The Secret To Success

I believe it was the wise Taylor Swift who once said, “if you chase after two rabbits, you’re going to lose two rabbits.”

Well she must be very quick. Because even if I chase just one rabbit, I’m still going to lose that one rabbit. Even Harlow can’t catch a damn rabbit, he tries almost every single day.

Okay I’m not idiot, I know what she was saying. Pick one thing to focus on and put all of your energy into it. Right, Tay? That’s the secret to success?

I don’t necessarily disagree with Tay Tay, but I don’t think we all get the novelty of doing that.

Would I love to concentrate and put 100% of my effort into writing every day? Hell yes I would. But I’ve got something kind of annoying to take care of before I do that, and that’s called paying bills. Harlow literally refuses to eat cheap dog food. He’s an expensive mouth to feed. And then there’s all that other bullshit adult stuff like rent, and taxes, and car payments and a bunch of other gross things we all have to do.

That’s just how life is for the majority of us. But luckily cool shit still continues to be created every day by people just like you and I who don’t get the novelty of going after just one rabbit.

See T Swift was pretty lucky in that she made it when she was young. So she was able to focus 100% on her dream because she had someone else footing the bill (her parents) while she worked her ass of to get where she is. I’m not discrediting her by any means (and that’s not an easy thing for me to say, I just became a Taylor fan in the last few years.)

I’m simply saying the rest of the world has to chase 1000 rabbits and hope that maybe just maybe one gets tired and we’re able to sneak up on it while it’s sleeping or something. That’s my plan, anyway.

At any given time I’m working on 10 different projects, aspirations, goals, whatever, just hoping something will pan out. And while I’m working on this stuff I’ll do anything I have to do to keep me out of that cubicle.

For now that means expanding my t-shirt line. The good thing is I kind of really enjoy making graphic tees. I’ve seen people in Chicago wearing my stuff and it takes everything for me not to walk up to them and just shout THANK YOU!!! Because that’s how I feel. I’m grateful.

So today I’m showing you the cat shirt. The rest of the week I’ll show you a few others I got in.

The added bonus with the animal tees is that I get to keep sending more funds to my favorite shelter in Chicago. (Still working toward that crazy 10k goal for 2016.)

I don’t talk about it a lot, but before Harlow I was a total cat lady. I grew up with two Siamese cats, Kit Kat and Skittles. Kit Kat was my Harlow. Skittles was kind of a snot, I’ll just be honest here. But they were my little babes. I still have dreams about Kit Kat at least once a week. Is that normal? Probably not.

Anyway cat people, I really hope you like this shirt. 20% of profits are going back to all the cats that need rescuing.

And speaking of chasing rabbits, tomorrow I’m going to write a post ALL ABOUT BLOGGING.

Quick tips to grow a blog, increase traffic, stages of blogging, the whole deal. It’s not mind blowing stuff by any means, just things I’ve picked up over the years that have worked for me. I’m doing this because it’s January (people have blogging resolutions I’m assuming) because I’m getting blasted with emails asking me all of these questions. So if you want to ask something, comment below and I’ll try to answer it. I’m also announcing a new link-up. Are people still into those? Guess we’ll find out.

That’s it. I’m off to play hide and seek with Harlow for two hours.