little. Someone can just say the word "sleep" and I'm out.

And this might be the most boring monthly update ever. Sorry, I guess 339 months isn't as fun of an age as 338. But 340 is going to be awesome. I'm sure of it.

I'll catch you tomorrow when things have calmed down a bit. For now I need a nap.

The Best Things I Found This Week

Friday, August 21, 2015

Last night Harlow and I worked on wedding stuff.

We worked hard as you can tell. Nothing got accomplished. Well one thing did, I found Harlow's outfit. Is a full dog tuxedo too much? Or should we go with just a subtle bowtie? Harlow's never been one for subtly so we'll see...

And yes, I always work from home in heels. Thank you for asking.

Truthfully I just bought these heels, and as all women who suffer from FFS know (Fat Feet Syndrome) before you ever even attempt to wear shoes outside of the house you have to break them in for a good hour or two.

And now because it's Friday and I'm feeling a little loopy from the past four crazy days, I'm going to sit back and relax and recap some stuff from the week that I liked.

First and foremost, I AM CHRIS FARLEY. Have you seen it? It's a film about his life told through a series of interviews from some of his closest friends and family. I laughed, I cried, I missed him, and I ate chicken wings throughout the entire thing. What a beautiful person this guy was. If you are a Farley fan, you have to watch this. You will love him even more than you did before. Why must all of my favorite comedians die too soon?

I hate to switch from something like Chris Farley to talking about a striped shirt because now that just seems silly... And yet I am. Because this is my blog and I do what I want and also because I know Farley wouldn't judge.

Like most girls, I have a thing for striped shirts. I just snagged this one at Target and it fits like a gem and now I need to share it with all of you.

The red sneaks are $12 from Target too. And so is the jean jacket... Damn it, Target.

Speaking of red, Nebraska people the time is ticking. If you want your shirts by the first football game start ordering...  Click here to support Harlow's toy fund.

And looks like someone got a new coffee mug...  But this isn't just any coffee mug. It's from Grounds and Hounds, an organic coffee company (that is honestly amazing) that donates 20% of their proceeds to animal rescue. Oh hells yes!

Helene, they're located in Nashville. So get your butt over there and say hello. Or just order online right here. I love companies with a cause. And when that cause has to do with animals, I'm all over it.

That's it for today. I gotta go do this weekend thing, it's been one long ass week. Am I right or am I right? Have a great Friday, go do something for yourself!

PS follow me on snapchat @thedailytay. I do a lot of stupid shit on there on the weekends and I find it quite fun.

A Letter To Bloglovin

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dear Bloglovin,

Your site tells me that it's time for the 2015 Bloglovin' Awards again. How exciting.

Much to my disappointment, I didn't make the cut for nominees. This makes nine years in a row now. Oh well, what can do you. But let's take a look at a few who did make the cut.

Wow. What a diverse group of women. Is that a brunette I even see? Making strides.

Fedoras are fun, aren't they?

I think it's great you have a celebrity blog award. I really do. Because I bet someone like Lauren Conrad or Gwenny Paltrow is siting at the computer at this very moment thinking, man I hope a win a blog award. It would probably make their year. Maybe it would even encourage them to actually write a post or two of their own on their blog. Jk jk, now I'm just getting carried away.

And I love that you have a "best sewing blog" category.

Very neat.

In fact, let's take a look at all of the categories you have, shall we?

-Best Street Style
-Breakthrough Fashion Blogger
-Best Beauty Blog
-Best Beauty Vlogger
-Beauty Influencer
-Best Personal Style
-Best Mens Fashion Blog
-Best Celebrity Blog
-Best Lifestyle Blog
-Best Written Content
-Best Brand
-Best Photography
-Best Blogger Business
-Best DIY Blog
-Best Sewing Blog
-Best Food Blog
-Best Travel Blog
-Best Fitness Blog
-Best Family Blog
-Best Wedding Blog
-Best Life Improvement Blog

Whoa. That's a lot of categories.

Clearly you have to draw the line somewhere, or you could end up with 1000 categories.

But what if you had a humor /comedy category? Wouldn't that be fun? I know a lot of comedians who have great blogs. They might not have the "prettiest blogs" necessarily, but damn they can tell a good joke.

Or what about a "best humanitarian" catergory? Someone who maybe doesn't put on lipstick every day but is trying to save the world?

Or... now hear me out on this one because it gets really crazy, best feminist blog? Eh? Too much? Yeah, probably.

I like ya Bloglovin', I really do. You send a lot of readers my way and I even signed up to win your "new blogger contest." Can I still be new if I've been doing this longer than anyone? Apparently yes because I'm still a little blog. Lols. But really, VOTE FOR ME HERE: just click follow.

So I like you, but I kinda think you're missing some categories. I feel like we as women are more than just beauty tips and sewing blogs. And I'm not discrediting the sewing blogs, those women are magicians with a needle and deserve all the credit.

It's just that when I look at the list all together, I think it could use a little more empowerment.

Let's just say if this was a list primarily of men, I can't help but think we'd see a lot more words like smart, strong, powerful... it wouldn't be centered around beauty and making things look pretty.

But maybe I'm way off here, let's open the polls. What does the list say to you? Am I just being Sensitive Sally today?

Pulling Back the Curtain on Instagram

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Can we all just take a minute and appreciate how incredibly bloggy the above photo is?

The stripes, the rings, the laptop, the white blanket, did I nail it or did I NAIL IT? I know said photo probably caused some of you to eye roll and wonder "why is this happening?" and I understand that, but at the same time when I manage to pull off a pretty stupid photo that is "trendyish" and all over Instagram, I can't help but stand back and be a little proud. Like look at me, maybe people will think I'm a real blogger today.

I like to think this photo says, look how cute and cozy I'm being right now. Life is cute and cozy, isn't it? Fun fun fun. Blankets and coffee and stripes and midi rings ALL day.

What really happened: I spilled that damn coffee all over the stupid white blanket. And then I actually blurted, "This is your punishment for trying to take a ridiculous pic, even God hates selfies. Stop this now." I immediately threw the blanket in the wash and put my yoga pants back on. I don't have time for striped sweaters on Tuesday. And fancy rings? Only when I'm going out.

Look, another leg photo. What are the chances?

I like to think this photo says, just another relaxing night at home sipping a cocktail and reading a funny book! Life is relaxing and grand! Cheers!

What really happened: I sat on the floor. On a small white rug. For a photo. Because I hate myself. We are grown ass women, let's stop sitting on tiny white rugs.


I like to think this photo says, another fun day in Chicago wearing jewelry! I'm a girly girl. Necklaces. Rings. Lipstick! Being a girl is FUN.

What really happened: I used a selfie stick :( and even though this photo sucks it took me like 235 shots just to get it.

What I like to think this photo says, off to brunch in my brunch shirt and having the BEST time. I can barely stop to take this photo I am laughing SO MUCH. BRUNCH!

What really happened: 
"Chris, can you get a photo really quick?"
"Ugh, yes fine. Where?"
"I don't care, by this brick wall."
"Do I look weird? Is my hair okay?"
"It's fine. I got it." 
(takes photo. I look at photo.)
"Chris, I look homeless! This is the worst photo ever. Why is it so hard for you to take a good photo? It's blurry. And I said close up. Let's just go. It's fine. Whatever."

What I like to think this photo says, this is the trip of our lives! LOVING LIFE.

What really happened: after getting lost and walking two extra miles, we were barely speaking. It was also freezing, raining slightly, and I was mad at Chris for making me go to London in March when it's basically still winter. *I suggested the trip, not him. But when you' re cold and angry, everything is your significant other's fault.

Screw it, this photo is awesome. Zero regrets here. I may live in the city of pizza, but I'll take good old Dominos any day.

Alright Instagram world, let's go take on the day. Show me your best "look at these flowers in front of my face while I stand in front of a bright yellow door" pics! Seriously, what's not to love?

And if you write your own "pull back the curtain" post make sure to tell me so I can hop over and see it. K thanks bye!!!!!!

My Time In A Sorority

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I tried to keep the nostalgia at bay. But last night it crept up on me while I was browsing Instagram and I saw a post about the college kids heading to campus. More specifically, I saw a post about all of the sorority girls getting ready for recruitment.

Once upon a time, I was in a sorority.

And I loved it.

*this was intended as a joke. however, this is was as "silly" as house mom would let me be. I had so many more ideas.

I know this might surprise some of you, but don't believe everything you see in movies or TV about Greek life. We're not all assholes. Yes, some are. (Usually the ones you see in the news doing ignorant obnoxious gross things.) However, some of us are pretty decent people who just like to have a good time and go to a theme party or two. Why not? It's college.

Ten years ago at this time I was leaving my parents house and heading to college in Lincoln at the University of Nebraska. My number one fear: driving in such a big city. I didn't think I could do it! The intersections were SO BIG. And yielding at a green light? No way. I was a goner.

My parents number one fear: that I was going through sorority recruitment. They weren't afraid of sororities in general, my sister was in one after all. They were afraid that I was trying to join a sorority.

I wasn't my sister. Like my dad put it that day when he moved me into the dorms a week early to go through recruitment, "You sure you want to do this? You're not .... Jade, you know?"

Translation: you're not nice.

I used to be a little more "outspoken," what can I say... Don't worry, I'm Sally Sunshine now that I've grown up. *although I was never once awarded the "Sally Sunshine" award in my sorority which still pisses me off. What the hell.

Ten years ago joining a sorority terrified me, but I knew it had to be done. I had no chance in hell making friends otherwise.

And so I went to that first day of recruitment with a plastered smile on my face and my parents advice ringing in my ears, "just try to play nice..."

Much to my surprise, I met girls that were just like me. They were all over. I didn't have to play anything at all. Who knew?

And so I joined the house that fit me best. A little place located at 1545 S Street (this address is burned into me for some reason) Kappa Alpha Theta. And as I type that I am so tempted to type out a chant right next to it, but I won't.

In fact all of the songs that were embedded into our heads during recruitment have all come creeping back. When you practice something for hours on end, it doesn't just leave you. And my God, I hated those practices. And the songs. If you want me to be honest, I kinda hated recruitment. It meant having to talk to people.

But I love the thought of it now. Memories are funny like that, moments we didn't necessarily enjoy always seem to look a little better when dusted with a bit of nostalgia.

Anyway, before I wrap up this trip down memory lane I want to leave the current Theta Kats with a bit of advice.

(I know they're not reading this, because college kids are way too cool for blogs. Blog reading comes when you have to get a boring job after college.)

A note to the KATS:

If you're a baby Kat, play in the basement. Stay up with your friends until the wee hours of the morning in the 8-man doing absolutely nothing. Those hours of nothing are some of my favorites when I look back.

If you're a big Kat, go to the house sometimes. And not just to steal food. Just go to hang out. Because once you leave it will be creepy if you come back too much.

Get in the weird closet. Literally and metaphorically. Don't take everything so seriously. It's college and you're in a sorority, have some fun with it.

Don't take for granted you're living under the same roof as your best friends. Do you realize how wonderful this is? DO YOU? You don't, and that's what kills me. I certainly didn't. Someday you might lives hundreds of miles from these friends and only see them once a year. And then some of them might start having babies. And then you'll be all alone in Chicago on a Tuesday morning writing a nostalgic post about the good old days at 1545 S street. Hypothetically speaking.

The "older girls" in the house will always be the older girls. Even when you're 28, you will see the girls that were seniors when you were a freshman and they'll forever be a senior to you, and therefore will always be cooler.

Unless they were an asshole. In that case you'll see them and smile politely and even though you've probably both grown up, you'll still think "man, you were such an asshole to me."

That being said, don't be an asshole.  Don't be the tattletale. It's not worth it.

Try to go to all the things. (In this case do as I say, not as I did... errp.) Just go to some of the things at least.

And if you're in the Stargazer room, please look for my signature in the closet. I tried my best to leave my mark around the house, even if that just meant new locks on the kitchen door. And sooner or later, I'm going to have my photo on the famous Theta wall right next to Tory Burch and Sheryl Crow.

Enjoy this week. You might have to force yourself at times, but your future-self will thank you for it. Put away the iphones and be present. Be really really present. And enjoy the goofy late night shenanigans, you probably won't have moments like this anywhere else, or with anyone else.

Most importantly, keep your eye on the prize. And the prize is that first going out night after recruitment. Oh man. So many fun times.

And if you see me at the first football game in a few weeks please don't get weirded out if you catch me staring at you with a longing look in my eye. Just embrace it.


We are all friends. And always will be. Theta, you, and me. 

Ooozing With Summer

Monday, August 17, 2015

Okay moms, I see your back-to-school pics on Facebook. I do. And even though they're all very cute and full of Pinterest love, I'm choosing to ignore them. Because for me, it's still summer.

The ice-cream trucks are still circling the neighborhoods here in Chicago playing that chilling whistle song that they do. The mornings are still steamy leading into even hotter afternoons. The locusts are hissing for a solid 6-7 hours now. And that summer feeling that I know and love is still in the air.

Because when the weather starts to turn in Chicago, people get scared. In fact, I've come to realize that people in Chicago are actually scared all of the time, because we are constantly walking around with the fear of that big monster hiding in the closet. When is he going to come out again? I've heard he's going to be bigger and meaner this year than ever. Even worse than the last. Is that possible? Oh yes, it's always possible for him to be worse. And just when you let your guard down, he'll strike... He's coming....


I get anxiety thinking about it. I also get the urge to get the hell out thinking about it.

So for now, I choose summer.

And now I'm going to drop a bunch of summer pics that have been sitting on my phone for the past few weeks, from the weekend at lolla, to evening boat rides, to the PGA golf tournament we went to yesterday, and a few other randoms of me holding up my summer treats that HAD TO BE photographed.

I don't do this very often, but to be quite honest the words just aren't coming to me this morning. I had a very witty and life-changing post ready, but it left me. So instead, I'm going to do like the fashion bloggers and just post 100 pics. Humor me and pretend it's okay for today, would you? Thanks.

Here we go. A bunch of Chicago pics that are OOOZING WITH SUMMER.

I wore this to a wedding on Saturday. And I love the outfit, but the top came unclasped several times through out the night... Which made things interesting. Let's just say I made best friends with a lot of new drunk girls more than willing to help me out. So thank you helpful drunk girls, you were a life saver!

And yesterday we went to Whistling Straits in Wisconsin to watch the PGA championship. It was HOT. And they ran out of beer. But I got to see Jason Dufner walk down the course tossing his club between his legs like I used to do as a kid so it was totally worth it. I love you, Duf.

And now here come the randoms.

Thank you for looking at my online scrapbook today.

I'll be back with a post more worthy of your time tomorrow.