Meet Me At The Rail

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Today I'm keeping on with my weekend tradition and introducing you to another favorite shop on nebrowse.

Steez T's is primarily for all of my fellow Nebraska friends. I first met the shop owner, Stephanie, via my blog (and by "met" I mean virtually, of course.) We swapped some e-mails, she showed me her shirt designs, and my first reaction was, oh hells yes these are awesome.

I've mentioned before my love for one of Lincoln's finest bars, The Rail. Well it turns out Stephanie and I share this same love. So much so she created this stylin' tank top. And just like I thought it would, it sold like hot cakes.

1. What prompted you to start your own store?

I have always wanted to create cool shirts for people to wear! An awesome shirt is one of my favorite things, I truly believe that it's one of life's best gifts (#SwagLife). The first time I designed a shirt was in 2009 and I swear I didn't sleep for two straight days because I was so into it. I never released any because I had no idea where to start and for obvious reasons of being a broke college kid.

Last year, I started to realize that there was a market for cool swag in the local area (Lincoln, NE) and others wanted to wear unique shirts just like I did. I knew it was finally time to release "Steez T's" out in the wild so I went to the drawing board and came up with all kinds of ideas and sayings. The first shirt out was Meet Me at The Rail. It honestly came pretty easy too. I thought I personally really need a shirt that defines my love for the Brass Rail so I'm going to go ahead and make that!

P.S. The name Steez T's hails from my nickname since high school, Steezy! ;)

2. Your shirts are super cute, where do you get inspiration to create them?

First off, thanks for the compliment! Meet Me at The Rail was inspired by glorious O Street, of course. ;) I was jotting down random ideas one night and I automatically wrote down "Meet Me at The Rail" and it just sounded so right. I swear I heard the O Street gods sing. I asked my friends if they would wear it and they were all excited about it so I went for it!

Party in the PBA is inspired by basketball and my husband. My husband is one of the biggest basketball fans you'll ever meet and I knew I had to do a shirt in his honor. He actually had the idea and I couldn't say no. I mean, just think of Miley Cyrus singing, "Party in the USA" with PBA instead ...

3. What has been your favorite part of running your own business?

I LOVE the creativity and always searching for that new idea. This sounds weird but I also love packing the shirts to be delivered.

I always write a note inside to share it on social media with the hashtags #MeetMeAtTheRail or #PartyInThePBA and when I see people using that hashtag and commenting on the shirts, it's seriously one of the greatest feelings in the world!

4. What has been your most popular item?

Meet Me at The Rail by far! Too bad I couldn't send a free Hot Carl to all those Rail lovers out there! ;)

5. Any new shirt ideas on the horizon?

I'm always grinding the gears for new ideas and searching everywhere for inspiration. I'm preparing for the upcoming football season as well as summer! So stay tuned on nebrowse! Oh, and I'm also thinking of selling Meet Me at The Rail T-shirt versions for the guys (and girls)!

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