15 Things I Do Before I Leave For A Trip

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

1. First and foremost, I panic about leaving Harlow. I actually get anxiety because I'm NUTS.

Whenever I see those bloggers who get to go on a new vacation every week my first thought is always- but who's watching that dog you love so much??? Which is immediately followed by my thoughts of, I'm also a little jealous of your compensated trips. But more importantly, where is your dog? If I could figure out how to be a travel blogger who brings my dog everywhere my life would be complete. (And my fiance.)

2. I tell Harlow no less than 1,000 times "I'l be RIGHT BACK! I'm coming back. I'll be back. I love you. I'll be back. I love you. It's just a short trip." Over and over and over.

3. I also stock the house with new toys and treats because it helps with my guilt. We have an awesome friend who comes to stay with Harlow who treats like him the princess he his, but my guilt for not taking him is still very much there.

4. And then I go to Target. It's my pre trip ritual.

5. I proceed to buy a lot of junk I don't need. This can included but certainly isn't limited to Starbursts, Rolos, Chex Mix, Fruit Snacks, and every miniature toiletry I can find. So basically I buy snacks and small bottles of hairspray.

6. Then I take great joy in packing my purse. My purse is huge, it's more like a duffel. Simply so it can hold all the snacks.

Duffel bag on major sale here.

7. Then it's time to pack the clothes. My least favorite part.

8. I do a fashion show in my head of what I think I'll wear. Which is almost always pointless because usually when I'm on vacation I wear the same thing on repeat because I just want to be comfy, you know?

9. I lay out all of my clothes in a nice pretty pile before sloppily throwing them in my suitcase.

10. The striped tee is just another Target purchase. And I'm packing 100 sweaters because it's fun to leave somewhere cold for somewhere... cold.

11. After packing I go on a crazy cleaning rampage because my mom instilled a weird phobia in me that's it's the worst thing in the world to leave for vacation with a messy house.

12. I declare I'm going to stay up all night getting my house together and finishing all work so I don't have to be tied to my computer in Steamboat.

(except no shorts or fedora...)

vacation mode sweatshirt.

13. Then Chris comes home from work and he's already in vacation mode and feeling jolly so he insists we should go out and eat nachos and drink beer rather than do work. And I give in. I always give in.

14. So now it's 6:30 a.m. and I'm scrambling to get everything done and it's my own fault.

15. Also, I announced my St. Patrick's Day shirt last night and you responded. Oh the joy I feel for knowing others enjoy an afternoon Bloody Mary and beer as much as I do. Also, St. Pats is one month from today!

And now it's time to pack and mail the shirts. I've been ending every post like this lately because that's my life being a t-shirt lady. I don't hate it, in fact I'm very appreciative. So thank you to everyone who supports my t-shirt biz!

And now I'm off to Steamboat! Chris's parents are bringing their 8 week old puppy, Timber, along... so basically it's going to be an awesome trip. Follow on snapchat @thedailytay if you choose. It will probably just be snaps of me cabin drinking and rubbing my face on the puppy. What's not to love?!


  1. My mom did the same thing. I think the rationale is is that you don't want to die on vacation with a messy house because then people would come in and see how messy you are a think less of you. This is my mom's words, not mine btw. But it's been ingrained, and the entire house has to be spotless before I leave. It's so weird.

  2. I also have extreme extreme guilt leaving my pup for vacation, so I do a lot of similar things! And yeah, my mom taught me the same thing too -- Think of how nice it'll be to come home to a clean house! She would say. Thanks mom for cleaning frenzies induced by panic and procrastination haha. Have an awesome trip!!

    toast the girl almighty

  3. I like everything clean before I leave so I come home to a clean house. I don't want to come home from a nice vacation and have to do dishes or clean the bathroom or do laundry.

  4. We are the same person. I love it. This sounds about right. Except I actually like getting away from our dog for a few days or whatever it may be. Oops. He is a pain and he gets along better with my husband - so I just let them miss each other while I sit back and sip on some cocktails! haha

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. This cracked me up. Have fun on your vacation!

  6. have fun, jealous of pupy face rubs. now i have this weird feeling I MUST go to Target.

  7. My biggest worry is always about leaving our dog when we go out of town! We're lucky to have my parents watch him when we go out of town, and we know that he gets lots of love and treats and walks when we're gone. I hope you have a blast in Colorado!

  8. I'm the same way with Punkin. I love him so much!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  9. I always get so much anxiety about leaving the pups too! I miss them so much! I wish that I had the Honey I Shrunk The Kids machine so I could make them small enough to go on the plane with me!

  10. I like to clean up a bit before I leave too. It's so much nicer to walk into a tidy home when you return exhausted instead of walking into a big mess that makes you even more exhausted!

  11. Leaving my dog is also my hardest part about any vacation. Thankfully I found an amazing dog sitter that loves my dog as much as I do. When we got close to her house, my dog starts crying with excitement.

  12. I'm the same with my dogs when I have to leave. It breaks my heart every time! I'm sure they don't miss me nearly as much as I miss them.
    Have fun in the snow!

  13. You found yourself a new niche – Travel Blogging with Dog In Tow. Or maybe Harlow found a new niche – Seeing The Ruff World With Human.

  14. Also hate leaving my babies! I left for a work trip this morning..I was already sniffly about leaving and then I slipped on ice on the driveway, and proceeded to lay there and cry until my fiancé picked me up. So there's that. AND St. Pattys is my favorite holiday, I'm so excited to come home to my shirt, thank you!!

  15. I totally get your neuroses, but more importantly we jive on a bigger level--I too enjoy a good day drink. Read the blog, and before I got to the end, I ordered at shirt. Bravo, my sister!

  16. I do the same thing - make sure the house is spotless, apologize to the cats for leaving them & lay out every outfit that I'll need before packing them away. Man, now I want to go on a vacation. :|

  17. Hahahhaha it's ridiculous how true this post is for me, too! And yes! THe day before nachos and beer vacation mode-hahah! And the cleaning! But man I get it. Cleaning makes the blow of coming back to real life after vacation slightly softer. Have fun!!!

  18. I have a freaking panic attack over leaving my dog EVERY TIME. I smother him with so many snuggles and kisses and promises to come back that he's probably just so happy to get a break from me.

  19. I love your comedic twist to packing, because packing sucks...big time. I hate it and always procrastinate till the last minute and then end up scrambling right before it's ready to go. No good.


  20. I panic everytime I leave my dog. Like I know she will be in good hands deep in my heart, but I am also a dog mom who thinks nobody can take care of my dog like I do. LOL. My husband thinks I'm nuts half the time.

  21. I take a massive bag too - my dad jokes it is the kitchen sink!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes