On Living With A Diva

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I often wonder what it would be like to have a dog. Like a real dog.

Because I've come to the conclusion Harlow's not that. He's just a diva child who kind of resembles a dog. And he's been extra sassy lately. The winter tends to do that to him. He's been full of slaps and moans and dropping that nasty little glare you see above when I don't do what he wants.

Are you familiar with the quote, "a dog makes a house a home?" I think a more accurate quote would be, "a dog makes a house a home, and it also makes a house very dirty."

This maniac is a fairly clean dog, but the hair, dust, and dander he leaves behind is insane!

Anyone else have this problem? I know a huge reason for the dust problem also has to do with the fact that the house we live in is about 100 years old ... but Crazy McGee up there definitely plays a part.

Enter the GermGuardian.

I'd like to pause for a second and say I'm not getting paid to write about this and I won't make any money if you buy it. But I did get the opportunity to try this for free and I LOVE IT.  Omg do I love it. It is the best air purifier I have ever come across.

I used to dust every. single. day. Do you know how annoying that is? If I didn't, I could run my finger along a surface and see a dust line. But thanks to this little magic machine I only dust about once a week now- which is a HUGE improvement.

Bonus: it also works as a beautiful sleep sound machine. We keep it in our bedroom and swear it makes sleeping 100 x better as well.

And now on to other cool things I need to tell you about.

Watched: The Big Short. Joy. The Revenant.

-The Revenant is intense. I may stand alone with this thought, but I didn't love it.
-Joy didn't live up to my expectations but I still enjoyed it and will probably watch it 100 more times.
-The Big Short was my favorite of the three. It explained the financial crisis of 2008 so even a person like me could understand (ie stuff like that confuses me.) It also made me weirdly emotional about how corrupt everything is. I suggest everyone go see it.

Read: Reconstructing Amelia.
This book came out a few years ago but I'm just getting to it. It's one of those you can't put down. I'm also reading about ten other self help books at the moment, but we'll save that for an entire post.

Writing: 35 blog posts. I'm trying to schedule ahead for the next two months. So far I've done 17! Jk. That's a really dumb lie.

Other cool stuff found around the internet:

Timex watch found here.
Claw ring found here. 

I'm pretty obsessed with this claw ring. Mejuri has an awesome line of really unique jewelry pieces and I'm so happy I stumbled across them. I suggest you also check out the Hummingbird Bracelet and the Pearl Curve Ring.

Plugging my own sweatshirt? You betcha! I know it's vacation season and I know you want to look cute as hell wearing this in the airport. Find it here. Or win the giveaway I'm running on instagram @thedailytay.

And more jewelry from Rocksbox. I can't get enough of this company. I keep every piece they send me now. Use the code: thedailytayxoxo to get three FREE months.

And that's a little Friday round up. Hope everyone has a good weekend! Only five more months until summer.



  2. I've heard so many mixed reviews about The Big Short. Glad to hear that someone loved it!

  3. I feel you on the dogs! I have to run the sweeper everyday or there are tumbleweeds of dog hair in my house. So cute and I love them, but goodness gracious.

  4. We've been seriously talking about getting an air purifier forever...because we think our dog has allergies haha. I'm not totally convinced that he does, but he spoiled. I'm intrigued by this because dust drives me insane! I swear, I spend half my life chasing hair and dust. Never ends. Also, I appreciate the movie reviews. I'm some kind of hermit and never know what movies are out anymore. I thought Joy seemed like a good story, but I swear I can't see another movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. They're starting to confuse me. Like seriously, does this make like 6 movies together now? I can only picture her as the crazy girl in Silver Linings Playbook when I see them together. And this is the first I've heard about The Big Short, which I just watched the trailer for and now I may just get out of my house and pay the $9 to see this weekend because I am weirdly into that kind of stuff. I watched Too Big To Fail about ten times. I love it. Any who - TGIF!

  5. I think The Big Short has a very good shot at winning Best Picture this year. I haven't seen The Revenant yet, but I've heard VERY mixed things about it.

  6. Those pictures of Harlow made me seriously laugh out loud.. one because they are hilarious, and two because he reminds me so much of my diva dog! I agree about Joy, I'd watch again but not my favorite.

  7. I have a larger GermGuardian. It is so amazing. It's taken a lot of self control not to buy one for every room.