Why Today Is A Struggle

Monday, November 30, 2015

I think we can all agree today is a little tough. Like can't get out of bed, hit snooze 100 times, tell self "I'm taking a nap asap today," want to just curl up on the couch and not move, kind of tough. Or is that just me?

I feel as if one minute I was here,

And the next minute I'm back in Chicago.

Grey, cold, Chicago.

At least Chicago has its holiday attire on. That makes everything just a little better.

Just yesterday I had about 100 different post ideas in my head that were AWESOME! Like viral awesome, trust me. But today they're all gone. My mind is just groggy. If I don't watch myself, I'll just end up staring into space all day. My eyes will suddenly go out of focus and I'll just leave them like that for hours.

I know I have to get back to the grind asap. But I'm not ready. I'm not ready for the hustle.

And the hustle is hitting hard this week. Can anyone else feel that? All of the Cyber Monday stuff (MUST SELL ALL THE THINGS) and the bloggers with their constant lists of things to buy (one of these days I need to figure out affiliate links... bloggers, any suggestions?) And trying to boost traffic again after my vacation lull. What should I do? Make a vague announcement about an upcoming HUGE announcement? That always works.

Oh, the hustle of it all. It's real and it's here.

And all I want to do is snuggle Harlow (who is 100 x more clingy than usual and I LOVE IT) and stare at the glow of my Christmas tree.

We went with a bit of a retro tree this year. What do you think? More pics of our holiday decor to come this week... The vibe we were going for was "gross 70s" according to Chris. I think we nailed it.

But before I go, because today is Cyber Monday or whatever I have to throw down and mention I'm offering 25% off MY ENTIRE STORE (in all caps because this is a BIG DEAL!)
*except for Hang With Dog Shirt because portion of profits goes to dogs, so you understand.

So if you want to snag any of the below as Christmas gifts, do it now! Only lasts until end of day, or until I run out of inventory. Or until I decide I actually can't afford to discount this much.

And huge thanks to mini models Brooklynn and Kennedy for showing off the new Santa Vibes shirts! I know you probably thought that was me, but it's not. Although I'd kill for both of their waists/legs.

Anyway, to see all all shirts head over to nebrowse. Use the code: talkherbietome_cybermonday to get 25% off.

One. More. Thing.

I'm trying to help save a dog again... so if you'd like to help as well, please check out sweet Lil Nellie's page here. She needs a surgery to save her life. If you donate I'd be happy to give you free ad space in exchange! Just send me an email at thedailytay@gmail.com.

Look at that face. Let's help Lil Nellie by giving the best Christmas gift ever. If you're in the position to do so, please donate to save her life.

And this concludes today's Monday post. Oy vey.

Vacation Expectations vs Reality

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My vacation expectations vs my vacation reality are two very different things.

For example, when I left for Cabo exactly one week ago this was my plan:

*Get up early every morning to take full advantage of beach/beautiful weather.
*Walk, run, or do yoga at least once a day.
*Simply because you can eat and drink everything you want because it feels free, doesn't mean you have to.
*Work, write and blog every day.
*Write at least 1,000 word from book every day. Writing from the beach will be great!
*Find some alone time to meditate and think about book.
*You don't have to drink every single night.
*Don't go overboard on room service, enjoy fresh fruit and yogurt!
*Post good photos to Instagram so you'll gain 100000 new followers while you're here.

After eight days of being in Mexico I don't even remember that girl who wrote those romanticized ideas of a vacation.

I got up early the first day. I did one yoga plank on the beach and called it good.

Then I immediately ate muchaca burritos for breakfast and drank two Bloody Marys. It's all been downhill from there.

I've drank more beer than water here. And haven't had a vegetable since Chicago. I order chicken strips and cheeseburger sliders poolside every day at 3 p.m. just because I can. I don't even know what it means to be hungry at this point. Likewise, I don't know what it means not to feel sickly full either.

To be frank, I'm just one big disgusting person on vacation. I'm not proud of it, it's just the truth.

If you could see me right now, you'd have to look away. I'm not trying to pull the curtain back or anything, because I know you're probably under the impression I'm a fancy blogger (like all of the other fancy bloggers) who goes on vacation for the main reason to take fashion pics and use hashtags like wanderlust and dametraveller, but that's just not me. I don't even know how to spell traveler. One L or two?

Sure I bring a ton of cute outfits, but two days in I start wearing the same old gross maxi dresses every night because they feel like mumus to me and that makes me feel safe and happy.

To give you an idea of how I feel right now, have you ever seen that sketch from SNL? With Chris Farley and Da Bears? That's me right now. I feel like I constantly have grease in my mustache and a protruding white belly sticking out of a navy blue tank top.

I've just kinda let it all go at this point.

Furthermore, I haven't worked on my book once.

And my blogging has been less than par.

My beach sunset shots are not making me Instagram famous and I don't know why?! Have people seen the sunset before? Like from the beach? Well I don't believe it.

All that aside, I'm having a great time.

I put my phone away after 10 a.m. and don't look at it until 10 p.m. I'm "disconnecting" you might say.

The only reason I'm not dreading going home in a few days is because I miss my Har. I miss my Harlow so so so much. When I think about his face when we come through the front door I can hardly contain my excitement.

So next week I'll get my life in check. I'll go back to green smoothies and pilates and ten walks a day with Harlow. But for now, I'm going to let this lazy person hang around a few more days.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

*forgive spelling errors or whatever this week. 

Cabo Diaries: DAY 7

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 7
Wednesday, 11/24

Woke up ready for beach yoga this morning. It started at 8:00 a.m. I woke up at 10:00 a.m.

So for the seventh day in a row I've missed beach yoga. I will try harder tomorrow.

On the bright side, I've now managed to collect a family of six cats that gather outside our house every morning to be fed. It started with just two, but after several days of leaving them shrimp and tuna, they're expanding. They hardly even hiss at me anymore.

Sadly I'm the only one in my family that is happy about this achievement. Everyone else is pretty mad at me. Stop feeding the strays, Taylor! They all yell. I don't know what the big deal is. It's not like I'm bringing them into the house. yet....

What's better than a gaggle of stray desert cats coming around to say hi every day? It's like a dream come true.

Some people.

Beside the cat debacle, everyone is getting along just swimmingly. Knox hasn't yelled at me all morning which is pretty cool.

Other highlights worth mentioning: I wore a jumpsuit for the first time. It was an experience I'll never forget.

And my brother and Larissa got married on the beach. Then things got a little crazy. They sat Chris and I at the Party Table so really they have no one to blame but themselves.

One of us did our own hair- after we came in an hour late from pool drinking all day. If you can't tell, why should I?

I have so much more to say, but unfortunately I haven't eaten in almost an hour and I'm starting to get a little itchy so I probably need to order nachos and quesadillas before I pass out.

Also on a scale of 1-10, are we liking or LOVING all of my "look at my feet by water and a beach" photos.

You're welcome. I'll keep them coming!

Create The Good

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Create the Good for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Toward the end of 2014 I had some weird days.

I was basically cut from everything at both Second City and iO and watched as my talented funny friends moved on to bigger neater things and I did not.

I was sad. And I felt bad for myself.

So what does a sad pitiful Taylor do? Well she watches dog videos. And then she finds posts to read about dogs. And then somewhere in that rabbit hole the posts stop being so uplifting and happy and they start to take a drastic turn for the worse.

Almost night after night I found myself wrapped in a dark blanket of animal abuse stories. It usually started with one sad Facebook post from an animal shelter and then it spiraled from there. I would read horrific articles about things I shouldn't be reading and Chris would come home from work and just shake his head when he found me sitting on the couch in misery, crying about the welfare of stranger dogs I never met. And never would meet.

And then it dawned on me that crying over online articles really doesn't help anyone. It didn't help me, it didn't help the dogs, so what was the point?

There wasn't one.

So last year I made a resolution to "save the dogs." It was vague, I know. But I told myself to figure something out, if not just for my own selfish reason of not wanting to feel so sad and helpless anymore.

So the idea of selling a shirt to help give money toward animal shelters was born. I'm not claiming it's something amazing or groundbreaking by any means. I just wanted to make a simple cute shirt that would allow me to donate some funds. So I stopped dwelling and finally started doing.

Ten months later, I've almost hit my goal of $5,000.

For what animal shelters really need, $5,000 is chump change. I'm aware of this. But you have to start somewhere. You have to start small and see what happens.

The Create the Good campaign gives you the chance to start your own passion project. What can you do to give back? You have a lifetime of experience, skill and passion. If you’re looking for a way to give back, Create the Good can help by connecting you with volunteer opportunities right in your own community.

Once you register for the 25 Days, 25 Ways to Give initiative, you will be entered for a chance to win a trip to Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont or 1 of 25 $100 gift cards.

What is it that you've always wanted to do to help? There's no time like today.  Stop just thinking about giving back and start doing something.
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What I Always Pack For Vacation

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Remember how I said I'm going to live travel blog? Yea, that starts tomorrow.

Today I'm going to tell you about the necessities that I always bring when I go to Cabo.

TBT to a few years ago in Cabo. Chris and I look like babies! Man, time flies. Don't worry, this year we brought swimsuits.
*actual drop off is less than three feet, calm down.

My Travel Pack List:

1. Slippers.
We do a lot of house drinking in Cabo and I like to do that in absolute comfort. Most people just wear flip flops, I suppose. But most people don't have talon toes like I do.

2. Cardigans and sweaters!
Because I am 100. I don't care if it's 85 every day down there, once it hits dusk it cools down and I hate to be chilly when I drink my Metamucil, darn it.

3. Scarves.
I never leave home without one.

4. Lots of hats.
Because I am scared of the sun and choose pale skin over cancer. And dark spots are quickly covering my body and it makes me sad.

I know what you're thinking, Taylor you have the wardrobe of my grandma when she travels and I LOVE it. Well thank you! But not so fast, I also always bring:

5. Pasties and skin tape!
Should I venture out of the house in something other than a sweater and a scarf I want to make sure everything is held together. Wouldn't want my boy chest flopping out everywhere now would we?

6. Imodium and Tums.
For obvious reasons. Sometimes being a fearless eater hurts.

7. Anti hangover pills.
Sometimes being a fearless drinker hurts.

8. Boardgames! Yay!
My family is really into movie trivia, so naturally we're a fan of Pop Stream.

Has anyone else played this game? It's cool because you just download the app and then you have access to tons of movie clips.

Then basically you buzz in to control a question and then bet on your answer. And then the game board interacts with your ipad. It's a super fun game, I can't wait to play it at Christmas as well because I'm GOOD!

Okay that's it for now. There's a really good chance I may drop off the grid next week. If you're worried about my state of being follow on Instagram @thedailytay.

See ya!!!!

The One Reason I Don't Want To Leave

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

As of 5 a.m. this morning I'm on a plane to Cabo for ten days to celebrate my brother's wedding.

I am so so excited. We've been going to Cabo for ten years now and it's my happy place. Throw in the fact 100 close friends and family will be there and it's going to be one helluva good time.

I've been looking forward to everything about this trip for months now.

Almost everything, I mean.

I hate leaving Harlow. I dread it. I even looked into bringing him. My mom said no. So did customs.

I know, I'm crazy. Trust me, I KNOW. But simply identifying the problem doesn't make it go away.

People say, "if you can't leave your dog, you'll never be able to leave your (future) kids."

No, that's not true. Because #1. kids are way more annoying than dogs (KIDDING! Can't wait to spend 10 days with you, Knox and Lola!) It's mostly because #2. You can say, hey kid I'll be back in a week. And they'll probably cry for a second, but they understand. They know you're coming back. And they know you're going to bring them a toy so it's all good.

But dogs? I don't know if Harlow knows I'm coming back and that's what kills me.

I've told him 100 times this week that I'm just going on a little vacation and I'll be back in no time. But then he just looks at me with that big dumb Harlow look and starts begging for another treat. So I'm not sure if it's registering. God bless him, but he's not the brightest Vizsla. If you follow his snaps @thedailytay you know what I'm talking about.

Of course I'll have a blast in Cabo every day that I'm there, but the nights... it's the nights that always get me.

When I get into bed and I miss having those 80 pounds of dog across my legs. Or on my side. Or sharing my pillow while his paw is draped across me. Harlow is a great snuggler. I would probably be very embarrassed if any other people actually witnessed our snuggle sessions.

And it's at night when my mind starts to wonder. What is Harlow doing right now? Sleeping. Does he miss me? Probably not. Does he wonder where I am? Not as much as he wonders where the squirrel who was in the tree earlier today is.

One of my good friend's is coming to stay with Harlow while we're gone so I know he's in good hands. He'll have his own house, full of his own scents, and great new pal to hang out with for ten days. I know he'll have a blast with Megan.

But damn it, I'm going to miss him. Is anyone else weird about leaving their dog? Furthermore, has anyone brought a dog on their honeymoon? Kidding! Unless you have, please give me all the details.

*On another note, I was going to be prepared and schedule posts while I'm gone. But then I remembered I'm never prepared and I'm not a scheduler. So instead I'm going to attempt a live travel journal/blog. Check back tomorrow to see what I'm talking about. **There is a good chance I won't follow through. 

Okay see ya! I'm off to Cabo to watch for whales and pet some seals.

I'll be posting a bunch of "look at me I'm on a beach and I'm being a total asshole about it" pics on Instagram for the next week so you might want to unfollow for awhile. Just a warning.

My Holiday Spark

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It always starts with the Reeses bells.

As soon as I see them available at the fancy grocery store where I shop (CVS) I have to buy a bag. It's tradition.

And then the holiday magazines start ending up on my doorstep and the Christmas commercials start popping up on TV reminding us all what the season is really about: commercialism.

But I eat it up. I love it all. I watched the dumbest Christmas commercial the other day where at the end the adult daughter tells her dad (who was a retired coach or something) that she's pregnant by giving him a baby jersey for a present. I think that's what happened anyway. I'm not sure because I had tears in my eyes.

Because I LOVE Christmas. Once I put up my tree I'll spend hours just sitting in the dark staring at its beautiful glow, filled with a warm sentimental feeling that I can't quite put into words. But if I had to, it would sound something like the intro to Wonder Years.

I just love this time of year.

Everyone was grumbling in Starbucks the other day because they were already playing holiday tunes and I was just sitting in the corner with a happy ass grin plastered on my face loving every second of it.

And when you love something you have to celebrate it. ON INSTAGRAM. It just makes sense.

So I'm teaming up with the inventor of blogging, Helene from Helene In Between, to bring you a fun holiday Instagram challenge, #MYHOLIDAYSPARK

What is it:

Anything you want it to be. Whatever inspires your holiday spirit.

When can I start posting:

Now. Yesterday. Tomorrow. No rules, my friends.


Because holiday photos are warm and happy and almost as good as #thedailybasic photos.

Also because Helene and I will be reposting our favorites on our blog and even tossing in some holiday gifts... If you'd to make sure we see your pics tag us @heleneinbetween and @thedailytay and use #MyHolidaySpark.

This is going to be fun. Holiday pics make me oh so happy. I'm already excited to see what you post.

What are the first signs of the season for you? Happy holidays, everyone! The time is finally here!

Announcing My New Shirts + Me As A Fashion Blogger

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Chris, I'm really excited about my new shirts and sweatshirts so we need to get some really good pics this weekend, okay?"


"I'm serious, like they need to be real blogger pics. Not like ones we just took in the living room after dinner. But like a real blogger photo shoot."

Then Chris looks me and says, "I'm not the one who gets weird about this shit. You are. So don't tell me this. If you want me to take good pics I can, but you can't be a weirdo."

"For sure, I'm fine."

Please note the photo above was taken in the living room.

Less than ten minutes into the photo shoot on Saturday neither of us was speaking to the other and I called it off all together to save our relationship.

"Screw it, let's go home."

So here's the thing. I want good photos. I just don't want anyone to see me taking those good photos. And most of the time I don't even really want to be in those good photos.

It's a tough combo when your job is blogging. About your life. Ugh, I know.

So I have a lot of new cool pieces in I was planning on showing you today, but we only managed to take photos of two of them because I PANICKED.

"Chris, stop!!! People are looking! Omg. They see me. Stop. STOP."

"Stop freaking out. Who cares?"

I do. I care a lot. And I don't know why. But I do. I don't judge you for your blogger shoots. But I judge myself so hard when I try to do a blogger photo shoot (in public.) It's just beyond humiliating for me to see others watch me in this terrible state. I melt. I crumble. I give up.

And the funny thing is I see blogger shoots happening a lot in Chicago. And when I do I smile to myself and think, that's definitely a blogger shot. Then I carry on with life.

But when it's me.

When it's me I'm certain the people who happen to walk by such an event are immediately thinking WHAT A LOSER! OMG! Everyone come look at this girl being a total loser taking photos outside of her house like a total LOSER. I can't handle all of the loserness.

Nobody cares this much, I'm well aware. But it's a phobia I just can't shake.

So for now, here's the photos we managed to capture. I have to share them because it happened and it wasn't pleasant. Just know I tried. I tried so hard.

All the sweatshirts you see come in t-shirts as well. And they're just as cute and super soft. Maybe some day I can get a photo of them. I also have a few other new designs that I'll be showing later this week. Hopefully. Maybe I can get Harlow to model them.

You can find everything right here on nebrowse.

Supplies are limited right now and I'm leaving for Cabo at 5 a.m. on Wednesday... so if you want to grab one, order it tonight and it will mail tomorrow.

And that's it. Now I need to sit here for a good hour doing nothing while I think about everything I should be doing before I leave for my trip and make sure I get good and anxious about it all rather than just DOING IT.

It's a fun little game I like to play on Sunday nights.

The Wedding Nightmares part 2

Friday, November 13, 2015

cards found here. 

The wedding nightmares come out of nowhere and they're almost always the same.

It's my wedding day and I have nothing prepared. Most times I don't even realize it's my wedding day. Someone will have to be like "Taylor, why aren't you getting ready?" And then I'll be like, "for what?" And then the mysterious no-faced person shouts "YOUR WEDDING."

And then I panic!!!!!

I get the same feeling when people ask me, "so how's wedding planning going?" um.. it's going. 

"Do you have all of the big things done?" big things such as? can you expand on this one?

"What are your colors?" I don't know. White? Off white? Champagne. Lots of champagne. 

What does this question mean- what are my colors? And why does everyone keep asking it?

We're still like 8 months away. That's plenty of time. In terms of growing a baby, our wedding barely even has facial features at this point. It doesn't even have toes. But it does have a band and an open bar so I think we're doing okay.

The other question I get is about where we're registered. At what point do we do this?

It's tricky registering for wedding gifts when you're city dwellers like Chris and I.

Fun fact: we have zero storage. Literally zero. Chris and I share a closet. Wrap your head around that one.

So we're going to be pretty conservative and only register for things we absolutely need.

Like a circus style popcorn machine, a Jimmy Buffet margarita blender, a Waffle House waffle maker, roller skate sneakers, a pinball machine, you know, the necessities for that first year of marriage.

The other plan is to register for some cool wall art. Like a lot of people today, Chris and I have a thing for gallery walls...

As in we're striving to fill every bare space on every wall. Too much? Never.

This one is a work in progress. We're calling it our Chicago wall.

We found these awesome prints from Minted Art and I'm kind of in love with them. We were able to customize our size and even the frame we wanted, and it was all delivered right to our front door within four days of ordering. I hate when I order a cool print and then it just sits somewhere for weeks because I can never find the right frame.

Minted takes care of everything. Your prints are ready to be hung up right when you receive them.

I am constantly looking for cool pieces to add to our walls and the selection at Minted's online artist marketplace is incredible.

I also purchased the book art from Minted, it's right above my Second City "diploma" that I jokingly have hung up. Fun fact #2: "Successfully" is spelled wrong on the certificate. Thanks Second City, money well spent!

And tips on registering? Right now we've got two stores in mind and one animal charity. I figure people will probably get tired of buying me and Chris dish towels so then they might as well save some dogs and cats in our name instead. Seems like a win/win.

But for real, any tips on registering would be greatly appreciated.

K thanks bye! Happy Friday!!!

Wait, one. more. thing. I have a new line of shirts/sweatshirts coming out this weekend and I am SO EXCITED. I hope you like them... We'll call it the Harlow X line.